The Best Bedding Items for Your Wedding Registry

Find out what sleep products are the most compatible with your wedding registry.

By Sheryl Grassie

Jan 6th, 2021

There is nothing better than newlyweds snuggling together under that perfect down comforter. Sleep is important, and good bedding is expensive: how do you pick the right bedding items for your wedding registry?

Bedding Wedding Registry: Starting the Process

So you want to save money and put bedding on your wedding registry, but how do you choose the best bedding for you and your soon-to-be spouse? Where do you begin? Bedding is very personal, and you need to get specific before you register. Here are some tips and ideas to think about before committing to putting bedding items on your wedding registry.

Pick a Registry (or Two)

Some couples prefer to have everything available on just one registry for ease of shopping. Some prefer to use multiple registries. Universal registries allow you to add items from other retailers, so if you register on Amazon but want Pottery Barn bedding, you can do that. Whatever registry you choose make sure the linens you want can be purchased through that registry, if not add the specific bedding site as a separate registry.

Top Universal Registry Sites
  • Amazon: Does a great job with directly offering a large selection of bedding as well as allowing you to add outside manufacturers to your registry.
  • Blueprint Registry: Breaks things down in an interesting way. You can group gift items by room or by experience.
  • MyRegistry: Coming in second only to Zola in the reviews, this registry has a very comprehensive set of options.
  • Newly Wish: Has its own list of chosen products, but similar to Amazon, you can add your own from other sites.
  • Zola: A highly rated registry that can act as your one stop for everything from gifts to linens and from money to experiences.

Determine Your Style

It is probably worth having a conversation with your partner about what style of bedding you like. Are you traditional or contemporary? Do you like bright colors or muted hues? Are you minimalists or do you like layers of pillows and frills? Look at magazines and bedding catalogues to find a style of bedding that you love (or at least both like). You should be able to narrow it down to a specific vendor or two.

Popular Bedding Brands
  • Brooklinen: Upscale linens in primarily solid muted colors. These linens are classic and classy.
  • Company Store: Cotton bedding in great solid colors and interesting patterns. This is a place to find bright colors and bold designs.
  • Ikea: A lower price point, Ikea has nice cotton bedding in a variety of colored patterns from simple to complex.
  • Pottery Barn: Always exceptional quality, they have organic bedding options and a great selection of more traditional bedding.
  • Restoration Hardware: Their bedding is very rich in appearance and texture. They have cottons and linens in muted colors as well as solids or understated prints.
  • West Elm: Under the Williams-Sonoma umbrella of companies, West Elm is the more contemporary, mid-century modern version of Pottery Barn. Great quality with more geometric patterns.

Figure Out Specifics

When trying to nail down the specifics, ask yourself and your partner a series of questions:

  • Do you want organic bedding or extra soft Egyptian cotton?
  • Do you want a duvet and cover or just a comforter?
  • Feather or down alternative?
  • Will you register for pillows and what kind?
  • Do you need extra blankets or a quilt for change of seasons?
  • What price point are you comfortable with? Though you may think that a down comforter is too expensive, good comforters can last decades.

After you talk all this through with your intended, make a list of the items you want to register for. If you can go in person, do it: get a feel for the bedding, with linens—nothing replaces touch.

Bedding Items to Consider

  • Mattress Toppers: Options come in memory foam, down, and cotton. Can add to the comfort of the bed.
  • Mattress Covers: Protect the mattress and keep it clean. They are easily washed and come in cotton or blends.
  • Sheets: What feels good to you: crisp cotton, soft flannel, silk sateen? We recommend that you have at least two sets.
  • Blanket or Coverlet: These are thinner bed covers that can be used as a primary cover or layered for extra warmth when needed.
  • Comforter: Generally a one piece item in which the cover is not removable. For care, the entire item must be washed.
  • Duvet: A comforter, usually feather or down, that can be used with or without a cover.
  • Duvet Cover: A thin fabric envelope that can cover and protect a duvet. It is the equivalent of two sheets sewn together and can easily be removed for washing. Make sure you have more than one to change the look of your bedroom.
  • Pillows: Very personal items that come in down, memory foam, down alternative, buckwheat hulls, etc. Find what is most comfortable and best supports your head and neck while sleeping.
  • Throw Blankets: Smaller in size than a regular blanket, a throw can be used when you are on top of the bed or in a chair when you need a small cover.


Choosing bedding wedding registry items takes a little bit of thought and an understanding of what you like the look and feel of. Take the time to do a little research, find a registry you like, pick out the items you want, and make that newlywed bedroom a haven you two will enjoy for years to come.