Ashley Little

Sleep Content Specialist, Certified Sleep Science Coach

Ashley is a member of the editorial team at Mattress Advisor. She started as an intern in 2018 and hasn't stopped talking about sleep since! Wearer of many hats here at the office, you can find Ashley working on a multitude of things.

She's personally unboxed, tested, and reviewed a large portion of the mattresses you'll find reviews for here on the site. She's also spent countless hours researching and writing about all aspects of sleep, including why the mattress you sleep on matters, what our dreams mean, and even diving into the science behind why women's sleep suffers during PMS.

Ashley has been featured across the web representing Mattress Advisor on Chicago Tribune, NY Daily News, and various health and wellness sites promoting better sleeping habits.

Sleeping Position: Side
Hours Logged Each Night: Exactly 8 (give or take 10 minutes)
Always Sleeps With: A book on her nightstand to read before bed
Currently Sleeping On: Helix Midnight Luxe

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