The Best Baby Swaddles

By Katie Dyal


The comfort and security that comes from a baby swaddle is something every infant should experience. Your child will experience moro reflex, (also known as the startle reflex) in their first few months of life. The startle reflex is a part of adapting to the world outside of the womb. Babies can become easily startled for no specific reason other than they’re uncomfortable with their “perceived freedom.” They begin to panic when they don’t feel secure in their surroundings. Swaddling is a universal solution that’s proven to comfort a newborn the minute after delivery and will continue to comfort them for their first couple months of life.

Here are some considerations when choosing a baby swaddle and our top picks for the best baby swaddles for your child to snuggle up in.

Our Picks for the Best Baby Swaddles

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swaddle up

Best Overall


The Love To Dream Swaddle UP is an award-winning baby swaddle that offers an innovative design like no other on the market. This swaddle allows your baby to sleep in their natural position which is typically arms UP!

It’s fabricated with 93-percent cotton and seven-percent elastane, resulting in a soft, yet stretchy material that keeps your baby comfortable and adjustable. A dual zipper allows you to change your baby’s diaper without having to completely un-swaddle them.


Best for New Parents


New parents have enough to stress about and prepare for; why not make their lives easier with the SwaddleMe? This is more like a swaddle wrap than it is a blanket.

Designed with hook and loop attachments, you don’t have to worry about the technique of swaddling- the wrap does it for you! There is a built-in pocket for the legs and two wing attachments that cross over the baby to ensure a cozy, womb-like feeling. It saves parents time and takes the stress off learning how to swaddle as they take on parenthood for the first time.

swaddle and headband

Best for Photoshoots


With one of these adorable receiving blankets, your little baby can look stylish the minute he or she leaves the hospital room. There are several floral-designed patterns to choose from and each order comes with a matching headband.

Designed with five-percent spandex, the material is soft, lightweight, and stretchy. It’s an excellent choice for families that live in warmer climates due to the breathable fabric. The swaddle blanket comes with no zippers, velcro, or snaps. It is also a great choice if you want your baby looking stylish for and adorable for a newborn photoshoot!

swaddle blanket

Best Multi-Purpose


If you’re looking for practicality, look no further. This line of swaddling blankets can be used in several instances. It’s ideal for swaddling and sleeping but it also serves as a covering for nursing mothers and a sun-shield for the stroller.

It’s large enough to layout and work as a safe crawling area for baby, and it could easily be used as a burp cloth. It’s offered in four unisex patterns and it’s machine-washable. It’s safe for babies with sensitive skin considering it’s made with 70-percent muslin bamboo and 30-percent cotton.

How the Right Swaddle Can Help Your Baby Sleep at Night

Sleep is an essential part of everyone’s health. It’s normal to experience restlessness when you’re a new parent but it’s so important that you and your baby find a way that results in better sleep. A baby swaddle can be your solution, but it’s important to know what to consider when purchasing a baby swaddle and guidelines for use. 


If you are swaddling your baby, you must place them on their backs while sleeping. There is a higher risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) when children are swaddled and placed on their stomachs. Be sure that there are no loose blankets around your baby when sleeping as well.


You must be confident in your technique of swaddling. Whether you purchase a swaddle blanket that wraps “for” you or you use the same blanket that was given to you by your nurse at the hospital, you need to be confident that your wrapping technique will not unfold or cover parts of your baby’s face at any time throughout their slumber.


Swaddling is meant for newborn babies because it resembles the feeling of being tightly snug in the womb. Once your baby starts to roll, you need to stop swaddling. This is typically around month two. 


Using swaddling as a technique in your baby’s first couple of months of life can make for a miracle blanket. The goal is to establish a healthy sleeping experience for your little one’s life. There are several baby swaddles to choose from; as long as you are confident in your technique, your baby will sleep more soundly in no time which will result in better sleep for you, too! 

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