Best Bedskirt Pins

By Katie Dyal

Bedskirt pins are a brilliant way to make sure your bed skirt sits pretty. They are made to not stand out, creating a seamless look anywhere you decide to stick them. They are small but mighty and will stay secure even when tested. 

Their use isn’t limited to the bedroom either. They are just as effective on other fabrics as they are on your bedskirt. Generally speaking, this is an item that every home should have on hand. Just like the thumbtacks you use around the house, you’ll find yourself grabbing for these all the time to fix upholstery mishaps. Keep on reading to discover our top picks for the best bedskirt pins and what to look for when shopping for your own.

Our Top Picks for the Best Bedskirt Pins

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Bed N' Basics

Best Budget

Bed N’ Basics

The Upholstery Twisty Pins With Clear Heads by Bed N’ Basics will make sure your bedskirt doesn’t get twisted. 

These ¾-inch pins sport a ½-inch translucent top, making them nearly invisible to spot when secured. Simply twist them into place for a stable and stream-lined attachment. These items are great for use beyond your bedskirt as well. They work well on other pieces of upholstery, like saggy couch slipcovers for example. Keep a few of these in your craft kit for DIY and sewing projects; they work on any type of material and can be used anywhere.

Clara Clark

Best Luxury

Clara Clark

Clara Clark’s Bed Skirt Pins will keep your bed looking exactly the way you like it. This option is our top pick for luxury due to its contemporary design.

The style of these pins is a departure from the twisty variety – they consist of a flat white top and two pins per piece. They secure easily and create a minimal look that’s sleek and streamlined. If spotted, these high-quality attachments will look like they’re meant to be there.  One order will get you eight of these sturdy and sophisticated helpers.

Attmu’s Clear Heads Twisty Pins

Best Value


Attmu’s Clear Heads Twisty Pins will save you plenty of unnecessary hassle. For an incredibly low price, you’ll receive 50 pins; plenty for multiple jobs around the house. 

Use them on your bedskirt, sheets, and various upholstered fabrics. These are a smaller size, with each head measuring in at half an inch. These pins attach instantly and are just as easy to remove. While inserted, they are surprisingly sturdy and can stand up to pulling, bunching and stretching. They won’t ruin fabrics either, so feel free to use them on even the most luxurious set of sheets. Their tiny size won’t leave visible damage or wear.


Also Great


The Twisty Pins For Upholstery by GREEN FABWOOD are a fabulous option for making the skirt on your bed stay. 

Their clear tops and small size make them practically invisible anywhere you choose to tack them. They are not to be underestimated either – they are highly effective and stay put. Only a few of these will prevent you from having to fuss with your bedskirt. This purchase comes with a pack of 50 pins, making this option an astounding value. With extra to spare, you can get creative with how you use them. Use these twisty attachments to display art, fix a sagging couch, hang new decor or even use them in your car.

What to Look For in Your Next Set of Bedskirt Pins

If bedskirt pins are a new concept for you, you may not know where to look first. Don’t fear, Mattress Advisors is here. By perusing factors of material, style, and size, we’ll help you pinpoint your perfect set of bedskirt pins. 

Material: Pay attention to material when shopping for skirt pins. You’ll want to make sure that they’re sturdy enough to keep up with whatever task you throw at them. 

Style: When comparing bedskirt pins, you’ll notice that they come in different forms. Some are twisty, while others insert like a tack. They often have clear tops, but some have white button-like tops. Choose the style that’s most appealing to you. 

Size: Most of these pins sport a smaller size, but some are bigger than others. Depending on the job, you’ll want to check measurements before committing to a set. 


Now that you’ve reached the end of this article, you know how awesome and useful bedskirt pins are. Invest a couple of bucks in these petite pins and you’ll save yourself time, money and hassle. If you’re particular about the placement of your bedskirt, or you find comfort in keeping things in order, these will be your new favorite tools. We hope this article has shown you the way to the best bedskirt pins for you.

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