The Best Bamboo Sheets

Find the best bamboo sheets available online with this round up of our top picks.

By Laura Mohammad

Aug 25th, 2022

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Bamboo Sheets have gained recognition in the bedding market in the past few years with a reputation as the softest, most eco-friendly sheets available. Looking to impress your overnight guests, help a hot sleeper control their temperature overnight, or slumber in the utmost luxury? Organic, natural materials like bamboo are better for your health and the planet, they help control allergies, soothe sensitive skin, control your body temperature during REM, and improve the overall quality of your sleep.

By clicking on the product links in this article, Mattress Advisor may receive a commission fee at no cost to you, the reader. Read full disclosure statement.

What Are Bamboo Sheets?

Bamboo sheets are sheets made from bamboo fiber, widely considered one of the most durable materials for bedding. This is due to the length of the bamboo fiber, which retains strength when spun into yarn and woven into sheets. Egyptian cotton is often considered the gold standard of sheets, and this is due to the length of the Egyptian cotton fiber. Bamboo fiber is comparable in length, meaning the material is stronger and less prone to pilling than regular cotton, flannel, or linen.

Bamboo production creates less chemical waste and requires less water than cotton production, which is one of the biggest draws of bamboo sheets. Bamboo sheets are thus an eco-friendly product which reduces your carbon footprint, due to the sustainability of the materials, the durability of the sheets, and the minimal care that is required.

What Are The Benefits of Bamboo Sheets?


Bamboo is a chic, soft, and eco-friendly material for sheets. Bamboo sheets are far softer than cotton or linen.


Bamboo sheet sets are non-absorbent and moisture-wicking, meaning they resist sweat and oil from your skin. This deters dust mites and other bacterias that thrive in cotton sheets, helping to reduce allergy flare-ups. Another advantage of this is that bamboo sheets are less likely to turn yellow or grey over time, because they’re not susceptible to moisture.

Light, Airy, Breathable

Bamboo material is woven to be light and airy, and does not trap heat like other types of sheets. The breathability of bamboo keeps you cool while you’re sleeping, a major consideration as Summer approaches. Bamboo sheets also resist your skin’s oils, stopping pillow-case build up and even helping to reduce breakouts. If breathability is really important to you, also check out our best cooling mattress guide for beds that will help you stay cool at night.


Organic bamboo fabric is naturally hypoallergenic, as is repels moisture and promotes air circulation. The breathability of the weave discourages allergy-inducing dust mites and other bacteria from living in the fabric.


Though bamboo sheets are more expensive than cotton bedsheets, they’re also more durable, longer lasting, and ultimately end up being more bang for your buck. They are light and lightweight, taking up minimal space when you store them away or throw them in the washer.

What Should I Look For When Choosing Bamboo Sheets?

When choosing a set of bamboo sheets, pay attention to the materials and weave.


You have the option of 100% Bamboo Rayon (Viscose), 100% Bamboo Lyocell, Bamboo Blend with Cotton, or Bamboo Linen Fiber.

The vast majority of bamboo sheets available today are Bamboo Rayon, otherwise known as Bamboo Viscose. If selecting Bamboo Rayon sheets, you will want to check the tag to ensure your sheets don’t include bleach or zinc. While your sheets won’t be sprayed with these chemicals, they do create a difficult-to-dispose of waste product, essentially negating the environmental benefits of buying bamboo sheets. Bamboo Linen and Bamboo Lyocell are the most eco-friendly choices for bamboo sheets.


When it comes to weave, you have the choice between Bamboo Sateen or Bamboo Twill. Bamboo Sateen is the softest choice, similar in look and texture to silk (but vegan!) and without the slipperiness of silk and satin sheets.

Bamboo Twill is not as silky-soft, but it is sturdier and less prone to pilling than sateen. However, Bamboo Twill is stiffer and easier to wrinkle and may require ironing after washing. It may take longer to break in, but with time will be soft and long-lasting. Due to the loose weave of twill from bamboo, these sheets sometimes shrink after washing, so if you choose Bamboo Twill to ensure it is pre-shrunk.

What’s The Difference Between Bamboo Sheets and Linen Sheets?

