Beautyrest vs Tempur-Pedic Mattress Comparison

Beautyrest and Tempur-Pedic are both renowned for their comfort, but which brand makes the right mattress for you? We’re comparing the performance of three mattresses from each brand to help you decide.

By Laura Mohammad

Jul 27th, 2023

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Simmons Beautyrest and Tempur-Pedic are two widely recognizable mattress brands with a variety of different mattress collections. You’ve probably heard all about the luxury memory foam mattresses from Tempur-Pedic, but did you know that Simmons Beautyrest invented the queen and king mattress sizes? They’ve been around since the late 1800s, so they’ve got over a century of experience behind them.

There’s no question that these two companies make good mattresses, but how do they compare, and which is best for you? That’s what we’ll cover in this mattress comparison. Specifically, we’re putting three mattress models from each brand side-by-side to see how they differ in construction and performance.


Beautyrest vs Tempur-Pedic Overview

Beautyrest Tempur-Pedic
Best For Couples, budget-conscious shoppers, those with back pain Side sleepers, back sleepers, hot sleepers
Price Range $1,199–$2,799 $1,699–$4,699
Special Features Gel-infused memory foam, pocket coils, cool-to-touch cover fabric Temperature-regulating materials, premium memory foam, cooling cover

Key Similarities

  • Luxury: Tempur-Pedic and Beautyrest are considered mid-luxury to luxury mattress brands, so you can expect the latest comfort innovations and superior customer service.
  • Delivery: When you buy a Beautyrest or Tempur-Pedic mattress (with the exception of the bed-in-a-box Tempur-Cloud), you receive complimentary white glove delivery.
  • Warranty: The Tempur-Pedic warranty and Beautyrest warranty both last for 10 years after you receive your new mattress.
  • Pressure Relief: Good news for side sleepers—all of the mattresses in this comparison provide excellent pressure point relief.

Key Differences

  • Pricing: Tempur-Pedic is decidedly the more expensive brand, but they regularly release coupons and seasonal discounts.
  • Construction: Beautyrest makes hybrid mattresses, while Tempur-Pedic offers hybrid and memory foam mattress options.
  • Loft: The Beautyrest mattresses in this comparison are around two to three inches taller than Tempur-Pedic mattresses. The lower loft doesn’t necessarily affect performance, but it can determine the sheet depth you’ll need to use.
  • Cooling Technologies: Both brands incorporate advanced cooling features, but they’re quite different. For example, the Tempur-Pedic cooling tech is more focused in the foam, while Beautyrest mattresses equally target the foam, cover fabric, and coil system

Beautyrest Black vs Tempur-Cloud

Beautyrest Black Mattress Review Highlights

beautyrest black motion
  • The Beautyrest Black mattress features BlackICE 4.0 cooling technology. We’ve experienced first-hand how cooling this mattress can be, and gave it an 8/10 in this category during our in-depth review process.
  • You can opt for the original Beautyrest Black mattress or add cooling and comfort upgrades.
  • We gave this mattress a perfect 10/10 score for spine alignment. Good sleeping posture helps to reduce or prevent back pain and muscle soreness from your mattress.
  • The Beautyrest Black earned a near perfect score for pressure relief, thanks to multiple layers of cushioning foam.

Tempur-Cloud Mattress Review Highlights

tempur cloud product
  • The Tempur-Cloud mattress does such a good job of isolating motion that we gave it a 9.75/10 in this category.
  • Regardless of your sleeping position, you’ll experience great pressure relief on the Tempur-Cloud mattress.
  • This is the only bed-in-a-box mattress model by Tempur-Pedic. You can have it shipped to your home, compressed and rolled in a box. All you need to do is unroll it on your bed frame, remove the packaging, and watch it rise.
  • The Tempur-Cloud is a remarkably durable mattress, despite being built entirely of memory foam, which typically doesn’t last as long as innerspring mattresses.

Compare Mattress Construction

The chief difference between the Beautyrest Black and Tempur-Cloud mattresses is in the support layer. The Beautyrest Black is a hybrid mattress with pocketed coil technology, whereas the Tempur-Cloud has a base layer of thick, dense foam. You might think that coils would improve motion isolation and responsiveness, but the Tempur-Cloud actually outperformed the Beautyrest Black in both categories. 

