The 21 Best Sleep Products to Ring in 2021

Want to Sleep Better in 2021? Read The Sleep Doctor’s Guide!

By Mattress Advisor Team

Jan 6th, 2021

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What a year it has been 

There is no other way to say it. “Unprecedented” seems overused. The stats? Let’s look:

  • “35 percent increase in dream recall among participants, with respondents reporting 15 percent more negative dreams than usual.” (Lyon Neuroscience Research Center, via National Geographic)
  • “Results show there were 2.77 million Google searches for insomnia in the U.S. for the first five months of 2020, an increase of 58% compared with the same period from the previous three years. “(American Academy of Sleep Medicine)

You already know that eating well, exercising, and taking good care of your body is vital for health. 

There is a missing piece: SLEEP.

Unplugging and achieving your best rest will spark a positive domino effect, from improved performance at work, better intimacy, stronger athletics, and staying mentally sharp

There’s one thing that everyone will benefit from going into 2021: better sleep.

Michael Breus, Ph.D., otherwise known as The Sleep Doctor, is the resident sleep expert at Mattress Advisor. He regularly appears on The Dr. Oz show, The Doctors, plus The Today Show, CNN, Oprah, and more. When it comes to figuring out how you can sleep better, The Sleep Doctor is your guy! Dr. Breus and the testing pros at Mattress Advisor compiled the best sleep products for everyone on your list. 

“This year, more than any other, I wanted to focus on effectiveness at improving sleep, especially during stressful times. All the products reviewed actually work, in my home, with my family or with my patients and clients.”  

Keep reading to find The Sleep Doctor’s 21 best sleep products to ring in 2021.

1. Sleep Doctor PM

By mimicking traditional pharmaceuticals, minus the nasty chemicals, this formula was made to signal the receptors in the brain to kickstart a restful night’s sleep. Choose between two sprays: The first spray includes melatonin and is for the person who needs help going to sleep, and the second has no melatonin and is for anyone who wakes up repeatedly at night and needs help staying asleep or going back to sleep if they wake up at night. By not including melatonin it can be used anytime in the night, so you don’t wake up feeling groggy. Many find using both is the perfect combination for a great night of sleep.

“I have seen amazing results with my PM formulas for many different types of restless sleepers,” says Dr. Breus, “The middle of the night formula has been a game changer for so many people who wake up and can’t go back to sleep.”

2. TouchPoints

Work-life balance can be tough, especially working from home. For the person who’s constantly dealing with stress and deadlines instead of falling asleep, there’s a solution. TouchPoints is a device that uses vibrations to lull even the most frazzled folks to sleep. These vibrations stop the stress-activated “fight or flight” instinct in your nervous system that prevents sleep. The device is tucked into a soft sweatband that can be put on the wrists or ankles, and uses a timer to shut off after 30 minutes of use.

According to Dr. Breus, “This is a great device for people who have pre-sleep anxiety, I have tried it on several patients, and they really like it. They wear it for about 20 minutes before bed, and some even wear it falling to sleep!”

3. Ebb CoolDrift Versa

This gadget brings a whole new meaning to “cooling off.” This is the perfect gift for the sleeper who’s dealing with an overactive mind that’s spinning through to-do lists, pandemic worries, and an overall constant barrage of thoughts. The CoolDrift is placed on the forehead while a headband keeps the device comfortably in place. It has five coolness settings to choose from that help cool you off by using layers of cooling pads.

“At first, I honestly thought, how could this possibly work? WOW was I wrong. I personally do not have issues turning off my brain before bed, but I tried it anyway,” says Dr. Breus. “Now I sleep with it almost every night. It seems to improve my personal sleep quality. (And I’ve tested it with my sleep tracker — it’s helping!)”

4. DreamCloud Mattress

With high marks across the board in Mattress Advisor testing, DreamCloud is especially great for couples thanks to motion isolation that stops movement from rocking the mattress (8.25/10). It uses soft foams and a layer of coils to respond to movement (9/10), keep your back supported (9/10), and stay durable for years to come (9/10). The DreamCloud also has a lifetime warranty and ships right to the recipient’s door, making it a hard deal to beat for just over $1,000.

5. Sleep Doctor Glasses

Being exposed to blue light for too long can not only be harmful, but can prevent the brain from producing melatonin to help with daily functions and sleep. Using specialized orange-tinted lenses to prevent blue light, these glasses are durably designed and worth every penny to protect your sleep and wellness.

“I personally helped design and create these for myself and my kids! They are gamers and stay up late, now they wear these and get sleep — it’s kinda like a Christmas Miracle!” says Dr. Breus.

6. dēp slēpwear

Dads deserve a treat, and that’s better sleep. But no need for shirts from their alma mater and old basketball shorts—these aren’t your average pajamas. dēp slēpwear developed a hoodie with matching sleep accessories that feature a specially designed sleep mask that blocks light, creating absolute darkness wherever you snooze. It also blocks out loud noise, creating the perfect sleep environment no matter where you’re resting. These dēp slēp products are is also made of cooling, soft fabrics that keep you comfortable but not overheated. Dad won’t just be resting comfortably, but also in style with these Christmas gifts.

