Beautyrest Mattress Return Policy Break Down

By Loren Bullock

Jun 13th, 2022

Beautyrest is an established bedding brand that boasts innovations like the queen size and king size mattresses. If you’re interested in buying—or have bought—one of their different mattresses, and want to know more about their return policy, you’re in the right place. 

In this break down, we’re covering the sleep trial, return and exchange processes, and fine print for Simmons mattresses with the Beautyrest label. These include all of the current hybrid mattress collections, such as the Beautyrest Black, the Beautyrest Hybrid, and Beautyrest Lux mattresses.

100-Night Sleep Trial Period

When you buy a Beautyrest mattress, you get 100 nights in-home to decide whether or not it’s the best mattress for you. Your body should adjust to the new sleeping surface within 30 days. During the first month, don’t be surprised by soreness or stiffness, since this usually indicates that your body is gradually adapting to the feel of your new mattress.

Pay special attention to features like temperature, pressure point relief, and motion isolation. If you decide that your mattress isn’t the right fit, you can return it or exchange it during the sleep trial. If you keep your mattress, you’re protected by a 10-year warranty, and can make a warranty claim if your bed develops defects like deep body impressions.

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Beautyrest doesn’t do any sort of inspection if you decide to return your mattress. You can return it for any reason, and they won’t check for damage or stains. Returned mattresses are picked up by a third party recycling company. The company does their best to recycle the materials of the mattress and keep as many as they can out of the dump.

Return Process

You can initiate a mattress return before the 100th day of your sleep trial. Here’s a step-by-step guide to returning your mattress:

  1. Sleep on your Beautyrest mattress during the sleep trial. We recommend waiting at least 30 nights before making a final decision.
  2. Email to begin the return process. Hold onto your receipt in order to prove that you’re the original owner and bought your mattress directly from Beautyrest or an authorized retailer.
  3. A customer care rep will try to help you resolve any issues with your mattress. For example, they may recommend a memory foam mattress topper or alternate bed frame. If you can’t fix the problem, they’ll process your return.
  4. You’ll work with the Beautiest rep to schedule a time for your mattress to be picked up. They can pick up mattresses as soon as the next day, but also understand that it can take time to find a replacement, so they’re happy to work with you to schedule a return when you know you’ll have another mattress.
  5. Once your mattress pick up is scheduled, you’ll receive your full refund back on your original form of payment.

Note: Several retailers sell Beautyrest mattresses (ex. Amazon, Macy’s, and Mattress Firm), so ask your specific retailer about their return policy and process. 

Exchange Process

The Beautyrest exchange process is almost identical to the return process. 

  1. Sleep on your Beautyrest mattress for at least 30 nights.
  2. Call 877-298-4955 to begin the exchange process. Have your original receipt handy.
  3. Work with your Beautyrest rep to identify the best alternate mattress for you. For example, should you choose a plush pillow top or an innerspring mattress, a medium-firm or firm mattress, a king size or a california king size mattress?
  4. Pay—or be refunded—the difference in cost between your two mattresses.
  5. Beautyrest’s delivery partner, XPO, will take your old mattress away when they deliver your new one, so you’re not without a mattress in the meantime.

The Fine Print

Here are a few other details to keep in mind when returning or exchanging your Beautyrest mattress:

  • Exchanged mattresses don’t receive a new sleep trial, and they expire the original trial period.
  • Beautyrest allows for one return per household per year.
  • Store your mattress on the appropriate support system. If you’re unsure what’s right for your Beautyrest mattress, don’t hesitate to ask a customer care rep whether you need a solid bed frame, slat bed, or box spring.
  • We highly recommend using a waterproof mattress protector to improve the durability of your new mattress
  • If you bought a mattress set, the return policy may be different for different pieces of the set.
  • This return policy only applies to new mattresses bought directly from Beautyrest. It doesn’t apply to floor models or second hand mattresses.
  • The return policy applies specifically to mattresses bought in the United States.

About the Beautyrest Mattress

Beautyrest has been around since the late 19th century. They’ve had over 150 years to perfect their craft, which is why they—and their sister companies, Serta and Tuft & Needle—are known for high-quality products. We’ve had the chance to review several Beautyrest mattresses, and have been blown away by their exceptional comfort and functionality. 

Beautyrest mattresses include tons of innovative features like BlackICE cooling foam, advanced pocketed coil systems, and temperature-regulating mattress covers. They even recently launched a recycled mattress fabric called Seaqual that’s made from plastic bottles collected from the ocean.

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How long is the warranty on a Beautyrest mattress?


The Simmons Bedding warranty lasts for 10 years. Warranty coverage includes manufacturing defects. You can find more information on your limited warranty card on or reach out to Simmons consumer service by calling 877-399-9397. Make sure to have your original bill of sale, model name label, and law label on hand. If your claim is approved, you’ll get a replacement mattress.


Can I flip my Beautyrest mattress?


No. Beautyrest mattresses are designed to be one-sided, so they can’t be flipped, but they can be rotated head-to-foot for more even break-in.


Which Simmons Beautyrest mattress is the best?


That’s ultimately up to you, but here are our recommendations: The Beautyrest Black is great for all sleeping positions—especially side sleepers—and those with back pain, the Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon is best for hot sleepers and combo sleepers, and the Beautyrest Hybrid is great for couples.