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By Alesandra Woolley

Behind The Scenes Interviews

Read our exclusive interviews with founders and leaders at some of the top mattress companies that are transforming the way we buy mattresses today. Learn why they’re passionate about making products that offer great sleep.

What’s Happening in the Bedding Industry

Read about what’s making headlines in the mattress industry – new products, new trends and shakeups.

Bedding Industry News

Is Your Sweet Tooth Keeping You Awake?

A new study shows that you might not need expensive therapy or medicines to cure your insomnia.

Bedding Industry News

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Reduces Insomnia in Autistic Kids

New research offers hope of sleeping through the night to children with autism and their exhausted parents.

Bedding Industry News

Small Improvements in Sleep Reap Big Rewards for College Students

Learn how even small increases in sleep duration can improve academic performance and overall health in college students.

Young woman relaxing in bed late at night and watching tv, she is holding a remote control
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Binge-watching Is Ruining Your Sleep

Learn what happens to our brains when we watch our favorite shows and why we just can’t turn them off.

Sleepy college student
Bedding Industry News

Do High Schools Need to Offer Sleep Classes?

A new study shows that a school-based sleep program can have long-term effects on teenagers’ sleep.

Senior woman having sleep disorder, lying in bed
Bedding Industry News

Study Links Short Sleep Duration with Bone Loss

Researchers find another reason why sleep is so important to your health. Read their alarming findings here.

Elderly couple sleeping
Bedding Industry News

Deep Sleep’s Role in Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease

A new study offers yet another reason why sleep is so important to your health.

White male caucasian young adult on bed with head on pillow with eyes wide open staring off into space at the camera. Afraid of the dark.
Bedding Industry News

New Study Reveals Link between Deep Sleep Loss and Anxiety

New research shows why regularly getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for your mental health.

First Responder truck
Bedding Industry News

First Responders Are Hardest Hit by Rising Rates of Sleep Loss

The people whose jobs most require them to be well-rested are getting the least amount of sleep. That’s bad news for all of us

Bedding Industry News

Lack of Sleep Is Harming America’s Children

School-aged children are sleeping less than they should. Inadequate sleep leaves children worse than just feeling tired.

Bedding Industry News

Your Lack of Sleep Is Making You Gain Weight

A new study shows your lack of shut eye promotes unhealthy food cravings and weight gain.

woman hooked up for sleep study at night at sleep clinic
Bedding Industry News

New Study Shows That You Can Solve Problems as You Sleep

“Let me sleep on it” may be a legitimate plan for problem-solving, according to a new study.

Baby crying
Bedding Industry News

Infant Sleepers Tied to Recent Rise in Infant Deaths

Learn about the recent rise in infant deaths and how you can keep your baby safe while sleeping.

Malouf foundation image
Bedding Industry News

Malouf Assembles Environmental Sustainability Council

Read how Malouf advances their commitment to social responsibility with an internal advisory group aimed at creating healthier employees and a healthier planet.

Nectar Awaken Sleep campaign
Bedding Industry News

Nectar Celebrates Sleep in New Marketing Campaign

Nectar's new marketing campaign encourages people to prioritize sleep in an unconventional way

Bedding Industry News

California Leads Charge for Later School Start Times

Supporters of a new California law hope to make it easier for teens to achieve their academic and athletic potential and improve their health and wellbeing.

Bedding Industry News

Study Shows Short Sleeper Syndrome Caused by a Rare Genetic Mutation

Scientists are beginning to unlock the mysteries of short sleeper syndrome which could lead to treatments for sleep disorders.

Bedding Industry News

To Nap or Not to Nap?

Read some of the latest napping research results and learn how complicated the science of napping really is.

Woman power napping
Bedding Industry News

Study Shows Napping in Moderation May Save Your Life

Researchers find that you can protect your heart simply by napping. But how often? The results will surprise you.

Nectar mattress
Bedding Industry News

Online Mattress Brands See Huge Growth in 2018

DTC mattress brands continue to take a bite out of the mattress market. Read here who were the big winners in 2018 and what observers can expect in the future.

Nest Bedding Costa Mesa retail location
Bedding Industry News

Time for Traditional Mattress Brands to Call a Truce?

Sometimes embracing the enemy is a better business practice than holding a grudge.

Bedding Industry News

Woman Swallows Ring in Her Sleep: The Effects of Sleep Action

You may have heard of that recent story going viral on Facebook—a woman swallowed her engagement ring in her sleep. Why? She was acting out her dreams.

Leesa Legend mattress
Bedding Industry News

Leesa Introduces the Legend Mattress

Leesa launched a new mattress - the Leesa Legend! Learn all about it here.

Bedding Industry News

Purple Partners with Influencers on New Marketing Campaigns

Purple aims a laser focus on potential customers in a marketing approach that turns traditional advertising on its head.

Casper stomach sleepers
Bedding Industry News

Casper: They’re Not Just for Mattresses Anymore

Casper plans to offer everything you need to sleep better. Learn about their new business model here.

