The Best Air Mattress Pumps

By Sheryl Grassie

Feb 17th, 2022

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Air mattress pumps, not to be confused with air compressors that you would use to fill a tire, are small, inexpensive, portable devices used for inflating air beds, air mattresses, backyard pools, recreational swim rings, yoga balls, pool floats, and more. They are not intended for high-pressure items like tires, basketballs, or balloons.

They can be used inside or outside, are great for camping, hiking, and other recreational needs. Some models can be operated as a deflator with vacuum bags or to reduce the size of inflatable items for storage.

The Best Air Mattress Pumps

By clicking on the products below, we may receive a commission at no cost to you, the reader. It’s how we fund our Mattress Lab and bring you better mattress reviews and comparisons.


Best Multi-Use

AGPTEK Electric Air Pump

This portable quick-fill air pump comes with 3 nozzles and both 110V AC and 12V DC plugins so it can be used in multiple locations. The AGPTEK is simple to operate, small, and lightweight.

It is both an inflator and deflator and good for indoor or outdoor use. Take it camping, inflate your airbed, use it at the pool; this powerful multi-use air mattress pump will not disappoint.


Best Design

OlarHike Portable Air Mattress Pump

The OlarHike is a quick-fill hand pump for household inflatables that is easy to carry and operate. It can be used cordless and has rechargeable batteries, or it can be plugged in with either the 110V AC & 12V DC adapter.

It comes with 3 nozzles, is easy to operate and quiet. 100% customer satisfaction with a lifetime warranty for return or exchange.


Best Budget

Etekcity Electric Portable Air Pump

If you just need a pump for around the house, the Etekcity is a great choice. It is small, portable, lightweight, and inexpensive, it gets the job done.

It plugs into 110-120 volt outlets.  Easy to use with 3 nozzle choices, effortlessly fill your queen or king air mattress.  1-year buyer’s assurance and lifetime customer support.

coleman pump

Best for Camping

Coleman 4D Battery Quick Pump

This heavy-duty cordless version takes 4 batteries, which are sold separately. It both inflates and deflates, is lightweight and fast.

Take it anywhere to inflate single high airbeds, camping gear, pool toys. Colman backs this product with a one-year limited warranty.

How Do I Choose the Best Air Mattress Pump? 

An air mattress pump is a great tool to have in your home improvement arsenal. If you have an air mattress it is a must, but even if you don’t it can inflate things like a yoga ball or pool toys and deflate storage bags and inflatables for storage.

Inexpensive and handy for small blower jobs like removing sawdust or stoking an outdoor fire, they take up very little space and are quite portable. Take one camping or to the cabin, on hunting or fishing trips, blow up air mattress in a tent, inflate the guest air mattress at home — air pumps have a multitude of uses.

So, how do you decide on which one to buy? It really comes down to how you think you will use the pump.

If you envision only using it to inflate your air mattress, then a basic one that plugs into the wall will likely suffice. If you want one for camping and travel in your motorhome, then maybe go for a model that has a car adapter with a battery backup. Do you store off-season linens in vacuum sealed bags and need a deflator? Then find a pump with that feature. The perfect fit is one that meets your needs.

Further, it always pays to check the terms of the products’ warranty, just in case. Can you easily return it? It’s important to find out the scope of what is involved if you have any issues and if the manufacturer covers malfunctions.

Lastly, read customer reviews of the product. It is always illuminating to hear what does and doesn’t work for others. You may think a product is the perfect choice and then find in the reviews that it is heavy to carry when you want something lightweight, or it doesn’t work well when deflating. We live in a “caveat emptor” society, meaning, that it is up to the buyer to check the quality of a product before a purchase. It pays to do your due diligence and end up with a product you like.


Electric or battery-operated air mattress pumps can make life a whole lot easier when it comes to household inflatables. These powerful little pumps are small, lightweight, very portable, and inexpensive.

In addition to your air mattress, they can inflate beach toys, yoga balls, blow-up swimming pools, air mattresses, and any low-pressure inflatables. Determine your needs, read a few reviews and check out our tops pick for best portable air mattress pumps.