Bamboo sheets are often compared with linen sheets due to the similarity in luxury, durability, and price. Linen is derived from flax, while bamboo is derived from – you guessed it – bamboo. While both of these fabrics offer more breathability than cotton sheets, bamboo repels moisture better and will feel cleaner with less washings. Linen is breathable but thick and heavy and absorbs moisture if you sweat. And while linen sheets take a while to break in and soften up, bamboo sheets should be soft, almost cashmere-like in texture, from the day you put them on your bed.

Our Top Picks for the Best Bamboo Sheets Available Online

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Best Value Option

LuxClub 4 PC Microfiber Bamboo Sheet Set – $23.00

Why We Love It: LuxClub offers an affordable Bamboo Rayon sheet set in tons of colors to match your decor. This Bamboo Rayon sheet set features 14-inch deep pockets and will fit on thick mattresses. A blend of bamboo and microfiber, which is essentially a very fine polyester, this blend is extremely durable, moisture-wicking and will keep those prone to night-sweats cool and comfortable. However, microfiber can retain odor and may negate the anti-odor properties of bamboo. Not only are they affordable, LuxClub offers a 365-day trial period. They’ll offer you a refund or a replacement if you’re not satisfied within a year of sleeping their sheet set.

Best Luxury Option

Ettitude organic bamboo lyocell sheet set feather white 1
Ettitude Bamboo Lyocell Sheet Set – $138

Why We Love It: Ettitude touts themselves as being the “original” providers of organic bamboo sheets. They’re committed to creating CO2 neutral products and 100% biodegradable fabrics. This set is 100% Bamboo Lyocell, which is made only from bamboo without any other materials or plant fibers blended in. It’s 300 thread count, which is equal to 1000 thread count cotton. It’s silky smooth like sateen and incredibly soft, temperature-regulating, staying cool when you’re hot and warm when you’re cold, and resistant to the smell, even from sweaty sleepers. They come packed in a reusable drawstring bag which you can reuse to store your sheets, or repurpose for your own use! Ettitude offers a 30-day trial.

Bamboo sheets target

Best Moisture-Wicking

The Bamboo Rayon Collection From Target – $75

Why We Love It: A great Bamboo Rayon option from Target which is silky-smooth and machine washable (just make sure to use low heat to wash and dry) and approved by hot-sleepers for staying cool and breathable. They dry crisp, but the pillowcases may show wrinkles after use.


Best For Summer

Cariloha Classic Bamboo Sheets – $199

Why We Love It: Cariloha really cares about temperature regulation and offers bamboo sheets which they’re tested at an average of 3 degrees cooler than cotton sheets. They’re a twill weave, which is moisture-wicking and breathable, repelling odors and allergens. They’re not chemically treated, providing a respite for those with sensitive skin. Cariloha offers a 100% quality lifetime guarantee on their products. Available in Twin, Queen, or King size.

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Best Hypo-Allergenic

Pure Bamboo Sheets 4 Piece Sheet Set – $99.99

Why We Love It: A relatively affordable option, this Bamboo Viscose sheet set in sateen weave by Pure Bamboo Sheets is 100% bamboo, not blended with any other fabrics or fibers that could potentially irritate allergies or trap bacteria. They let moisture and body vapor escape, allowing them to stay fresh and do not encourage retention of dust mites, which thrive in moisture.

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Best Mattress Protector

Red Nomad Bamboo Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector – $40

If you’re worried about allergies, and to complete the look, we recommend placing a hypo-allergenic mattress topper under your fitted sheet, as dust mites may grow in your mattress. We like this 100% bamboo option by Red Nomad, available on Amazon.

How Do I Care For Bamboo Sheets?

Most bamboo sheets are machine washable. Never wash bamboo sheets in hot water. Always wash them in cold water and tumble dry on low to preserve your sheets and give them the longest life possible. To prevent wrinkles, ensure to dry these sheets thoroughly and put them on your bed as soon as they are dry – don’t leave them sitting in the dryer! As bamboo sheets repel moisture and odor, they will not need to be washed as often as linen or cotton sheets, but throw them in the washing machine every month or so to keep them beautiful. Never wash bamboo sheets with fabric softener or bleach. As bamboo is moisture-wicking, the sheets can become discolored if not washed regularly.