Dr. Breus adds, “I love this hoodie, it’s light enough to wear to sleep and with the eye mask and ear coverings, my French Bulldog Hugo’s snoring does not bother me when I am napping on the couch. My kids like it because they can literally fall out of bed, and be at their online class in a minute! I got them for my entire family!”

7. Manta Sleep Masks

The Manta Sleep Mask was designed to have a “blackout” effect, in which no natural light can break through the material. It also uses soft cups over the eyes to keep any and all pressure off the eyelids. The end result?  Highly comfortable, personalized sleep mask that promotes the deepest of sleep. Mom deserves some sleep after all, so make sure the Manta Sleep Mask is at the top of her wish list.

“I consider myself a connoisseur of sleep masks. I have seen, tried, and slept with them all. This one ROCKS! Why? It’s in the thoughtful design, total blackout, and that my eye lashes do not rub on the inside and drive me insane! I wear a sleep mask most nights, if you do, seriously just get this,” says Dr. Breus.

8. Bear Mattress

After pushing your body to its full potential, rest is vital to heal and recharge to prepare for the day ahead and the next workout. This mattress uses four layers of foam to make sure you’re fully supported, and scored an 8.5/10 for spine alignment in testing. It will move with you as you settle down (9/10 for responsiveness), and work to keep you cool (9/10) with the help of a material called Celliant. Woven into the mattress cover, Celliant was made to help the body recover by absorbing extra heat and turning it into energy to help sore muscles and joints. The end result is you sleeping cool and comfortable, and waking up ready to go.

9. Bed Scrunchie

If you toss and turn a lot in your sleep, you know how annoying it is when your fitted bed sheets come undone. The Bed Scrunchie isn’t your average scrunchie, because it’s made to keep your bed sheets in place. Simply clip the sheets onto the bed scrunchie system, which will make sure it’s taught and tucked away. This is a great tool for someone who also has a mattress topper, sheets that don’t quite fit the mattress, or simply the wrong size linens that refuse to stay put. And for those who don’t want to pay for new sheets, the Bed Scrunchie will save the day.

“My wife loves this product, and so do I,” says Dr. Breus. “When we make our bed, she always used to notice how the fitted sheets don’t fit, or she gets tangled in them when moving at night (she has a bad back and often has to switch positions). No more having to re-make the bed at 2 am!”

10. Helix Mattress Topper

This plush topper uses naturally soft and cooling bamboo to stay hypoallergenic, and can easily be popped into the washing machine when it’s time to be cleaned. It’s 1.5” thick and has a nice sinking feeling, a welcome change as opposed to a stiff dorm mattress.

“I have one child in college, and one almost there, when I saw what the ‘Institutes of Higher Learning’ were providing for our kids to sleep on in dorm rooms, I knew Topper Technology could help!” says Dr. Breus.

11. Everpillow by InfiniteMoon

Truth be told, when it comes to your best night’s sleep, pillows are just as important as the mattress you sleep on. Everpillow created a customizable, hypoallergenic pillow that you can weigh in on from start to finish. First, select which pillow is best for you or your loved ones based on your sleep style. Side sleepers will love the neck support the Curve gives. The Original model is great for back, stomach, and combination sleepers. Next, select the fill you need–options range from Kapok silk to a softer Tencel and polyfill. Lastly, you can choose how long you want your pillow warranty to last for–a great addition to ensure this thoughtful gift lasts for a long time.

“You all probably already know this, but I sleep with the ‘curve’ by Everpillow, literally every night,” says Dr. Breus. “I even bring it with me when I travel. (Yes, I am that weirdo on the plane with his own pillow.) Head and neck support are ESSENTIAL for good rest, it all starts with the right pillow.”

12. Saatva Classic Mattress

Saatva scored a 9.5/10 for spinal alignment in testing. These beds combine two layers of support coils with foam designed to uplift the lumbar area. This same design also helps air and body heat move away from the body, keeping you cool (8.5/10). No need to wait for Santa’s delivery–a team will deliver the new bed and set it up for you, so you won’t strain your back during setup.

13. Eversheets by InfiniteMoon

Thanks to the eco-friendly materials, these sheets are also hypoallergenic and help keep you cool. Just as your mattress and pillows are important for helping you sleep comfortably, sheets need to be factored into the equation too. Why not indulge yourself in getting the coziest sheets?

“We are sheet snobs. There, I said it. I really like the feeling of good textiles against my skin, and my wife has showed me the value in great sheets. In fact, there has been research done about how sheets can affect your sleep,” says Dr. Breus. “These feel amazing, stay cool, don’t bunch (love that Bed scrunchie). I also got them for my kids!”

14. Remzy Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets originally were used for therapeutic purposes, as a calming method for kids with autism and sensory disorders. Now, they’ve exploded in popularity as a cozy way to de-stress. The Remzy Weighted Blanket uses 12 pounds of tiny glass beads throughout the blanket to distribute a light, comfortable pressure. This lets sleepers feel cocooned and safe, significantly reducing stress. 