The coil system at the base of the Beautyrest Black makes it the cooler mattress. Coils enable air to flow freely through the mattress, and a breathable mattress sleeps cooler. Additionally, the Beautyrest Black incorporates cool-to-the-touch fabric and gel memory foam, but the only obvious cooling feature in the Tempur-Cloud is the moisture-wicking cover.

Additionally, both mattresses have a medium firmness level and high performance scores for pressure relief. The Tempur-Cloud memory foam top layer is contouring and hugs close to your body. The Beautyrest Black comfort layers will have a similar feel, but may not feel as intimately conforming as the Tempur-Material.

Compare Prices

Beautyrest Black Tempur-Cloud
Twin N/A $1,699
Twin XL $2,249 $1,699
Full $2,529 $1,899
Queen $2,699 $1,999
King $3,199 $2,399
California King $3,199 $2,399

Beautyrest Hybrid vs Tempur-Adapt

Beautyrest Hybrid Mattress Review Highlights

beautyrest hybrid lifestyle shot
  • The Beautyrest Hybrid mattress earned top marks for edge support, which means you can maximize your use of the mattress surface.
  • The addition of InfiniCool Plus surface layers and gel memory foam contribute to this mattress’s above average score for cooling.
  • Couples rejoice! The Beautyrest Hybrid mattress earned a 9/10 for motion transfer.
  • This mattress is made with high quality materials that improve it’s durability.
  • You can add a plush or ultra plush comfort upgrade to the Beautyrest Hybrid mattress.

Tempur-Adapt Mattress Review Highlights

tempur proadapt firm e1587135495313
  • The Tempur-Adapt mattress is one of the most affordable mattress models by Tempur-Pedic.
  • A medium firmness level makes this mattress appealing to a wide range of sleepers with different sleeping positions and body types.
  • Tempur-ES material is soft and conforming. It cushions regions of high pressure like shoulders and hips.
  • An optional coil base layer dramatically improves airflow through the Temper-Adapt mattress.
  • The memory foam used in this mattress naturally repels mold and dust mites.

Compare Mattress Construction

The Beautyrest Hybrid and Tempur-Adapt mattresses are the most similar mattress models in this comparison. They’re both hybrid mattresses, although the Tempur-Adapt is also available as an all-foam mattress. They also both have a medium firmness level. In other words, they’d look alike if you cut them in half. But how do they feel?

Both mattresses sleep cool, thanks to premium cool-to-the-touch mattress covers. The Tempur-Adapt cover even has an antimicrobial treatment that repels common allergens. They’re also both anchored by breathable spring coils that provide top tier motion isolation and airflow

The biggest difference is in the comfort layers. The Beautyrest Black sports three layers of foam, including three inches of gel memory foam and one inch of medium comfort foam. The Tempur-Adapt has a single layer of soft Tempur-ES comfort foam. You’ll probably sink a little deeper into the foam layers on the Beautyrest Black, which is great for anyone who likes to feel cradled by their bed. 

Compare Prices

Beautyrest Hybrid Tempur-Adapt
Twin $1,249 $1,699
Twin XL $1,279 $1,699
Full $1,349 $2,049
Queen $1,399 $2,199
King $1,799 $2,899
California King $1,799 $2,899

Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon vs Tempur-Probreeze

Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon Mattress Review Highlights

beautyrest harmony carbon motion action
  • The Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon mattress is offered in three firmness options, including plush, medium, and extra firm. You can also add a plush pillow top
  • The cool-to-the-touch Seaqual mattress cover is made with fabric derived from plastic bottles pulled from the ocean.
  • We gave the Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon mattress a perfect score for edge support, so you don’t need to worry about slipping off the edge of this bed. 
  • The Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon earned a near-perfect score for responsiveness. In other words, it rapidly adapts to your changes in position.

Tempur-Probreeze Mattress Review Highlights

tempur probreeze medium
  • The Tempur-PRObreeze mattress was designed in Tempur-Pedic’s thermal lab, and it stayed up to three degrees cooler during performance tests.
  • You can choose an all-foam or hybrid mattress construction when you shop the Tempur-PRObreeze
  • The Tempur-CM+ foam comfort layer provides the pressure relief customers have come to expect from Tempur-Pedic mattresses.
  • This bed does a good job of isolating motion, which reduces disruptions that can have a negative impact on your sleep quality.

