The Best Bed Slats on Amazon

By Amanda Lasater

Jun 6th, 2022

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The purpose of bed slats is to protect and support your mattress so it remains comfortable during sleep and long-lasting for years to come. 

Bed slats provide a secure place for your mattress to set on. Bed slats are typically made of thin, wooden boards that lay evenly across the bed frame. This prevents the mattress from sagging, shifting, or depreciating over time. 

Here are our top picks for the best bed slats on Amazon and all the answer to your questions regarding their purpose, functionality, and much more. 

Our Top Picks for the Best Bed Slats on Amazon

olee sleep slats

Best Steel Construction

Olee Sleep 18 Inch Tall Heavy Duty Steel Slat

The Olee Sleep Mattress Foundation provides convenience from delivery to assembly! This heavy-duty bed slat is made of a steel structure that serves as a platform for your bed.

It can hold up to 1,200 pounds and prevents squeaking. All necessary tools are included with your order and said to take minutes to assemble. There is under-bed storage space included and four standard bed sizes to choose from. 

zinus bed slats

Easiest Construction

Zinus Gulzar Easy Assembly Quick Lock 1.6 Inch Bunkie Board

The Zinus Bunkie Board is another great option to serve as a sturdy bed slat. This steel frame is designed to support any spring, memory foam, or hybrid mattress.

Made with premium steel and a quick lock construction that makes assembly easy, you can rest assured that you’re on a solid foundation. Foam padded tape is added to the steel frame to prevent squeaks and slips, and it delivers conveniently compact. 

zinus annemarie slats

Best Wood Construction

Zinus Annemarie Solid Wood Bed Support Slats

Constant support from head to toe! The Zinus Solid Wood Bed Support Slats are constructed of heavy duty wood slats that are connected by a fabric encasement.

These wooden slats work well at providing extreme support and comfort to any mattress type including spring, hybrid, or memory foam. Unlike other wooden slats, these place vertically from the head of the bed to the foot instead of horizontally. Depending on your mattress size will determine the amount of slats needed to offer maximum support.

classic brands slats

Best No-Assembly

Classic Brands 128013-5050 Attached Solid Wood Bed Support Slats

Add support and even out weight distribution with the Classic Brands Solid Wood Bed Slats. Each slat is made of Southern Yellow Pine wood that is known for its impeccable strength.

This extremely dense wood is the perfect foundation to lay your mattress on and achieve your greatest night’s sleep. The best part about these wooden slats is they require no assembly! All you have to do is simply unpack and unroll. The slats will line up perfectly with the frame of your bed and hold securely in place. 


What are bed slats? 

Bed slats are planks of a sturdy material, such as wood or steel, that work to run across your bed frame to provide extra support for your mattress. Bed slats serve as a platform for your mattress to set on, so your mattress does not fall through your bed frame or lose stability and comfort over time. 

What’s the difference between bed slats and a box spring?

A box spring is another type of bed foundation that is typically made of springs or metal rods that work to support your mattress. Box springs also raise the height of your bed which can enhance your overall design. Depending on the type of mattress and your personal preference will help determine if a box spring or bed slats are the right choice for your bedroom. They are both great options to extend the life of your mattress and add comfort to your sleep.

Are bed slats better than box springs? 

Bed slats are not better nor worse than a box spring foundation. Box springs are best suited for individuals that are looking to add height to their bedroom style; whereas bed slats can work well for most type mattresses. Some may argue that bed slats are better for memory foam or latex mattresses, rather than a box spring set up. 

Are they easy to install?

Yes, bed slats are typically quick and easy to assemble. Most bed slats will include all the necessary tools to assemble, if any at all. With some models, you can simply place the bed slats atop the bedframe and that’s it! 

What are the best materials for bed slats? 

Bed slats are typically made of thick wood or metal steel. As with anything, you should always make sure the wood or metal that is constructed within your slats is of high quality and durable enough to hold the proper amount of weight of you and your partner. 

What size bed slats do I need?

To determine the proper size bed slats, remove your mattress or lift up one side of your mattress and measure between the bed rails. This will give you the accurate measurement for your bed slats.


Bed slats will extend the life of your mattress, promote safe sleep, and provide additional comfort and support. As long as you ensure that the materials that make up the bed slats are high-quality and heavy duty, you can rest assured you’re on a stable foundation.