The Best Bed Rails for Kids and Toddlers in 2021

By Amanda Lasater

Jun 8th, 2022

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Transitioning from crib to bed can be an intimidating process for both parents and children. A child may have no problem sleeping through the night in their new big-kid bed, but it may mean the complete opposite for parents. 

If you’re worried about your child sleeping safely in their new bed, a bed rail or bumper may give you the peace of mind to get the sleep you deserve, too! 

Here are our top picks for the best bed rails for kids and what to look for when shopping for your child’s bed.

Best Bed Rails for Kids

regalo bed guard

Regalo Swing Down Bed Rail Guard

Best Overall

The Regalo Swing Down Bed Rail Guard is safe, breathable, and sturdy. With a reinforced anchor safety system and steel frame design, you can rest assured that your child is tucked safely into bed throughout the entire night.

This bed rail is designed with a patented swing-down capability that allows the bed rail to lower down which allows getting in and out of bed safe and easy. This feature also makes removing sheets easier. It’s 43 inches long and 20 inches tall. This bed rail can only be used on a box spring base and is designed for twin to queen size beds. No tools are required to set up this bed guard and the rail cover is machine-washable.


  • Swing-down pivot technology makes getting in and out of bed safer and easier
  • Machine washable
  • Most affordable option on this list


  • Must be used on a box spring, not just a mattress
comfybumpy bed guard

COMFYBUMPY – Toddler Bed Rail Guard for Kids

Best for All Bed Types

This toddler bed rail guard can serve safely on any type of mattress. The ComfyBumpy Bed Rail for Toddlers secures exceptionally with slats and springs by using velcro, as well as works on box springs using straps under the mattress, and lastly, wood bases using screws.

With a triple-safety functionality, this bed railing is universal. It can attach to twin, double, queen, and king size beds. It’s super easy to install with a five-minute video instruction. The bed rail includes a fold-down design, which allows easy access in and out of the bed. It’s made with flat metal bars and high-quality mesh material. 


  • Works with box spring, mattress, slatted bases, and wood bases
  • Designed with plenty of padding to prevent injury
  • Folds down easily


  • Some assembly required
hiccapop bed guard

Hiccapop Toddler Bed Rail Bumper

Best Alternative Bumper

Instead of having to install a bed rail to your child’s bed base, you can use this bed rail bumper! This is a less expensive and more convenient type of bed rail system. The bumper is made 52 inches long and 4.5 inches high with premium foam.

The bottom of the bed rail bumper is made of non-skid silicone that holds the bumper securely in place. By simply placing the bumper under your child’s fitted bed sheets, assembly couldn’t get any easier. Since this bed rail bumper is not designed for a particular base or requires assembly, it can be used on all bed types and taken with you on the go. 

The bumper is also non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and BPA, PVC, and chemical-free. The bumper includes a water-resistant and machine-washable cover that is easy to remove when necessary. It serves as the perfect side rail for your child to get the safest night’s sleep. 


  • Hypoallergenic and CertiPUR-US certified
  • Machine washable cover
  • Silicone bottom holds bumpers securely in place


  • Says it fits with standard sheets, but some reports suggest extra deep sheets are necessary
dream on me bed rail

Dream On Me Mesh Security Rail

Best on a Budget

The Dream On Me Mesh Security Rail is affordable and portable! This bed rail is extremely lightweight, which makes it easy for travel, yet it remains sturdy with its reinforced anchor system. Compatible with twin beds only, this security rail measures 33 inches in length and 15 inches in height.

It comes fully assembled and attaches to your child’s bed in seconds with the stabilizer bar feature. It’s designed with a breathable mesh fabric and rounded angles to prevent any injuries. Each security rail is made with high-quality metal and fabric. There are multiple color options available. 


  • Rounded edges to prevent injury
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Made with breathable, durable nylon fabric


  • Only compatible with twin beds

What are Bed Rails?

Bed rails come in a variety of forms, but their basic function, when used for children, is to keep kids safe in their beds and prevent falls in the middle of the night. Bed rails go along the sides of the bed so that when the child rolls or moves around in their sleep, they will bump into the rail and roll back toward the center of the bed rather than rolling off.