“I personally helped design and recommend this product for people who do tend to suffer with anxiety and sleep related issues. 12 lbs is the perfect place to start, but I have also provided a 1 week video bootcamp, which walks you through how to use the product and gives you a ton of tips and tricks to create a bedtime routine that is effective. Many of my patients and clients love this product!” says Dr. Breus.

15.  Bose Sleepbuds

Live in the city, or maybe near a construction site? Tuck the Bose Sleepbuds into your ear and sync via Bluetooth to the app, where you can select the perfect sound from a list of 40 in the sound library. Block out unwanted noise, and drift away to the sounds of the ocean, rainforest, and more.

According to Dr. Breus, “When I first got these, I really was excited. My wife sleeps with the TV on, and these worked PERFECTLY! They were comfortable enough for me to wear all night long (and I am a side sleeper!), and I never heard the TV! I really like the sound library of tunes to help you sleep.”


Know someone who likes to fall asleep with the TV on? This subscription lets you choose from over 20 channels focusing on sleep content, from visuals to calming stories. Made to reduce stress and lull you to sleep, this subscription can be streamed from any smart device. From the stressed out college student to the people who like to secretly use your streaming account, this is a great gift for all at a stellar price point.

“This is such a great solution to the issue I just described about my wife watching TV to help her fall asleep. This is the right way to distract yourself to sleep!” says Dr. Breus.

17. WinkBed Luxury Firm Mattress

There’s nothing better than making some upgrades to kick off the new year right—and transforming your bedroom into a luxurious oasis is the perfect place to start (especially if you can do it without breaking the bank). WinkBeds’ dual-coil design and a eucalyptus-infused cover help with cooling, allowing heat and sweat to move away from the body (8/10 in tests). It also scored a perfect 10 out of 10 for durability and comes with a lifetime warranty.

18. Tuft & Needle Meditation Cushion

Top mattress in a box brand Tuft & Needle recently launched their meditation cushion in collaboration with the popular app Calm. This platform focuses on guided mediation that ultimately leads to better sleep. Studies show that meditation is very helpful in preventing insomnia, which can cause a chain reaction of issues like stress, fatigue, and more. This portable cushion uses natural cotton and buckwheat seeds to be naturally soft and pressure-relieving. Take comfort with you anywhere you choose to meditate.

“I have just started to take up a meditation practice, and I know that the data is compelling for lower stress and better sleep. Make sure you get the gear you need to be comfortable!”

19. Casper Glow Light

This device mimics natural light, and slowly dims over time as you get ready for bed. This sends cues to your brain that it’s almost time to drift away, and once you’re asleep the Glow Light turns off. In the morning, it’ll wind back up like the morning sun to wake you, minus the blaring alarm clock. It can also be used as a covert flashlight that you can twist to your preferred brightness, and finish wrapping up those presents you’ve been putting off.

“If you never think about light, you should. Light is medicine. Light directly effects Melatonin production and remember that is the Key that Starts the Engine for Sleep! Lowering the light, at the right times, automatically gets your brain “trained” to begin the sleep process. In the am, get all the light you need! I use this for my clients with seasonal light issues as well,” says Dr. Breus.

20. Buffy Cloud Comforter

The Buffy Cloud Comforter uses recycled plastic bottles and eucalyptus to result in a super soft comforter to you to wrap yourself up in. Besides the main components being green, the process of making the comforter uses less water than traditional materials used in bedding, such as cotton. It also keeps plastic out of landfills, and the bottles become a down-alternative. All around, this comforter is a win.

“We only have one Earth, let’s try to take care of her, as best we can,” says Dr. Breus. “This is a GREAT option for those who choose to be more eco-conscious with their bedding, and it’s very comfy as well!”

21. Layla Dog Bed

Layla is known for its unique, flippable mattresses that offer both a soft side and a firmer one. All sleepers have to do is flip over the mattress to sleep on the side of their preferred firmness. It’s also infused with copper to help with cooling you off. This technology isn’t just for humans though, and Layla has a bed for your furry best friend. It has the same flippable, copper-infused features as its human counterpart, but comes in three different sizes.

“Our pets are like our kids (I’m not sure our kids appreciate that part), and so I want to make sure that they have awesome places to sleep. Also as pets get older and arthritis can set in, having a “flippable” option can be very helpful,” says Dr. Breus. “My Frenchie Hugo loves his sleep, I think he may turn out to be a better expert than me!”

BONUS: Best for The Up-And-Coming Celebrity: HASTENS

hastens mattress

According to Dr. Breus, “People ask me all the time, ‘“What bed do you sleep on?’” The answer is a Hastens Herlewing bed. Hastens is the oldest bed manufacturer in world and builds beds designed to provide a perfect night of luxurious sleep. Hastens top of the line handmade Grand Vividus bed is to my knowledge the most expensive in the world ringing in at around $400,000! As a Hastens advisor, I choose Hastens because sleep is one of the things I value most highly and the investment in a bed that gets me that sleep is an investment in health, longevity and of course, luxury.”