Best ASMR YouTube Channels

By Loren Bullock

May 14th, 2021

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If you have trouble sleeping, you may think you’ve tried everything. Surprisingly, thousands of people report that watching ASMR videos help them fall asleep easier.

You may have heard of ASMR, or at least seen it around social media. It is a viral YouTube trend where people create relaxing sounds either by speaking quietly or making repetitive noises—some people even enjoy eating sounds.

Here, we will break down exactly what ASMR is and tell you about our top choices for the best ASMR YouTube channels.

Our Top Picks for the Best ASMR YouTube Channels

gibi asmr

Best Roleplay ASMR: Gibi ASMR

If you like a story behind your ASMR, Gibi is your girl. Pronounced “Jibby,” Gibi started her channel in 2016 after watching ASMR videos and getting tingles. She has since garnered 2,131,431 subscribers from her relaxing and humorous content.

She focuses on roleplay and cosplay, often acting out scenarios such as Sassy and French Hollywood Makeup Artists, Pet Store Checkout, and International Flight Attendant. She uploads about three videos per week, so you’ll always have new content.

sas asmr


If food is one of your ASMR triggers, SAS-ASMR has hundreds of videos worth of content. She also started her channel in 2016, and now uploads almost everyday. She specializes in eating videos where she whispers and often has mukbangs where she eats things like raw honeycomb, a seafood boil, and edible chalk candy. This content has awarded her 7,317,197, making hers one of the most successful ASMR YouTube channels.

gentle whispering asmr

Most Peaceful ASMR: Gentle Whispering ASMR

What most people want out of an ASMR video is peace, and Gentle Whispering ASMR delivers. Maria Viktorovna runs this account and is credited as being one of the first ASMR YouTube channels ever, starting in 2011.

She specializes in sound therapy, aiming to give listeners a tingling sensation and sense of peace. She whispers, offers meditation, and offers sleep aids through content such as Relaxing Towel Folding Tutorial, Deep Ear Relaxation, and Whispering Q & A.

She has 1,727,839 subscribers who come back for her peaceful content, and she uploads about 2 videos per month.

What is ASMR?

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. This occurs when you hears sounds that trigger a tingling sensation that starts in your scalp and moves down your body, particularly your spine, sort of like a head massage. These are called ASMR tingles.

ASMR is meant to be heard while using headphones, so you can get as much of the sound as possible.

How ASMR Helps You Sleep

Everyone experiences ASMR differently, making it hard to pinpoint exactly what it is. Most of the reports of it helping people sleep is anecdotal—it won’t work for everyone. But for the people it does work for, it may have to do with the release of endorphins as you hear these sounds. To find out more about the science of ASMR, check out our article on it here.

Types of ASMR Sounds

As you may have gathered from our list, there are a multitude of ASMR sounds that ASMR artists will use to help you relax and sleep:

  • Soft-spoken, Whisper Sounds: These can include roleplay videos, tutorials, and Q&As.
  • Repetitive Noises: These are typically light sounds like fingernails tapping on a desk or paper crinkling.
  • Eating Sounds: There are various eating noises such as sticky sounds, crunchy sounds, and slurping sounds.
  • Visual: Some people experience similar effects from visual ASMR such as watching massages or methodical tasks like folding clothes.


Though it isn’t officially known how ASMR helps people relax and rest, millions of listeners turn to YouTube as a natural remedy for sleep. Go listen to these channels for yourself and find out which type of ASMR sound is for you.