Compare Mattress Construction

The Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon mattress and Tempur-PRObreeze mattress are both premium mattress models. The Tempur-PRObreeze is available as an all-foam or hybrid mattress with a medium firmness. The Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon is exclusively a hybrid mattress, and it’s available as a plush, medium, and extra firm mattress. The feel of each mattress will change depending on the model and firmness that you choose.

Generally, we think you’ll get slightly better pressure relief on the Tempur-PRObreeze, thanks to the cushioning Tempur-CM+ foam comfort layer. With that said, the Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon also earned above-average scores for pressure relief

Cooling is also a big category for these two mattresses. The Tempur-breeze line includes cooling features in the top three layers, and the Beautyrest Black targets cooling in every layer. The Beautyrest Black mattress cover has InfiniCool Lux materials that are cool-on-contact, and the Tempur-PRObreeze has a SmartClimate Dual Cover System that immediately cools in response to your body heat.

Additionally, the Beautyrest Black has open cell foam, gel foam, and carbon-infused foam that work to diminish heat. The Tempur-PRObreeze includes PureCool+ phase change material that reduces the heat under your sheets by up to three degrees.

Compare Prices

Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon Tempur-Probreeze
Twin $1,199 N/A
Twin XL $1,249 $3,499
Full $1,319 $3,849
Queen $1,399 $3,999
King $1,899 $4,699
California King $1,899 $4,699

Compare Beautyrest vs Tempur-Pedic Sizes

Beautyrest Tempur-Pedic
Thickness 13”–14.75” 10”– 13”
Twin 38″ x 75”  38″ x 74″
Twin XL 38” x 80” 38″ x 80″
Full 53″ x 75” 53″ x 74″
Queen 60″ x 80” 60″ x 80″
King 76″ x 80” 76″ x 80″
California King 72″ x 84” 72″ x 84″

Learn more about mattress sizes.

Trial Period

Beautyrest and Tempur-Pedic each give you around three months to test out the feel of your mattress in the comfort of your home. The Beautyrest trial period is 100 nights, and the Tempur-Pedic sleep trial is 90 nights. Both companies arrange for their delivery partners to set up your new mattress set for you. 

Tempur-Pedic asks that you sleep on your new mattress for at least 30 nights before initiating a return. That’s about how long it takes for your body to adjust to a new sleeping surface. If you’re still feeling a bit stiff or achy after 30 nights, you can return your mattress for a full refund with either brand. Alternatively, you could add a topper and transform your bed into a different firmness level or pillow top mattress.

Also, Tempur-Pedic specifies that you are responsible for any return shipping costs associated with the return. Beautyrest notes that they only allow one return per household per year. Finally, if you bought your mattress from an authorized retailer—instead of directly from Tempur-Pedic or Beautyrest—make sure to check the return policy for that specific retailer.


Beautyrest and Tempur-Pedic both provide a 10-year warranty with your mattress purchase. The warranties cover manufacturing defects, and if your claim is approved, you’ll receive a replacement mattress. In some cases, Tempur-Pedic may opt to repair your mattress instead of replace it. You’ll need to show proof that you’re the original owner of the mattress to either company when you file a warranty claim. Make sure to use a supportive bed frame or you could void your warranty.

Verdict: Which Is the Best Mattress Brand?

Beautyrest is the more affordable brand. Both companies make beds with amazing pressure relief. Hot sleepers stay cool on the Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon or the Tempur-PRObreeze. Side sleepers will love the Beautyrest Black. Couples get near-perfect motion isolation on the Tempur-Cloud. The Harmony Lux Carbon is the most responsive.

As you can see, it’s tough to choose which mattress brand is the best. Both brands perform remarkably well. We called out which mattresses work best for side sleepers, but back and stomach sleepers are important too. Any of the medium to medium-firm options work best for back sleepers. Stomach sleepers need a firmer mattress, which singles out the extra firm Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon mattress.

Overall, choose the mattress that best fits your budget and comfort preferences. Do you get hot at night and have a luxury budget? Go for the Tempur-PRObreeze. Are you looking for a universally appealing mattress at a mid-range price point? The Beautyrest Black is your best choice. You get the idea! 

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