Best AAA batteries

By Amanda Lasater

You may not know it, but batteries revolutionized the way we view comfort. Instead of having a wire hanging out of a wall, for anyone to trip over, batteries allowed power to be carried off the grid. With these wonderful devices, we can carry electricity in the palm of our hand. So how do we choose the right battery that would make our lives more comfortable? 

There are many brands to choose from when it comes to deciding on a set of batteries. Knowing the differences of the designs and inner workings isn’t what we want to know. We want the best battery to fit our needs, and we have compiled a list of top-picks for AAA batteries from which you should find the right set. 

The best AAA batteries

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panasonic eneloop

Best Rechargeable

Eco-friendly and long-lasting

Even for people without the desire to save the environment, rechargeable batteries are a wise investment. The company, eneloop, offers 800mAh AAA batteries that can be recharged up to 2,100 times.

If each charge were a battery, one could save a significant amount of money. This brand boasts a charge time of up to 70% after 10 years when not used, meaning they hold their charge very well. These batteries can also operate in subzero temperatures. And unlike some rechargeable brands, these can be recharged with or without a full discharge. They are shipped pre-charged, so you can give them a go immediately out of the box. 


  • Rechargeable
  • Long Lifespan 
  • Arrive Pre-charged


  • Relatively Short Battery Charge

Safest batteries

Reliable and long lasting

For the consumer desiring safety first, Duracell offers their Alkaline AAA batteries. One of the longest running battery companies, Duracell is well known for their reliable and safety prone batteries.

Guaranteed for 10 years, unused, these batteries are at the peak of battery technology. Your devices would surely appreciate a Duracell. 

Best bulk

Adjustable and quiet 

If you have a lot of devices, you’re going to need a lot of batteries. Whereas some folks find rechargeable batteries more cost effective, others may find the cheaper alternatives leave more money in their pockets.

Powermax USA’s AAA battery is powered by 1.5 volts of electricity. Each battery performs better in devices that require more energy than other competitors’ batteries. These AAA batteries can last up to 7 years in storage, which makes them good for people who don’t want to buy a new set often. 

Longest Lasting

charge for a long time

Most batteries brag about high energy out or durability. Sometimes, we just don’t want to think about batteries for as long as possible.

Energizer’s AAA batteries are the longest lasting, everyday-device powering batteries. With these, you’ll forget batteries existed. Though they do not output as much power as some competitors, these batteries will keep your devices charged long after you’ve forgotten batteries existed.

How to find the best AAA batteries

Finding the best AAA batteries for your needs can seem daunting, at first. Look for the following factors when considering which product would best suit your needs: 

  • Rechargeable: The ability for most novel devices to be powered by a rechargeable battery is remarkable. Harnessing this invention straight to your wallet might be the best decision for you. If you only have a few devices to power at one time, then you may only need one set of batteries for years. Everytime your battery is drained of energy, a brand new charge will be waiting for you a few hours later. This method is not only better for conserving resources, but your bottom-dollar sees a boost too. 
  • Safest: Security can be a must for some consumers. Trusting that the safest product is in their hands may be top priority. Sometimes, trust that most batteries are generally safe is the way to go. Keeping your eyes on the reputation of a company’s products will help you better know the odds of not getting a safe battery. Keeping chances of mishaps at bay is key for some consumers, while less important for others. 
  • Longest Lasting: For many people, batteries are the last thing we need to worry about. They might have fancy commercials and funny advertisements, but batteries aren’t active in our minds. “Put the battery in the device and go,” the first thing many people think of when they hear “battery.” For these consumers, having a battery that you can forget for as long as possible is important. Eliminating this small stress can add over time, and we can feel better just by purchasing the right battery. Putting time into these little details can really save a lot of hassle. Maybe it’d be nice for you to just put the battery in the device and go. 


Choosing the battery set that fits your needs is key to feeding your devices. Those devices will need food from somewhere, what will you give them? 

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