Best bed frame with drawers

By Katie Dyal

One of the best ways to store bedroom clutter is with a smartly designed bed frame. Beds with drawers allow you to save space and conceal your storage.

Nothing beats a bedroom that is tidy and organized. Everyone will want to know your secret on keeping your bedroom organized and free of stuffed drawers. Keep reading to see our reviews for the best bed frames with drawers and what to look for when shopping for your own. 

The best bed frame with drawers

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Best faux leather option

Sophisticated and spacious

DHP’s platform bed frame has ample storage and is our favorite pick for fans of faux leather.

This sleek and sophisticated frame will add a modern feel to any bedroom. Constructed of metal side rails, metal legs, and a wooden slat system, you’ll feel safe sleeping on this frame night after night. All sides of the frame are outfitted in rich black faux leather that’s smooth to the touch and durable against wear and tear. This product contains four substantial built-in drawers that span the entire area of the bed. Conceal clothing, seasonal sheets, towels, and more in these tucked away storage spaces. This frame is topped off with a stunning tufted headboard. 

Why We Love It: 

  • Sophisticated look
  • Tufted Design
  • Spacious Drawers
  • Durable
  • Sturdy

Best tufted option

Elegant and sturdy

This DHP upholstered bed frame will give you sweet dreams while it stores your stuff.

It’s outfitted in soft linen and sports an elegantly tufted design. This platform bed frame features a bentwood slat support system, meaning you won’t have to provide a box spring or additional foundation for this bed to work fabulously. An extra level of sturdiness is added through the stability of its center legs. Speaking of stability, this option can support up to 500 pounds of weight. When it comes to storing, this product includes four spacious drawers that measure in at 35 inches by 23 inches. It comes all in one box and is super easy to assemble. 

Why We Love It: 

  • Soft upholstery
  • Elegant detailing
  • Sturdy
  • No box spring necessary

Best platform option

Quality construction at an affordable price

 Prepac’s storage bed will give you quality sleep at a great price.

This product is made in a simple black laminate that’s sure to fit right in with any bedroom decor. Built into this frame are six drawers, all in a 21-inch by 18-inch size. The generous number of drawers allows you to not only stow away belongings but do so in an organized fashion. Sitting on metal runners, they open and close with ease. Built-in safety stops also keep these drawers attached to the frame at all times. When it comes to the construction of the bed itself, eight evenly distributed slats ensure that you and your mattress will be supported while you sleep.

Why We Love It: 

  • Ample drawers
  • Inexpensive
  • Quality construction
  • Versatile

Best styled option

Trendy and durable

This upholstered bed frame Novogratz is a gorgeous option that will save you space.

Its trendy silhouette is ultra-modern and is dressed in various calming shades of luxurious linen. It’s fully upholstered and comes with a large headboard. This particular option features four drawers, all matching a 35-inch by 23-inch size. You’ll be able to stash all kinds of items underneath and out of view. Made with metal side rails, center legs and a bentwood slat support system, this bed frame is made of a strong foundation that’s built to last. To add, all of these parts are exceptionally easy to put together. This contemporary beauty will look great in anyone’s home. 

Why We Love It: 

  • Contemporary aesthetic
  • Durable construction
  • Substantial storage space
  • Headboard included

Best valued option

Timeless and easy to assemble

Prepac’s platform bed will clear away the clutter in your bedroom.

In addition to its built-in drawers, it sits eight inches off the ground, thus allowing room for under bed storage as well. Made of non-toxic laminated wood, this sleek set-up is very durable. The simple look of this platform bed frame allows you to modify your bed to your liking. Dress it up with a sophisticated headboard, or keep it headboard-free for a minimalist feel. Its multi-slat system allows you to lay your mattress right on top of the frame. This timeless piece by Prepac is incredibly easy to set up and will last you for years to come. 

Why We Love It: 

  • Plenty of storage space
  • Minimalist design
  • Discounted price
  • No box spring necessary
  • Easy assembly

How to find the best bed frame with drawers

Searching for the right bed frame is a big deal. These are investment pieces that should last you for a long time. Choices abound within this category due to their varying elements. Furthermore, bed frames with drawers add yet another factor to consider. In order to narrow down your search, we recommend following a few guidelines. Consider the material, design, and storage, and you’ll be in good shape. 

Material: When it comes to material, consider a bed frame’s internal and external components. On the outside, you’ll want to choose a material that complements the look of your decor and adds an element of style that suits you. In addition, check to make sure the core structure of your frame is made of solid materials. 

Design: Similarly to material, the design of your bed frame applies to its structure and external style. How the structure is designed will tell you more about a bed’s weight capacity, durability, and if it requires a box spring or not. Outward design is purely an issue of aesthetics. 

Storage: Not all bed frames with drawers come with the same amount of storage space. Some feature drawers that fully span the bed; whereas others feature a drawer or two. 

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