Amerisleep Recover+ Duvet Review

Find out if the Amerisleep Recover+ Duvet insert really gives you your most comfortable, cool, and deep sleep ever.

By Loren Bullock

Feb 18th, 2022

Amerisleep is known for their line of comfortable memory foam mattresses, but that isn’t all they make. They’ve recently come out with what they claim is an ultra comfortable duvet insert that will give you restorative sleep. 

I got the opportunity to try out the Recover+ Duvet for a few nights, and in this review, I’ll go over my sleep experience, the pros and cons of the Recover+ Duvet, as well as some product specs you need to know before buying.

What Is It Made of?

Amerisleep is most proud of the Celliant® material that takes up nearly half of the fabric cover and a third of the fiber fill. The Celliant® material actually helps the Recover+ Duvet get its name—it helps lull you into a deeper, more restful sleep, allowing you to fully recover from your day. Mixed with soft cotton and polyester, you get a duvet that is likened to sleeping on a cloud.

What Makes Recover+ Duvet Special

There are thousands of duvet inserts out there, but here’s what makes the Recover+ stand out among the rest.

Breathable Materials: The breathability of the Recover+ Duvet allows for moisture control and temperature regulation. It lets your body heat escape and wicks away moisture, keeping you both cool and dry. Read More: Best Cooling Comforters for Hot Sleepers

Celliant® Technology: The Recover+ Duvet features Celliant® technology, which is said to turn body heat into infrared energy. In short, the Celliant® aspect allows Amerisleep to make this duvet better engineered for deeper sleep.

Showroom: Amerisleep has a few showrooms scattered across the U.S. where you can try both their mattresses and their bedding accessories before you buy, Recover+ Duvet included!

Product Info

Before we get into my experience snuggling under the Recover+ Duvet, here are some product specs.

Sizes and Prices

Size Dimension Weight Price
Twin XL 68” x 88” 5.28 lbs. $250
Full/Queen 90” x 94” 7.92 lbs.  $290
King 104” x 94” 8.36 lbs. $350


Shipping and Returns

Amerisleep offers free shipping when you order the Recover + Duvet. If the size you order is in stock, you’re in luck! The duvet will ship in 2-5 business days, and it will take about 5 business days to get to you.

Unfortunately, their return policy is not as flexible. In fact, all of Amerisleep’s accessory items are final sale unless you receive them damaged or defective.


When you purchase the Recover+ Duvet, you get a 1-year limited warranty that covers any cosmetic or manufacturing defects, such as seam issues from faulty sewing. Should you have any of these issues, Amerisleep will replace your duvet for free.

Sleep Experience

Upon receiving the Recover+ Duvet, I was nervous about the size being labeled as a full/queen considering I sleep on a queen mattress that is 13” tall. But, I was pleasantly surprised when it easily covered my mattress and then some.

The outside of the duvet is textured like a hybrid mix of a sleeping bag and sateen sheets, and it was cool to the touch. Though Amerisleep recommends pairing the Recover+ with a duvet cover, I didn’t use one for the purpose of this review, so I could get the full feel of the duvet.

Lying under it, Recover+ did feel soft. It wasn’t super heavy, so if you like the feel of a weighted duvet/comforter, this isn’t it. Although lightweight, this duvet kept me warm enough not to wake up shivering, but cool enough not to wake up sweating. I’ll definitely back up their claim of this being an all-season duvet.

All in all, my sleep experience with the Recover+ duvet was cozy; I think I’ll keep it on my bed for a while and go hunting for a duvet cover.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Works for all seasons: Thanks to the Celliant® technology, the Recover+ is breathable and moisture-resistant, allowing it to be cozy all year long. Must pair with duvet cover: Amerisleep recommends pairing your Recover+ with a duvet cover, meaning if you don’t already have one, you have to drop the cash for a cover.
Temperature regulation: The Celliant® materials also allow the duvet to regulate your temperature, so you don’t wake up covered in sweat. Price: Compared to other duvet inserts on the market, the Recover+ is not considered expensive, but it’s not a budget option either.
Easy care: The Recover+ Duvet is machine washable and dryer safe, making it easy to care for. Returns: You cannot return the Recover+ Duvet unless the damage qualifies in the warranty.

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Final Breakdown

The Amerisleep Recover+ Duvet combines premium materials to make a duvet that is breathable, temperature regulating, and has a reputation for nighttime recovery. However, it can be pricey, and once you’ve got it, you can’t return it. But if you’re willing to take the risk, a more restorative night of sleep is just around the corner.