The Best Baby Blankets

By Katie Dyal

For babies and young children, blankets serve a much greater purpose than just keeping warm. A blanket is one of the first things that infants adopt as comfort and security when separated from their parents. When infants are separated from their mother or father, they will inevitably feel anxious and scared of being “alone.”

The blanket or concept of swaddling is what calms the infant and makes them feel comforted, even though they are away from mom or dad. This plays out for the majority of a young child’s life.

Knowing the impact that a baby blanket has on your child’s sense of security means that they deserve the very best one! Discover our top picks for best baby blankets so you can know that your child is comfortable and relaxed each time you tuck them in for a nap or a car ride. 

Our Picks for the Best Baby Blankets

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baby gray blanket

Best for Swaddling: 


The Love To Dream Swaddle UP blanket allows your baby to experience the comfort of swaddling without being completely restricted. 

This blanket is designed as a snug-fit around the arms and torso. However, your baby will still have the ability to move their arms freely in their natural, preferred sleeping position. In the womb, babies tend to sleep with their arms up, hence why this product is named the Swaddle UP blanket.

This unique swaddle blanket is designed with a four-way stretch fabric made up of cotton and elastane, all while avoiding flame retardants and other harmful chemicals. You can ensure that your baby stays swaddled all night long with the dual-zipper design. This zipper makes diaper changing easy! It allows parents to unzip and expose only the lower region, so your baby will stay calm and cozy through late-night changes. It’s made for babies weighing at seven to 13 lbs (one-three months old). 

child wearable blanket

Best Wearable:


As your baby begins to transition from swaddling, the Nested Bean Zen Sack Classic will give them the same comfort and freedom throughout their entire day. 

With a two-way zipper system and adjustable shoulder snaps, this wearable blanket is easy to remove for diaper changes, as well as adjust with your child as they grow.

Designed with 100-percent cotton, this blanket is extremely soft, breathable, and BPA, toxin, and phthalate-free. Sizes are offered from 0-6 months, 6-15 months, and 15-24 months. The sizes are based on weight distribution so you can ensure you get the right fit for your little one. 

pink blanket

Best for Traveling: 


Ranging in over 20 color options and four sizes, this microfleece blanket would be an excellent choice to cuddle up with during a long road trip or a stay away from home. 

Containing zero substances, phthalates, or other harmful chemicals, this synthetic microfiber blanket is safe, soft, and thermal. It’s lightweight and easy to fold up when packing. It can serve as a naptime blanket, nursing/stroller covering, and must-have for all your on-the-go adventures. Your little one will naturally gravitate towards the plush, fuzzy fleece.  

gray blanket

Best Multi-Purpose:


With adorable designs and high-quality fabric, this blanket is perfect for anyone! It’s a 30-by-40-inch blanket made of 100-percent polyester, providing comfort for infants, adults, and even pets! 

BORITAR prides itself on their premium stitch process. Each stitching is neat, strong, and seamless. Every blanket is made up of a doubled-sided design; one side being smooth and the other being dotted plush. It can serve as a naptime blanket, stroller cover, nursing cover, burp cloth, or whatever else you can think of! After all, it’s called multi-purpose for a reason!

How to Choose the Best Baby Blanket for Your Baby

Your baby will spend an abundance of time wrapped up in their “blankie.” There are a few different things to consider before purchasing the ideal baby blanket for your child. 


You must consider the materials that make up your baby’s blanket. Familiarize yourself with the materials that are known to be gentle on sensitive skin, all while remaining breathable. If the blanket is lightweight or you can hold up the blanket and feel a breeze through it, that’s a good confirmation that it’s breathable. Cotton is always a safe bet.


Obviously, all parents want to introduce safe products to their children. Be mindful of blankets with any sort of tassel, fringe or ribbon. It’s best to prevent these types of blankets from babies. Pay attention to the certifications and labeling on a blanket’s packaging. If the product is BPA-safe, you can be assured it’s a safe product. 


Lastly, the size of your baby’s blanket is important. You don’t want them to have a blanket that is too big and overwhelms them. This can lead to full covering over the face which is never a good thing. The average baby blanket size is 34 by 46 inches. 

Can the Right Baby Blanket Help Your Baby (and You!) Get Better Sleep? 

Are we sure it’s called baby blanket rather than security blanket? As we mentioned above, when your baby is comforted by their blanket, they will feel more secure when they are alone. This leads to a better night’s sleep for everyone because your child will sleep soundly with the comfort of their favorite blanket, rather than the comfort of you!

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Being systematic in which blanket you choose to get for your child will also give you peace of mind. Especially as a new mother or father, it’s sometimes hard not to fret over the idea of your child being alone and quiet for a number of hours. It may cause you to panic and think the worst, but when you’ve been methodical in the blanket you’ve chosen and you know that they’re safe from harming themselves, you can sleep just as soundly as them. 


Baby blankets mean more to your child than just a means of warmth. They provide security, help with emotional needs, and contribute to a proper night’s sleep for you and your baby. Be sure to choose an age-appropriate size to ensure safety. Always consider the materials that are making up your child’s products, regardless of what the product is. Use your motherly and fatherly instincts and what you know about your child’s sleeping habits to make the best choice. 

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