Adult Bedroom Ideas

Ready to give your favorite room in the house a grown-up glow-up? We’ve got ideas on where to start.

By Gabrielle Hondorp

Jun 20th, 2023

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If you’re over the age of 25, it might be time to start thinking about saying goodbye to your tapestries, LED lights, and arm pillow. While these served you well through your college years and beyond, at some point they might make your space feel overcrowded and trapped in the past.

But overhauling your bedroom isn’t as easy as making a Pinterest board—though that’s a great place to start to get an idea of the type of aesthetic you’re after. If you’re looking for ways to elevate your surroundings and make your room look and feel a bit more mature, we’re here to help you out.

Check out our tips on how to help your bedroom grow up with you.

First, Let’s Talk Adult Bedroom Bedding

One of the best ways to improve your bedroom is to start with the most important part—the bed. Investing in quality pillows, high-end sheets or—for a true makeover— a luxury mattress, will bring more style, sophistication, and comfort to your bedtime routine. If you aren’t sure where to start, take a look at some of our favorite bedding to help you sleep better, so you can feel more at home in your space.

Luxury Mattresses:

Best Mattress for Couples – WinkBeds GravityLux

Just because you love your partner doesn’t mean you love sharing a bed with them. While the WinkBeds GravityLux mattress won’t keep anyone from stealing the covers, it can prevent you from feeling your bedmate move around at night, due to a thick layer of Aircell memory foam that prevents movement transfer from one person to the next.

The mattress is also excellent at providing pressure relief, making it a game-changer for those who suffer from back or joint pain. The GravityLux’s targeted support gives you extra support where you need it, and soft cushion where you don’t. It’s also designed to keep you cool thanks to a Tencel cover, breathable Aircell foam, and a layer of gel foam which pulls heat away from the body.

Best Hybrid Mattress – Helix Midnight Luxe

If you prefer a bit of bounce to your bed, you’ll want a hybrid mattress like this one. It features six layers, including (from the bottom up) a DuraDense foam, 1,000 wrapped coils, two layers of memory foam, a polyfoam layer, and a cooling pillow top cover. These components work together to give the bed a soft, supportive, and springy feel that works for all sleeping positions.

It’s a particularly great mattress for side sleepers, as it’s on the softer side and provides a zoned pressure point release on hips and shoulders. The mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial—plenty of time to decide if it works for you—and a 10- to 15-year warranty.

Best Smart Bed – Saatva Solaire

If you are looking for peak luxury and adjustability, look no further. While this mattress is undeniably pricey at more than $3,000, it also has next-level features to help explain its high cost. The most unique aspect of this mattress is its 50 levels of adjustable firmness. The firmness can be easily changed by remote control, and can be set at different levels on each side of the bed.

The Solaire also allows you to raise each side to an adjustable incline if you prefer to sleep more upright than your partner. The cushioning of the mattress is a combination of a pillow top, memory foam, and air chambers—the latter or which control the firmness level. The mattress is also highly breathable, and will keep even warm sleepers cool at night.

Best Cooling Mattress – Nectar Premier Hybrid

If you sleep hot, you might want to find a mattress designed specifically to keep you cool at night. This one is among our best mattresses for hot sleepers, and comes at a relatively affordable price.

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The Nectar is a hybrid model that combines memory foam and coils for a medium-firm feel, and is great for pressure relief on achy spots. It has a cooling cover, which helps to keep you dry, allows for ventilation, and brings heat away from the body.

Due to its coil construction, it’s also naturally more breathable than a full memory foam mattress, which tends to trap heat. The Nectar also has sewn-on handles, which make it easy to lift and move around when needed.

Best Cotton Sheets: Saatva Sateen

There’s nothing that feels quite as fresh as a crisp, clean pair of cotton sheets. These are made with a 300-count, Fair Trade-certified organic cotton designed to get softer with every wash. They come in three neutral colors, including white, ivory, and grey.

Since the sheets are made from a sateen weave, they feel softer and silkier than your usual cotton sheets, but remain highly breathable and help keep you cool and comfortable all night long.

Best Bamboo Sheets: Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set

There’s something that just screams luxury about oversized bedding. This bamboo set from Cozy Earth drapes over the bed a bit farther than your typical sheet, which is great for pairing with an oversized comforter or quilt.

Made with viscose from bamboo, these sheets are super-soft and help to keep you feeling fresh and dry all through the night. They don’t trap heat or moisture, and can also prevent the buildup of allergens like dust mites. They come with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

Luxury Pillows

Best Down Pillow – East Coast Bedding White Goose Down Pillow

Nothing feels quite as luxe as a down pillow. They’re fluffy, puffy, and super-soft—and probably as close as you’ll get to feeling like you’re nestled in a cloud. This one has 800-fill, which means it’s extra stuffed for support and cushion.

