Best Baby Cribs

By Amanda Lasater

Feb 21st, 2022

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Cribs are one of the most important accessories for your baby because, in addition to a bassinet, cribs are the safest place for your child to sleep. We know that cribs can be a little pricey, but any other sleep environment comes along with risks that put your baby’s safety on the line – and that will never be worth saving money. Thankfully, there are numerous cribs out there that are both affordable and high quality. To help you find the perfect crib for your baby, we’ve compiled our picks for the best baby cribs you can buy.

The Best Baby Cribs

mika mickey crib

Best Bedside Sleeper

Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper Easy Folding Portable Crib

The Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper Crib was designed to provide both you and your little one with a peaceful night’s sleep. Thanks to the bedside design, your baby will feel more comfortable sleeping close to you and you will be able to sleep soundly knowing that your child is safe.

The two-side mesh walls make this crib much more breathable and cozy for your baby with a healthy amount of air circulation. The adjustable legs have 7 height positions to suit the parents bed for easy access and closeness to their baby and the bedside crib easily attaches to the bed using the two fastening straps included with the sleeper. Overall, this crib removes the risk of having an accident while co-sleeping but still gives parents the ability to sleep close to their little one and nurse, comfort, and check on them throughout the night. The recommended age cut off for your little one in this bedside sleeper crib is 5 months or 33 pounds.

miclassic crib

Best Design

MiClassic All mesh 2-in-1 Stationary & Rock Bassinet One-Second Fold Travel Crib Portable Newborn Baby

This elegant looking crib by MiClassic offers two modes that your baby will love – rocking mode and stationary mode. The rocking mode is used to entertain your baby and keep them calm by smoothly rocking them back and forth, while the stationary mode is used to keep the crib calm so that your little one can drift off to sleep.

The bassinet is surrounded by a high-quality, breathable mesh that allows you to always keep an eye out for them and makes the sleep space much more comfortable for the baby. This crib was also designed with portability in mind. In just a few seconds, this entire crib can be folded up and loaded into the small carrying bag. And, it only weighs about 15 pounds – so when it comes to mobilization, this crib is king!

union crib

Best 3-in-1

Union 3-in-1 Convertible Crib

We all know how much we spend on accessories, clothes, etc. for our kids, just to see them grow out of them before they even had time to truly use them. Well, this Union 3-in-1 Convertible Crib tries to help take some of that stress off parents by offering a crib that grows with your child.

This convenient crib can be converted from a crib to a toddle bed to a day bed all as your little one grow. Conversion to the next level is super simple and doesn’t require any expertise but it does require a conversion kit. The Union crib features fixed side rails and non-toxic finishes and it is made from sturdy and sustainable New Zealand pine. In addition, the sleek and elegant design is a gorgeous addition to any nursery décor. Its clean and smooth lines and minimalistic style will bring a sprinkle of sophistication no matter how your nursery is decorated. 

delta children crib

Best Portability

Delta Children Folding Portable Mini Baby Crib with Mattress

Delta Children has been designing quality cribs and other childhood accessories for over 50 years, so it is no surprise that everyone loves this crib. Delta’s Folding Portable Crib blends functionality with sophistication to offer us an incredibly convenient and good looking portable crib.

The innovative crib uses a compact folding system that allows for very easy travel and storage and its four wheels enable you to easily move it from room to room. This crib was also designed with a growing child in mind – it features a 2-position mattress support that can accommodate your child’s growth when lowered. Start at the highest position, then, once your baby begins to sit or stand, you can start lowering the mattress. The minimalistic but classic design also comes in Bianca White, Dark Cherry., Dark Chocolate, Dark Espresso, Grey, Light Grey, Natural or White, so you will be able to add it into any nursery.

What to look for in a baby crib

There are a few things you want to assess or look for when shopping for a crib:

  • Crib slats or bars should be no wider than 2 3/8 inches apart
  • Adjustable mattress settings should allow you to lower and raise the mattress as your baby grows
  • Crib mattress is dense and reaches every corner of the crib – there should be no spaces around the sides
  • Look to see if any paint is chipping or peeling, or there are any screws, nails, etc. that are sticking out of the crib
  • If the crib has wheels, they must lock
  • Headboards should not have any cutouts and the corners don’t have any sharp edges


Q: What is a convertible crib?

A: Convertible cribs are cribs purchased for an infant that can be converted into either a toddler bed or even a twin-size bed as your baby grows. 

Q: What is a travel crib?

A: Travel cribs are lightweight, portable cribs that typically can be folded up and stored in very small spaces. 

Q: What’s better to travel with – a crib or a pack ‘n play?

A: This depends on the specific situation. If you are planning a long trip, go with the pack ‘n play so your baby will have a play area. If your trip is short, a super portable crib will probably be the best bet and the easiest to travel with.


Your baby’s safety is paramount – which is why picking a quality crib is so vital. Cribs protect your newborn from the dangers of other sleeping arrangements, such as co-sleeping. Make sure you use our tips for shopping for a crib to pick out the best crib for your baby. And, remember, the crib that helps your baby sleep well, will also help you sleep well.