The Best Bath Bombs

By Amanda Lasater

So – it’s the end of the day and you need to unwind and turn off for the night. A good soak in the tub is a great way to make some time for your own self-care and can help you get a better night’s sleep. Want to add a quick therapeutic addition to your tub time? Try out bath bombs to drop in the water.

Round and made of primarily baking soda, citric acid, sea or epsom salt, and oil, these little wonders when dropped into bath water fizz and dissolve in your bathwater, imparting appealing colors and essential oils to your bath time experience. As a trending product, there are many bath bomb products out there, but we have narrowed down the selection to four of the best products that we recommend before bedtime.

Our Picks for the Best Bath Bombs to Use Before Bed

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life around2angels

Best for Gifting

LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set 12

Each of these 12 bath bombs is handcrafted in a mix of colorful combinations. They function well and are designed to help you relax.

Made in California with quality natural ingredients, the colors will not stain your tub. Both therapeutic and moisturizing, they are formulated for normal to dry skin. These products are created in-house by a passionate bath bomb company, making these bath bombs an excellent gift for a birthday, Mother’s Day or even Father’s Day. They can also be a romantic gift for Valentine’s Day.

24organic and natural

Best Scented

24 Organic & Natural Bath Bombs by Inteye

Enhance your bath time experience with these luxurious scents. These bath bombs contain organic and natural ingredients including grape seed oil, shea & cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, and more.

Gentle and safe from causing skin injury, use these bath bombs to nourish normal to dry skin and simply relax. Using this product helps your skin texture and smoothness. This larger set of bath bombs contain four small boxes, where each box has bath bombs in six different colors and scents. Each box has cute packaging and can be the perfect gifts for family and friends.

kid pokemon


Kids Bath Bombs with Toys Inside by Mineral Me

Kids will be willing to take more baths when you add Pokemon bath bombs into the mix. They even have surprise toys inside that add to the fun! 

Pokemon toys are great for any kid, and we all know that children will love the surprise that comes within each of these bath bombs! These organic, all-natural and handmade bath bombs do not cause allergic reactions, making them perfectly safe for your child’s health.

bath bombs 10


Bath Bombs 10 Wholesale Bath Bombs Similar To Lush by Amor Bath Bombs

Go big or go home! Not only does this company have the largest selection of bath bombs – they also have the largest sized bath bombs as well. 

While sometimes, you can order bath bombs that end up being the size of golf balls, these bath bombs are the size of tennis balls! Created and conducted by a family-owned business, these bath bombs are made with love and attention to detail, where the focus is on quality. The multi-color patterns make for a colorful surprise in the water as well, without staining the tub. These quality bath bombs are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Choosing Your Next Bath Bomb

There are a variety of factors to think about when choosing the right bath bomb product for you.

Your Skin

You must consider your skin’s health and whether you are allergic to certain ingredients that may be included in common bath bombs. Bath bombs are designed for a variety of skin types, like oily, normal, dry, and combination skin. Using the wrong bath bomb for your skin type could leaving your skin flaky and dry or too oily. 

The Ingredients Used

You also have to look out for the ingredients used. There are bath bombs that use chemicals that can be damaging to the skin, especially if the bath bomb has been sitting awhile before use. Organic, all natural bath bombs made from plants are recommended to use instead of chemical versions that may use toxic substances. 

These chemical bath bombs also have the potential to stain your bath tub if there are too many artificial dyes included. If you have a white tub and don’t want it to look like a rainbow on the inside after using a bath bomb, it’s important to understand the chemicals or dyes that are involved with each product.

The Fragrance

Make sure you like the smell of the bath bomb because you’ll be sitting in the tub with this scent and will walk away from your bath with these same fragrances. It’s important to ensure that whichever bath bomb and scent you use is not overpowering for you, according to the sensitivity of your sense of smell. You need to also be mindful that glitter from bath bombs can get all over you and be careful if you have a sensitivity to any dyes or fragrances. 

The Price

Lastly, you get what you pay for with bath bombs. Compare prices with the value of the ingredients. If you are looking for organic and all natural bath bombs that contain quality essential oils, expect to pay more than for the bath bombs made out of chemicals.

Benefits of Using Bath Bombs Before Bed

There are many benefits when it comes to using bath bombs. First and foremost, they are great for your skin. They add emollients and softeners to the water that benefit the moisture in your skin, leaving it soft and silky. Bath bombs are vegan friendly and environmentally friendly. Fragrances not only smell good – a scent like lavender can put you in a calm, relaxing mood during an evening bath. The sensations of color and scent can also energize the mind and help you be in the present.


Part of the benefit of using bath bombs is purely the decision to treat yourself in a way that promotes self-care. Besides soothing the senses in a way that is relaxing at the end of the day, having a little fun and watching bath bombs dissolve into a mixture of colors and releasing fragrances is something you do can do purely for yourself, your enjoyment, and your peace of mind. If you shower at night and rarely use the bathtub, try a soak instead using bath bombs to mix things up!

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