The Best Ambiance Lights

By Amanda Lasater

Ambient lighting can achieve a variety of powerful effects in a room, based on your overall lighting strategy and the other types of lighting you choose. When executed properly, ambient lighting will improve the sense of warmth and help to provide some depth to your room

With the variety of options available for ambient light today, have some fun and shop around to explore what ambient lighting has to offer. Create high quality lighting systems in your house that achieve the look of natural light and soften your mood. Design your lighting strategy for each room, taking into account function and desired aesthetic of the space. Here are our top choices for ambient lighting:

Our Picks for the Best Ambiance Lighting

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Best Luxury Lighting: TaoTronics tt-SL038 66FT. 200 LED STRING LIGHTS

These lights are available for both indoor and outdoor use, and are helpful when intending to create a warm, joyful environment for meaningful holidays and lifetime events.

 Use warm white light to soften moods and bring life to any special moment. This product comes with its own smart remote where you can easily tailor light output with ten brightness levels and settings allowing for flash, smooth, and strobe lighting. This luxury, easy to use product is both waterproof and safe from overheating, even after several hours of usage. This product also has a high safety power adaptor and the controller is protected from short circuiting.

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If you are looking for a fairy light effect to make any room feel like a starry night sky, this may be your string of lights!

Pet safe and safe for children over the age of three, these lights are not hot to the touch even after hours of use. These lights by Minetom have 360 degree luminosity, which is perfect for establishing a relaxing mood with a statement. Or, you can use these lights outdoors as they are waterproof, so you won’t even have to bring them inside when it is raining. You can leave these lights turned on for days with low energy consumption.

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You can shape these lights made with copper wire into symbols, shapes, or letters, or just hang the string lights along the wall to make the perfect photo collection! 

They are great for making the most out of creativity and are fun to hang, making them perfect for kids. At 66 feet long, these lights provide great coverage and are safe for kids as they do not overheat, and provide a fairy light effect all night long. Lights can be applied with a USB adapter or any power source with a USB outlet. This product has a three year quality warranty.

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Best Technology: AUKEY TABLE LAMP

This lamp is touch activated, making it great for cozy reading and providing a relaxing background illumination.

This light by AUKEY is perfect for functioning as a bedroom night light, ambiance lighting in the living room and lighting up hallways in the dark. The light will make you want to curl up and choose some rest and relaxation, with its three different brightness settings. It’s easy to turn this lamp on and off, change color settings, light modes, and brightness with the touch control base.

How to Choose the Right Ambiance Lighting for You

Chandeliers and ceiling lights are of the most common types of ambiance lighting, along with pendants, track lighting, and recessed lighting. 

Good lighting shouldn’t be taken for granted. Time, care, and decision-making go into a sound lighting strategy. Functional, aesthetic, and mood evoking, lighting can bear impact on the quality experience of each room in your house. So how do you choose the correct ambient light? What should you look for? 

Have a Plan

You should have an idea of what you want your ambiance lighting to achieve for each room. Whether it be a relaxing, sleep atmosphere or a bright environment to mimic the morning sun, ensure that you take advantage of natural light first as a passive light source for a room. If you don’t have enough natural light, consider recessed lighting, where you use LEDs for a clean, white lighting option that is long lasting.

Know Your Lighting Preferences

You also want to consider how sensitive you are to light based on age or other health factors like migraines. If you are more susceptible to headaches, migraines, or any other pains due to lighting, consider installing dimmers for all your lighting.

For boosting energy in high activity areas of your home like the kitchen or family room, consider ambient light, erring for more wattage rather than less. Fluorescent lighting is always an affordable option that has improved with sustainability and quality over time. Explore different colors, finishes, and placement with lighting to see what types best fit your personality, needs, and lifestyle.

Can Ambiance Lighting Help You Get Some Sleep? 

Lighting impacts your mind, eyes, and mood in a way that can significantly affect your quality of sleep. Using fairy lights in a bedroom can add some personality and style to a bedroom, and can more importantly eliminate the need for harsh, overhead lights that are oftentimes too bright and high in temperature.

You want ambient light that can establish the tone of your bedroom, helping you create a nighttime routine that transforms your room into a sleep haven. When you walk into your room filled with dimly lit, relaxing lights, your body will understand that it is time to relax and unwind as you lay your head on your pillow.


Choosing a lighting system is just as important as it is fun to express individuality. Carefully evaluate your needs and use this guide to best select ambient lighting that is right for the occasion or room.

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