Woman lying on the Leesa mattress
Bedding Industry News

Leesa Available in Brick and Mortar Stores in Canada

Leesa joins an ever-increasing migration of online-only brands to brick and mortar stores.

Bedding Industry News

Mike Lindell’s Inspiring Autobiography Available for Pre-Order

Mike Lindell wants to share his redemption story to help others launch their own second chance at the good life.

Young woman wake up in the morning and sitting on bed at window door side relaxing in holiday with sunlight, back view
Bedding Industry News

How Sleep and Breast Cancer Are Related

A recent study in the UK looked at the correlation between sleep schedules (chronotypes) and the risk of breast cancer.

Fitbit app sleep score
Bedding Industry News

Fitbit’s New Sleep Score Helps You Understand Your Sleep

Understanding your sleep performance has never been easier with the new Fitbit app.

Neiman Marcus Mattresses
Bedding Industry News

Neiman Marcus to Sell Exclusive Mattresses

Newcomers to the bedding industry enter the crowded mattress market with their own specialized brands.

man suffering from stomach pain at night, health problem, ulcer discomfort
Bedding Industry News

Sleep Duration Has a Shocking Effect on Heart Attack Risk

A new study published this week shows a surprising correlation between sleep and your risk of having a heart attack.

Lady sleeping on a cube pillow
Bedding Industry News

A New Pillow Concept for Side Sleepers

A Utah-based entrepreneur has invented a new pillow that may have many side sleepers waking up feeling refreshed and pain free.

Gribetz XT9 mattress sewing machine
Bedding Industry News

Invention of the Gribetz XT9 Shakes Up the Mattress Industry

Read how a new sewing machine has the potential to revolutionize the mattress industry.

Socially Responsible Malouf Foundation founders Sam and Kacie
Bedding Industry News

Doing Good: The Bedding Business Makes a Social Impact

Social responsibility is so important to consumers and therefore businesses.

Bedding Industry News

What Happens to Returned Mattresses?

Did you ever wonder if your new mattress is only new to you? Read on to learn what happens to returned mattresses and how you can be sure the new mattress you paid for is not a pre-owned model.

Casper retail store, inside view
Bedding Industry News

From Click to Brick: Why Online Mattress Companies Are Stepping Offline

See why online mattress brands like Casper and Tuft & Needle are opening up physical locations to sell more mattresses.

Bedding Industry News

Advanced Sleepers or “Extreme Early Birds”: Not as Rare as We Once Thought

Does the early bird always get the worm? Or is advanced sleep phase more crippling than helpful?

Stack on online mattresses piled on top of each other
Bedding Industry News

Look-Alike Mattresses: It’s Not Just You

Find out why so many mattresses look and feel the same and how you can make sense of a crowded mattress marketplace.

Bedding Industry News

Where in the World are People Getting Their Best Sleep?

A recent survey looked at sleep trends across the globe and found where people are getting their worst and best sleep.

Bedding Industry News

How Much Do CEOs Sleep? Fast Company Asks Around

Learn about the sleep habits of 15 CEOs and find out if sacrificing sleep is necessary for success.

Bedding Industry News

Awake: The Million Dollar Game Show—Getting Paid for Sleep Deprivation

The impossible Netflix game show where you deprive yourself of sleep for a chance at 1 million dollars.

Bedding Industry News

Office Nap Pods: Are They Just For Show?

A small but growing number of companies support napping for their employees and some are even purchasing spaces in which to do it.

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Child Bed Poverty Affects Thousands in the US

Every night thousands of children lie their heads on the floor to sleep because they don’t have a bed.

Bedding Industry News

Where to Donate Your Mattress: A Guide

Getting a new mattress is exciting and ridding yourself of your old mattress can make an impact.

Sleepy college student
Bedding Industry News

New Harvard Class on Sleep is Helping Students Prioritize Their Health

Harvard freshman are now required to take Sleep 101, a module educating students on the importance of sleep for their health, before arriving to campus

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Can Taking a Hot Bath Before Bed Improve Sleep?

Read about the new research on bathing and sleep, the results are a pleasant surprise.

Bedding Industry News

Is My Mattress Releasing Toxins?

Learn about the Environmental Science & Technology study on VOC emissions that everyone is talking about.

Bedding Industry News

Amazon’s New $130 Private Label Mattress

Understand the risks involved with buying a cheap mattress that's not made in America.

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7 Reasons Why Casper’s Dreamery Did Not Disappoint

Leesa team donating mattresses to those in need as part of their One-Ten initiative
Mattress Guides

Mattress Companies That Give Back

Learn about these mattress companies working for a good cause.

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Inside the Kingsdown Production Facility

Bedding Industry News

Taking the Guesswork out of Mattress Shopping

Couple fighting over covers
Bedding Industry News

Could This Scandinavian Trick Help You Sleep Better?

The Scandinavian method of sleeping with two duvets is making waves in the U.S., promising better sleep and less fighting over the covers.

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Stashing Cash

Bedding Industry News

Solay Brings TOMS Shoes Model to the Mattress World

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Turmoil at Mattress Firm