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Bear vs Bear Hybrid Mattress Comparison

Looking to buy a Bear mattress, but can’t decide between the bouncy hybrid feel and contouring memory foam feel? Our comparison will tell you exactly what you need to know to make the best choice for your sleep needs!

The Bear brand offers 3 mattress models, specially designed for those with an active lifestyle. They’ve partnered with chemists to develop a Celliant fabric cover that can increase blood flow to sore muscles. They also incorporate cooling substances, like graphite and gel memory foam

While choosing which model is right for you, we’ll compare the original Bear and Bear Hybrid models. They also offer a Bear Pro model, which is a memory foam mattress, like the Bear.

Bear vs Bear Hybrid Overview

Customer Rating
MA Score
Trial Period


Customer Rating
MA Score
8.6 / 10

Known to help relieve pressure points and aid in muscle recovery


Medium firm: 7.1/10


Memory foam with graphite gel

Trial Period

100 days


10-year limited warranty

Bear Hybrid

Customer Rating
MA Score
9.0 / 10

A hybrid spring and foam mattress that aids in recovery with its Celliant technology.


Medium-firm: 6/10


Hybrid: foam + coils

Trial Period

100 days


20-year limited warranty

Key Similarities:

  • Both Bear mattresses feature the Celliant yarn in their covers. This mineral-infused yarn can help improve blood flow to skin and muscles, which aids in recovery of injuries and soreness.
  • Celliant technology also improves your body’s ability to regulate its temperature. That means both mattresses help to keep you cool. Additionally, the Bear mattress features graphite-infused memory foam, which prevents heat from pooling under your body. The Bear Hybrid has gel memory foam, which is cooling, as well as a coil system that improves airflow.
  • The Bear and Bear Hybrid mattresses are each around 6/10 on the firmness scale. This medium to medium-firm feel appeals to the average sleeper. It’s soft enough for side sleepers and supportive enough for stomach and back sleepers

Key Differences:

  • The biggest difference between these two models is the Bear Hybrid’s encased coil system. Similar to innerspring mattresses, hybrid mattresses have a slightly firmer, bouncier feel. They are typically cooler and more responsive than all-foam beds, but don’t provide as much pressure relief. Surprisingly, the Bear Hybrid outscored the original Bear mattress on pressure relief in our lab assessment.
  • Hybrid mattresses can cost significantly more than all-foam mattresses. This is also true for Bear’s beds. The hybrid model is 40-50% more expensive than the original memory foam model.
  • Bear offers a significantly longer warranty period for their hybrid bed. The original Bear mattress is covered for 10 years, while the Bear Hybrid has a 20-year warranty.
Bear mattress

Bear Mattress Review Highlights

  • Celliant Yarn: Celliant textiles transform the energy your body naturally emits into infrared energy and redirect it back into your body tissue. The infrared energy relaxes your blood vessels, which improves circulation, reduces inflammation, and expedites muscle recovery time.
  • Graphite-Infused Foam: Graphite is high in thermal conductivity, which enables heat to move through the foam. The result is a cooler mattress surface that reduces swelling in muscles and joints.
  • Responsiveness: The Bear earned a nearly perfect score for responsiveness. You won’t need to wait for the memory foam to adapt to your changes in sleeping position during the night.
  • Spinal Alignment: Good spinal alignment reduces neck and back pain. Bears memory foam evenly contours to your curves, which keeps your spine straight from head to tailbone.
  • Cooling: Celliant yarn and graphite are both cooling, which contributes to the Bear’s outstanding 9/10 score for cooling in our lab evaluation. This is an exceptionally high score for a memory foam bed.
Bear Hybrid Mattress

Bear Hybrid Mattress Review Highlights

  • Top-Rated: Mattress Advisor rated the Bear Hybrid as one of the best in 2020 for seniors, athletes, and hybrid mattress shoppers. We recommend it for seniors and athletes because the Celliant technology reduces inflammation and muscle recovery time.
  • Cooling: Not only does the Bear Hybrid feature the Celliant technology present in the original Bear mattress, it also has a coil layer which noticeably improves the bed’s overall breathability. This mattress earned a nearly perfect score for cooling in our lab evaluation.
  • Responsiveness: The Bear Hybrid also earned an almost perfect score for responsiveness. That means it does an excellent job of quickly conforming to changes in your position on the mattress surface. Highly responsive mattresses are a great choice for combination sleepers who move around a lot at night.
  • Spinal Alignment: A correct posture while sleeping is just as important as it is while standing or sitting. The Bear Hybrid does a good job of keeping your spine straight while sleeping, which reduces back pain and stiffness upon waking.
  • Edge Support: A mattress with good edge support has a wider usable surface. That’s good news for those who like to sleep with their arm hanging off the side of the bed. It’s also helpful for those who expect pets or children to crowd the bed at night.

Compare Sizes

Take a look at the dimensional differences between Bear’s original memory foam and hybrid models.

Bear Bear Hybrid
Thickness 10” 14”
Twin 39” x 75” 39” x 75”
Twin XL 39” x 80” 39” x 80”
Full 54” x 75” 54” x 75”
Queen 60” x 80” 60” x 80”
King 76” x 80” 76” x 80”
Cal King 72” x 84” 72” x 84”

Learn more about mattress sizes.

Compare Prices

See how each of these models fit in your budget by comparing their prices.

Bear Bear Hybrid
Twin $500 $1,090
Twin XL $600 $1,190
Full $700 $1,290
Queen $800 $1,390
King $900 $1,690
California King $900 $1,690

Compare Layers

Peak inside each of these unique mattresses for a better look at their coil and foam layers.

