Amanda Lasater

Sleep Product Specialist, Certified Sleep Science Coach

As a Sleep Product Specialist, Amanda knows first-hand how the products you use can influence your quality of sleep. Growing up, Amanda was a light sleeper, with just about any noise having the potential to wake her up. She thought she would just “deal with it,” until she learned about the wide world of sleep products and accessories. She purchased her first sound machine and never looked back at those sleepless nights.

Today, Amanda is obsessed with finding the latest and greatest technology to help our readers get the sleep they deserve. You can find her testing the best light-blocking curtains, the farthest-reaching essential oil diffusers, or the most noise-cancelling sleep headphones. She's sure to find the right products to satisfy even the pickiest of sleepers.

Sleeping Position: Stomach, then side, then stomach, then side
Hours Logged Each Night: 7.5 (she’s working on it)
Always Sleeps With: Her extra large cat and a white noise machine
Currently Sleeping On: The ELuxury Hybrid

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