The Best Bath Rugs

Nobody likes stepping out of the shower on a cold bathroom floor. Discover the best bath rugs for your bathroom below.

By Katie Dyal

A bath rug isn’t just for decorating. Your bath mat actually serves more purpose than you think. A bath rug is practical, stylish, and comforting. 

Some may suggest that a bath rug is only for decoration but the purpose of a bath rug was intended for safety and comfort. When you step out of the shower, having something soft and absorbent underneath your feet will prevent accidents from happening and keep you warm as you dry off.

It’s hard enough getting out of bed in the morning, but walking on the tile floor can be a rude wake-up call. With a plush, cozy, bath rug, you’ll get the slow, cozy feel that you desire as you start your day.

Read along to see our top picks for the best bath rugs and things to consider when picking out your very own.

Our Picks for the Best Bath Rugs

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genteele bath mat

Best Overall

Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat

The Genteele Bath Mat has all the features necessary to give your guests the ultimate bathroom experience. With a non-slip technology, you never have to worry about your mat missing your grip.

This mat is made up of polyurethane memory foam which gives it a plush, cloud-like feel. The outer material is a soft microfiber that comes in your chosen color and it’s machine-washable. This rug can serve as a shower mat, kitchen mat, or anywhere else that requires warmth and comfort throughout your home. 

gorilla grip mat

Best Variety

Gorilla Grip Original Luxury Chenille Bathroom Rug Mat

Whatever size and whatever color, Gorilla Grip is bound to have it! The bath mats designed by Gorilla Grip are durable and comfortable. Each bath mat is made with 100 percent chenille that is proven to keep your feet warm and comfortable each time you step foot on it.

The backing of the rug is made with a strong TPR material that holds up after multiple washes. Yes, this mat is machine-washable. Ranging in a variety of colors and sizes, there has to be one that fits your style. It’s essential that this mat is placed on a dry, clean floor. 

yimobra mat

Best Fluffy Rug

Yimobra Original Luxury Chenille Bath Mat

If you like a shaggy rug, then this is the bath mat for you! This mat comes in 13 different colors and is super absorbent. It’s a chenille plush mat designed with microfiber that gives it a shaggy, dense feel.

Your feet will contour to the rug the minute you step foot on it. It’s machine-washable and has an adhesive backing that prevents slips. It can be rolled up and stored away easily and is perfect for kids that like to splash around during bathtime. With ultra-absorbent capabilities, you don’t have to worry about a big mess or drenched rug after child’s play. 

luxurx mat

Best Two-Piece Set

LuxUrux Bathroom Rugs Luxury Chenille 2-Piece Bath Mat Set

This two-piece rug set is varetial, practical, and customizable. With several colors, different styles, and sizes available, LuxUrux gives you everything you need for your bathroom mats, while keeping your interior design in mind.

The first piece is designed to contour around the toilet while the other piece is rectangular for any chosen spot in your bathroom. These rugs have three layers that provide comfort, durability, and safety. The top layer is made of soft microfiber foam to help you stay warm. The middle layer is constructed to absorb water, so the top layer remains dry. Lastly, the bottom layer is anti-skid so there’s no chance for accidents. All mats are pet-friendly and machine-washable.

How to choose the best bath rugs for your bathroom

For safety purposes alone, it’s best to have a bath rug in each bathroom of your home. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for the right ones. 


Most bath mats come in a variety of sizes but it’s important to make sure the dimensions will fit within your bathroom. An oversized bath rug can be just as harmful as not having one at all. You need something that will lay flat across your floor to ensure stability at all times. 


Especially if you have little ones, making sure that your bath mats can absorb water will prevent accidents from happening and avoid big messes at the end of bath time activities. Most mats will require a dry, flat surface before using.


Lastly, consider the type of material you’d like to feel upon stepping onto the mat. Most bath mats are constructed of microfiber properties, but there are variations in the design of material. You can find mats that are soft and sleek, or dense and shaggy. It’s up to your preference on what feels best. 


It’s a smart and safe idea to have bath mats throughout each bathroom in your home. Bath mats absorb water, provide comfort, and serve as an additional decoration. When shopping for a bath rug, you should consider the size, absorbency, and materials that make up each before purchasing. This will ensure that you find the best bath mat for your home. 

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