Best Bamboo Comforters

By Laura Mohammad

Jun 15th, 2023

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If you’re a fan of keeping your bedroom and it’s decor eco-friendly, there are tons of products on the market these days that will fit your criteria. When you buy pillowcases, sheets, and other bedding made out of all-natural materials, you are not only helping the environment but your bed environment as well. Free of toxic chemicals and allergens, all-natural is the way to go. 

Bamboo has only recently been introduced to the bedding world; however, it makes for a wonderfully breathable and cozy textile. Cuddle up to a bamboo comforter, and you’ll see why it’s all the rage. Keep reading for our top picks for the best bamboo comforters.

Our Top Picks for the Best Bamboo Comforters


Best Budget

Zen Bamboo

By snuggling up with Zen Bamboo’s Luxury Goose Down Alternative Comforter, you’re guaranteed a glorious sleep every night. 

This option features a combination of brushed microfiber and bamboo rayon, both of which bring major benefits. This fabric is plush and velvety to the touch while still being surprisingly resilient. It valiantly stands up to fading, wrinkles, and stains with no problem. This blend is also hypoallergenic, meaning that your comforter will promote a fresh and clean sleep environment. This bamboo comforter set can even be machine-washed and dried, which affords you the option to skip a duvet cover. It comes in four colors, allowing you to choose what kind of look you’d like your bed to have. Choose wisely – chances are you’ll keep this comforter in your collection for years to come.


Best Luxury


Edilly’s Bamboo Down Alternative Comforter is an outstanding choice for someone who’s looking for the creme de la creme of comforters. 

This option combines a 100-percent microfiber filling and a brushed bamboo shell to bring you a product that is full of perks. This fabric is smooth to the touch but rugged enough to withstand plenty of wear and tear. Clean this comforter as many times as you’d like in the washer without worry – it will maintain it’s fluffy quality. It is incredibly lightweight; however, it still does an excellent job of keeping you cuddled and warm during colder nights. If you’re tackling hot weather, this comforter is breathable enough to regulate your body heat appropriately as well. Its superior ventilation will keep this product from trapping bad odors, thus maintaining its freshness.


Best Alternative 


The Cloud Comforter by Buffy is what dreams are made of. This blanket by Buffy lives up to its name and will have you feeling like you’re sleeping on a cloud in no time. 

This option is our alternative to the other bamboo comforters mentioned. It is outfitted in eucalyptus fabric, another all-natural fabric that goes through a similar process as bamboo. Eucalyptus fibers make for an extremely soft material that is hypoallergenic by nature. Buffy promises that it’s products are made out of 100-percent recycled fiber. They even use recycled plastic bottles in the making of their products. With that said, this option is one you’ll feel good about and good under. This comforter is pretty to keep clean, but if you want to play it safe, grab a duvet cover just in case. 


Also Great


The Bamboo Fiber Comforter by COHOME will provide you with a snuggly sleep environment you’ll love to come home to. 

It sports a 300 gsm weight, which is best suited for warmer climates or a cooler sleep. It’s minimal weight and fantastic breathability will provide enough warmth and comfort without the bulk. The construction of this high-quality comforter ensures that you’ll enjoy it for years to come. An expertly sewn box stitch covers the entirety of this blanket, making sure that filling stays exactly where it should. To keep up its fluff, hang it outside to dry every few washes. This choice comes in seven basic yet calming shades.

What to Look For in Your Next Bamboo Comforter

When shopping for a bamboo comforter, seeking comfort should be your first priority. With that said, comfort is not a one-size-fits-all concept. In order to find the set that’s right for you, consider factors of material, fill weight and maintenance first. 

Material: Yes, this factor sounds obvious, but hear us out. Many bamboo bedding products are actually blended with other materials. If 100-percent bamboo is important to you, be sure to read the label. 

Fill Weight: Pay attention to fill weight to understand what your comforter set will feel like. 300 gsm is on the lower, lighter end of the spectrum, while 700 gsm is the pinnacle of loftiness. 

Maintenance: Bamboo can take a little more time to care for than other materials commonly used in bedding. The extra effort is worth it – just make sure you know what you’re signing up for. 

How To Care For Your Bamboo Comforter

To start, the best way to care for your bamboo comforter is through preventative care. We recommend using an easy-to-clean cotton duvet cover along with your comforter. When caring for the comforter itself, you’ll need to maintain its freshness by allowing it to air out every three to five months. If it can be exposed to the sun in this process, even better. Sunlight will naturally rejuvenate this material. 

For stains, spills and other mishaps, a quick spot-clean should do the trick. When doing so, it’s important to avoid cleaning products with harsh chemicals. Simply dab a towel in soapy, hot water and scrub away. As for general care, your bamboo comforter should be able to travel through your washer and dryer just fine, as long as you keep them on gentle settings.


Now that you’re well-informed about bamboo’s benefits in fabric form, you know just how magical it can be in bedding. From breathability to durability and beyond, we’re willing to bet you’ll start seeing bamboo show up more and more. We hope that our favorite picks have led you to your new favorite bamboo comforter.