The Best Bed Skirts

By Sheryl Grassie

Feb 17th, 2022

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Looking for a way to update your bedroom? Bed skirts can add the finishing touch while keeping you warmer and your room tidier.

An inexpensive addition to your bedroom décor bed skirts can complete a look or make a bold new statement. They come in many styles, colors, and patterns to achieve the look you want. Check out our choices for best bed skirts.

Our Picks for the Best Bed Skirts

wrap around bed skir

Most Versatile

Biscaynebay Wrap Around Bed Skirts Elastic Bed Ruffles

The Biscaynebay wrap around bed skirt is gathered and pleated around the entire perimeter to hold it in place without covering the platform.

This makes for easy use; no removing the mattress when you want to wash the bed skirt, and no rearranging the bed skirt because it gets pulled under the mattress. It come is 20 different solid colors or patterns and is 15 inches in length. Sizes include twin/full, queen, and king.

amazonbasics bed skirt

Best Budget

AmazonBasics Pleated Bed Skirt

This inexpensive basic bed skirt is both simple and dressy at the same time. It has corner and middle pleats that create a crisp look for modern interiors, covering the box spring and concealing any stored items.

It comes in 4 colors (black, beige, bright white, dark grey) and 4 sizes (twin, full, queen, king), and is 16” in length. Easy care machine wash, it is fade resistant, repels stains, and is hypoallergenic.

MEILA bed skirt

Best Adjustable

MEILA Bed Skirt Three Fabric Sides Elastic Wrap Around Dust Ruffled Solid Bed Skirt

The MEILA Bed Skirt has an adjustable elastic band that makes it easy to put on and easy to take off for washing. There are two sizes that can fit either a twin/full or queen/king bed.

This 16-inch skirt is mashing washable and fade resistant. Not for use with bed that have footboards or posts. Made from polyester and available in 9 different colors.

utopia bed skirt

Best Hotel Quality

Utopia Bedding Bed Skirt

This form fitted bed shirt is made for long wear and durability and creates an elegant upscale feel to the bed and room.

It is made of heavy weave polyester that resists tears and stains but is also soft and breathable. It has a 16” drop/length and comes in four colors (beige, black, grey, white). Easy care, wrinkle free, and fade resistant.

Why Do You Need a Bed Skirt? 

An obvious answer to this question is to dress up your room. But there are a number of reasons, currently and historically, that people use bed skirts. They are a type of valance, similar to a window valance, that is used to give a finishing touch to decorating. They are also used to cover a box spring which is generally not intended for direct view. Box springs are usually covered with a quilt, duvet, and/or bed skirt, without which they appear very unfinished.

Bed skirts, also referred to as dust ruffles, can function as a barrier, blocking dust and keeping it form accumulating on the underside of the bed. Especially when a home is built with hardwood floors, where dust can more readily maneuver thought a space, the bed skirt preserves the underside of the bed by keeping it cleaner. Less dust and dirt build-up are also advantages for those suffering with allergies. Bed skirts can also help with less bending and reaching to clean under beds.

Historically, bed skirts were used to block drafts from moving under the bed and lowering the temperature. Staying warm at night from central heating in a home is a modern luxury, but in times prior people were very concerned with ways to stay warm at night and minimizing drafts was important. The bed skirt was part of a fully equipped ensemble to keep people warm while they slept. If you live in an older home with wood floors and drafts coming in under doors, a bed skirt can cut down on air movement under the bed.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Using A Bed Skirt?

Bed skirts do require a bit of maintenance, which some people find a drawback. They need to be taken off the bed and washed regularly just like your sheets. Some types of bed skirts require the mattress to be lifted off the box spring or frame in order to remove the bed skirt. This can be cumbersome and difficult for some people. There are bed skirt models (check out our best easy on/easy off bed skirt) that wrap around the perimeter of the bed and eliminate this step.

How Do I Choose the Right Bed Skirt?

Since bed skirts are primarily decorative, you might want to start with what looks good in your room. Try to identify a color and style. Is your room done in bright colors that would look great with a bright colored bed skirt? Do you have a quiet room with a more neutral palate?  Start by narrowing colors. Not all bed skirts come in a wide variety of colors, so that may help you determine brand.

Next, think through style. Do you have an upscale modern look that needs clean straight lines? Then get a form-fitting bed skirt. Do you have a big fluffy comforter and an all-white room, find a loose-fitting flowy white bed skirt?

Additional considerations might include price; set a range, and fabric. Do you want an all-natural cotton or linen, or an easy-care polyester? Will you take the time to iron a bed skirt or do you want wrinkle free?

Also think through size. Some bed skirts don’t come in the more unusual bed sizes like extra-long twin or California king. Some bed skirts are designed to stretch and fit multiple sizes. Find one that will work for your bed size.

Finally, check reviews and return policies. Sometimes reviews will address questions you didn’t even think of and point you in one direction or another. Understand going in what the return process and policies are so you don’t get stuck with something that doesn’t work.


Bed skirts make a nice addition to bedroom décor. They are inexpensive, easy to find in stores or online, and come in a wide variety of colors and styles. Most are easy care and wrinkle free. They can add style or keep dust and cold out from under your bed. Our top picks for most versatile, best budget, best easy on/easy off, and best hotel quality are described above.