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Pros and Cons of Bed Rails for Kids

Bed rails have been a controversial topic for a while now, with some saying they cause more harm than they prevent, and others arguing that they are ideal for increasing both child safety and parental peace of mind.

The biggest advantage of bed rails for kids is that they effectively keep the child in their bed at night and prevent falls. Kids tend to roll around in their sleep a lot and can easily fall out of bed in the process. On the other hand, bed rails don’t just keep your child safe in their bed, they trap them. If your child needs to get out of bed to use the bathroom or come get you in the middle of the night, they may struggle to do so with a bed rail in the way.

How to Choose Bed Rails for a Kid’s Bed

When it comes to shopping for your child, you want the best of the best. There are a few things to consider when looking for a compatible bed rail for your child’s bed. Here’s what you need to know. 

Mattress Size

All bed rails come in different sizes, so be sure to measure the size of your child’s mattress. You will need to know the length, width, and most importantly, the height. The height is what will keep your child safely enclosed in their bed. Some bed rail models will allow a fold-down function, so it’s also important to ensure that the railing with fold down without hitting the floor when lowered.

Bed Base Compatibility

Bed rails have to be attached to your child’s bed securely, in case your child leans up against it. Typically, bed rails are attached somewhere along the base of your child’s bed. You want to prevent your child from falling out of their bed, but with the wrong bed rail attachment, you could create a much larger accident. In order to prevent this from happening, make sure the bed rail you’re looking at is compatible with your bed base.


Although you want your child’s bed rail to be fully functional, adding style to it as well doesn’t hurt. There are several materials that can make up bed rails, but it’s most important to get something that has no sharp edges or large gaps that could lead your child to getting hurt or stuck.

Wooden bed rails are sturdy and easy to clean, but they also are heavy. Mesh or netting is a lightweight option, but it’s definitely less robust than wood. Regardless of the material you choose, a solid wood or plastic panel can work equally well.

Additional Features

Bed rails include folding capabilities, fabric covers, mesh netting, and much more. Foldability is a great feature to consider because it can be “hidden” when it’s not being used. It also makes getting in and out of bed easier for child and helps parents to have easy access.

As for a fabric cover, this keeps your child’s bedding comfortable and cozy. You don’t want your child to roll over onto a cold, hard bed rail. Not to mention, the bed rails with fabric covers are typically machine-washable for easy clean up.

Mesh netting bed rails allow your child to sleep in a breathable, open-feel environment. Every child sleeps differently, but these additional features can help you determine the perfect bed railing for your child’s needs.


Do toddlers need bed rails?

This is really up to you as a caregiver. Toddlers who are particularly mobile in their sleep may benefit from bed rails, but they aren’t an official safety requirement, like car seats. In many cases, they can be beneficial, but if you prefer not to use bed rails, that is a valid choice as well.

How long do toddlers need bed rails?

It’s best to start using bed rails as soon as you transition your child from their crib to a toddler bed. From there, it’s up to you to decide when your child seems ready to sleep without them. Most children have instinctively learned to avoid the edge of the bed in their sleep around age 5.

Can bed rails cause injury?

Thanks to the soft, comfy mesh used in most bed rails, bed rails generally do not cause injury. There are exceptions of course, but overall, they are very safe.


Compare the best bed rails for kid’s beds below:

Product Material Best for  Customer Rating
Regalo Swing Down Bed Rail Guard Steel frame with nylon mesh Best Overall 4.3/5
COMFYBUMPY – Toddler Bed Rail Guard for Kids Metal frame with mesh Best for All Bed Types 4.5/5
Hiccapop Toddler Bed Rail Bumper Polyester cover with polyurethane foam Best Alternative Bed Rail 4.6/5
Dream On Me Mesh Security Rail Metal with nylon mesh Best on a Budget 4.4/5

Instead of being near-exhausted from stressing about your child’s new sleeping conditions, consider a bed rail to protect them from falling or rolling, and allow yourself and your baby to get a good night’s sleep, which you both deserve.