It also has a cotton sateen shell, which will help keep you cool. The pillow comes in standard, queen, and king sizes, and can be purchased as a single or in a set of two.

Best Memory Foam Pillow – Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

If you need a bit more support, you’ll be better off opting for a memory foam option like this one. Since it’s made from shredded foam, it won’t be quite as stiff as a foam block pillow, and it comes in an adjustable option that allows you to add or remove foam to reach your desired firmness.

This pillow is allergy-friendly, and Greenguard Gold-certified, which means it’s non-toxic. It’s also designed to be super-breathable to help you sleep cooler at night.

Best Down Alternative Pillow – The Casper Pillow

Although down feels plush, it’s not the best option for those that suffer from allergies. Even if you’re not allergic to the feathers themselves, they can trap dust and other allergens more than other materials.

This down alternative pillow from Casper gives a down-like feel without the feathers. Instead it uses tiny, fluffy fibers, which resist clumping and easily return to full plump with a quick fluff. The pillow also has a cotton percale cover to keep it breathable and cool.

Next, Consider Your Adult Bedroom Lighting

When it comes to getting cozy, overhead glare is your enemy. The best way to enhance your bedroom is to invest in some mood lighting. Now we don’t mean neon signs or strip lights; instead, we recommend upgraded options that will fill the room with soft lighting—perfect for an early morning wake-up or lounging at night.

PESUTEN Wall Sconce

These wall sconces are an affordable and stylish lighting option that can easily elevate any bedroom. They come in both battery-operated and USB-charging models, both of which can be mounted anywhere on any wall without having to worry about outlet locations. They have textured linen shades, and adjustable brightness. Plus each comes with 16 light colors, if you want to switch up the mood.

Himalayan Glow White Salt Crystal Lamp

A salt lamp can add both soft light and an organic touch to your bedroom. This one is a white salt lamp, so the neutral color will go with any palate; even when off, the lamp adds a structural element to the room. Salt lamps are also believed to improve your mood and sleep quality and also help you breathe better.

Bamboo Plug-In Pendant Light

A pendant light is a great way to add some light and style to your bedroom. This one summons a boho vibe, along with a bamboo rattan design. It comes in two different sizes and has a switch attached to the cord so it’s easy to turn on and off.

The woven design allows for soft light to escape, which is perfect for a bedroom. The Bamboo Plug-In gives just enough light to illuminate the room without making it feel sterile or overexposed.

Last But Not Least, Adult Bedroom Accessories

Investing in some quality add-ons can help turn your bedroom into the elevated zen oasis of your dreams. By “accessories” we don’t mean accent pillows, textured blankets, or plants (though all of those are worth considering)—we’re talking about products that will serve a cozy purpose or accomplish a dedicated hyge-enhancing task. Check out these useful items that will make your bedroom the best place to be in your house.

Vitruvi Stone Oil Diffuser

This diffuser is a bit on the pricey side, but it’s a big step up from the plastic models on amazon. It has a matte ceramic cover in a sculptural dome shape and can fill a 500-square-foot room with subtle fragrance. The Vitruvi is a great option for those who like scents but want a healthier, natural alternative to the more chemical fragrances found in most candles, room sprays, and wall plugs.

Plus, certain essential oils have been shown to have effects on mood, so just pop some lavender oil into it when it’s time to relax. The Stone Oil Diffuser comes in 11 different colors, and has the option of four- and eight-hour run times.

Casper Glow Light

This little light will help you fall asleep and wake up refreshed. It can be set to self-dim on a schedule through the app or manually operated using the light itself. The Glow Light uses only a gradual light—no noises or alarms—to wake you up gently without disturbing your circadian rhythm.

The sleek, simple design looks great on a nightstand; due to the Glow Light’s lack of buttons, you can use intuitive gestures to control it—just flip to turn it on or off, twist to adjust brightness, and shake to turn on a diffuse night light. These lights are also portable, so you can carry them around if you need to get up in the middle of the night.

AKIYO Portable Projector

Most of us watch TV in bed, but a big 55-inch LCD mounted on the wall isn’t the most aesthetic bedroom choice. Instead of a screen, you can opt for a mini-projector like this one. It has an HDMI connection so you can pair it with your phone, PC, gaming console, or (the best option) a TV stick, which allows you to stream all your favorite shows and movies.

Since this projector is so small—only 5” x 4” x 2”—it can easily be stored away when not in use, or mounted on a small shelf out of sight.

Final Thoughts

Giving your bedroom a grown-up glow-up might feel like a big task, but it’s something you can slowly tackle over time. While projects like repainting or getting new furniture can feel initially daunting, there are a lot of little ways to make your bedroom feel more mature without deep-diving into a complete renovation.

Since most of these upgrades are small items and confined to the bed, they won’t take up a lot of space in the room. This means no matter your room or bed size, you can take your bedroom from feeling like a college crash pad to a sophisticated master suite.