Inside the Bear mattress

Inside the Bear Mattress

  • Celliant Yarn Cover: Bear weaves 13 minerals and other proprietary ingredients into their yarn, which produce the Celliant affect. These features never wear out or wash out.
  • 2″ Graphite-Infused Foam: Bear says that this open-cell foam is 7 times more conductive than traditional memory foam, meaning it directs heat away from your body.
  • 2″ Transition Foam: This transition layer provides a little bounce and contours snuggly around your curves. Bear calls it their “hybrid foam” due to its fast response time.
  • 6″ High Density Support Foam: This durable base keeps the mattress from sagging prematurely.
Inside the Bear Hybrid mattress

Inside the Bear Hybrid Mattress

  • Quilted Celliant Cover: The hand-quilted cover recycles the energy your body emits by transforming it into infrared rays that improve circulation. It also improves your body’s natural temperature regulation systems. 
  • Gel Memory Foam: A top layer of memory foam keeps you cool by infusing gel right into the foam. It’s also extra-soft, providing a luxurious, plush feel.
  • Comfort Layer: This thick layer of premium foam cradles your body’s curves, reducing tension on bones and joints.
  • Transition Layer: This thinner layer of foam is soft and breathable. It also enhances the mattress’s motion isolation abilities. 
  • Quantum Edge Coil System: Around 1,300 encased coils create the bounce and firmness that sleepers expect from traditional coil mattresses. It also provides excellent edge support.
  • Support Foam: A high-density foam makes up the foundation of the Bear Hybrid, enhancing mattress durability and overall support.

Compare Scores

Learn how the Bear and Bear Hybrid scored in our comprehensive lab assessment, which covers 14 key criteria.

Bear Bear Hybrid
Shipping 9 8
Trial Period 9 9
Return Policy 10 10
Warranty 9 10
Set-Up Test 7 8
Motion Transfer Test 7.75 6.25
Edge Support Test 8.5 7.25
Pressure Relief Test 7 7.5
Spinal Alignment Test 8.5 9.5
Responsiveness Test 9 8.75
Cooling Evaluation 9 8
Durability Evaluation 8 9.5
Customer Service Score 9 9
Social Impact Score 6 6
TOTAL SCORE 8.6/10 9/10

Which Bear Is the Best Mattress?

Are you still deliberating between these two Bear mattress models? Think through which bed best suits your sleeping position, budget, sleep environment, and preferred buying experience. 

  • Sleeping position: Surprisingly, the Bear Hybrid scored higher in pressure relief, and with a medium-firm feel, it’s the superior choice for all sleeping positions.
  • Budget: The original Bear memory foam mattress is clearly the more affordable option.
  • Sleep Environment: Both beds are excellent for hot sleepers, and the original Bear is better for couples needing low motion transfer.
  • Buying Experience: Both beds have a 100-night sleep trial, but the Bear Hybrid has a 20-year warranty, which is 10 more years than the original Bear. 

Sleeping Position

The Bear and Bear Hybrid models share a medium-firm feel, making them attractive to most sleeping positions. Specifically, the Bear is 6.5/10 on the firmness scale, and the Bear Hybrid is 6/10. This firmness level is generally soft enough for side sleepers and supportive enough for back and stomach sleepers.

Pressure relief is another important consideration for sleeping position. Side sleepers need extra cushioning around their shoulders and hips to prevent too much stress on those areas of the body. Usually memory foam mattresses do a better job at contouring around pressure points, but we gave the Bear Hybrid model a higher score for pressure relief than the original Bear. Side sleepers will want to consider that the hybrid could be a better fit for their sleeping position.

Combination sleepers need a mattress that quickly responds to their changes in position throughout the night. Fortunately, both models scored high in this category, making them a good choice for combo sleepers. 


Bear’s price-points for their memory foam and hybrid models are relatively accessible for the average consumer; however, the hybrid model has 40-50% higher cost than the all-foam model. This makes the original Bear the more budget-friendly choice. Bear offers financing through Affirm for all of their models, so regardless of which bed you choose, you can pay in monthly increments, if needed.

Sleep Environment

Do you sleep with a partner or pet? If so, you need a bed with good motion isolation. That way, you aren’t disturbed by movements next to you. Neither the Bear or Bear Hybrid scored remarkably high in our motion transfer test. The original Bear did score significantly higher than the Bear Hybrid, though, so it’s the better choice for those with sleeping partners. 

Another important consideration for your sleep environment is temperature. Either of these mattresses will provide you with a cool night’s sleep. They both use temperature regulating Celliant fibers in their top layers. The Bear features graphite in their comfort foam layer, while the Bear Hybrid uses gel-infused foam – both of which are cooling. The original Bear even scored 9/10 for cooling, which is very high for memory foam.  

Buying Experience

The buying experiences for Bear’s mattresses are very similar. You get a 100-night sleep trial, as well as free shipping in the continental US. Returns are also free, and you get a full refund (minus original shipping costs for those in Alaska or Hawaii). Used mattresses are picked up and taken to a donation center or local charity. 

The main difference in buying experience for these beds is warranty – the Bear has a 10-year limited warranty, and the Bear Hybrid has a 20-year limited warranty. The Hybrid is the better choice for those concerned about being covered for defects over the entire mattress lifespan.  

Regardless of which bed you choose, both the Bear and Bear Hybrid will leave you feeling rested and ache-free!

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