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By Amanda Lasater

When we think of sitting in an ergonomic chair at an ergonomic desk, we tend to focus on the back, neck, and shoulders, but we overlook our legs and feet. And, if you are anything like me, you haven’t given much thought to the important role your legs and feet play in supporting your body. Unfortunately if your legs and feet are not properly supported while you sit down, you can end up suffering from long-term health problems. 

Whether you want to prevent future health issues, alleviate your current pain, or just have a comfortable and fun place to rest your feet while you sit, an under the desk footrest may be the perfect solution for you. 

The best under desk footrest

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Best design

Comfortable memory foam

The Everlasting Comfort footrest provides workers with a fully memory foam, orthopedic footrest that can help with back pain, hip and leg pain, knee pain, as well as foot pain. The premium memory foam design responds to your body’s heat to provide the optimal density of cushioning for truly contoured and custom support.

The removable plush velour pillow cover is super soft, durable, machine washable, and dryer safe. Unlike other under desk footrests that are shaped like a half moon, Everlasting Comfort uses their signature teardrop structure and orthopedic design to place your feet and legs in an ergonomically correct and comfortable position. Also, this footrest has a length of 17”, a width of 10”, and a height of 5”. 

Best Features

Adds flexibility and swivel

While the Mind Reader footrest may look unusual, it is one incredibly comfortable footrest. The footrest is made from a comfortable plastic resin and features a specially designed, raised pebbled surface that is perfect for a quick and easy foot massage. The ergonomic, adjustable 3-position design of this footrest lifts and angles your legs, feet, knees and ankles to a position that reduces stress on the body and improves back and neck pain.

Plus, the footrest is designed with a slight swivel that adds flexibility and motion while you sit or massage your feet. The Mind Reader footrest measures 13. 4″ long, 17″ wide, and 4. 4″ high and provides optimal feet and leg support without costing a fortune. 

Best overall

Easy to clean

The ErgoFoam footrest is formulated specifically for the weight of your legs and feet and features a firm foam construction that conforms to the shape of your feet and provides you with comfort that lasts all day long. Unlike most of their competitors, ErgoFoam understands that footrests should not be one-size-fits-all, so they offer their foot pillow in two different heights: the regular size, which measures 17.3″ long, 11.5″ wide, and 3.9″ high and the tall, which measures 17.3″ long, 11.5″ wide, and 5.5″ high.

The foot pillow features ErgoFoam’s high density foam, which was engineered with perfect firmness and to resist the flattening we see in many memory foam foot pillows. The pillow’s removable mesh cover is highly-breathable, features a non-slip bottom, and is machine-washable. The tall ErgoFoam footrest is also the perfect size for a leg pillow or it can be flipped over and used as a rocker to improve blood flow.

Best for taller individuals

Gives a cushion to your feet

Whether you’re on a plane, a bus, at the office, or even hanging around the house, the HOKEKI under desk footrest is the perfect partner for your sore feet. The footrest is made from a high density foam that provides a great deal of support.

The foot pillow is wrapped in a plush and luxurious velvet material that is easily removed and can be machine washed. The flat bottom of this pillow has a soft, beaded design, so when you flip the pillow over to use as a rocker or a leg pillow, the beads will gently massage your pain away. In addition, the ergonomic HOKEKI footrest measures 17.4” long, 11.2” wide, and 3.9” high.

How to find the best under desk footrest

Here are the factors you want to prioritize when you buy an under desk footrest:

  • Comfort: The most important factor to look at is the comfort of the footrest. Realistically, the entire reason you are buying a footrest is to improve comfort and relieve pain, so the comfort of the footrest should reign supreme. 
  • Flexibility: The best footrests can be adjusted to conform with your sitting positions. Look for a footrest that has easy to operate height adjustment features.
  • Material: The materials used in an under desk footrest are extremely important. The surface of the footrest needs to be covered in a material that will grip your feet and prevent them from sliding off. In addition, all materials used should be durable and will last for a long time.


An under desk footrest is an ergonomically designed device that takes pressure off your legs, feet, and back, improves blood flow to the feet and legs, and helps to alleviate pain and discomfort caused by long periods of sitting as well as poor posture.

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