Best Bedroom Bookcases

By Katie Dyal

A cluttered bedroom creates much more than a mess. When you don’t take the time to organize, you actually spend more time on upkeep and finding lost items. Creating a clear, open space will clear your mind and allow for your best clean sleep possible. Adding a bedroom shelf to your room gives you a way to keep your belongings neat and easily accessible, creating a natural feng shui in your room. 

Shelves serve an additional purpose; they are also a great tool for decorating and can display your books, plants, knick-knacks, photos, and more in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Another opportunity to showcase your style is through the shelf itself.

Find a bedroom shelf that’s right for you, and you’ll be able to add a little personality and organization to your life. Discover our top picks for the best bedroom shelves below and what to look for when shopping for your own.

Our Top Picks for the Best Bedroom Bookcases

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The Solid Wood Wall Shelves by SRIWATANA

Best Budget


The Solid Wood Wall Shelves by SRIWATANA will fit your bedroom decor, as well as your budget. 

These wall shelves are made of real paulownia wood and exhibit a rustic and traditional style. They are U-shaped and mount seamlessly to the wall without the eyesore of ugly nails, hooks, and attachments. The clean look of these floating shelves will create visual space in your bedroom while providing ample room for storage and display. With the purchase of this product, you’ll receive three shelves in total; a small, medium, and large model.


Best Luxury


All of your shelving needs will be fulfilled in the gorgeous fixture that is VASAGLE’s Ladder Shelf. 

This shelf will catch your eye with its industrial and modern look, but will ultimately win you over with its functionality. Made up of four dark brown tiers and encased in a matte-black iron frame, this option provides a lot of storage space but does so in an open design. Tiers get wider towards the bottom and each level is able to support 11 pounds. This unit is incredibly functional, but values attractive design more than most. This luxury item is also very easy to assemble.


Best Color Options


The Reversible Open Shelf by Furinno will help you to organize your life in style. 

This option comes in several colors; green, blue, pink, and classic white. These bright choices allow you to add a little fun to your bedroom. It features a total of seven cubes that are artfully stacked, creating an appealing look that will display your organizational skills beautifully. This product is just as practical as it is attractive; it’s made out of stable particleboard that is incredibly durable and easy to clean.


Best Variety


The Cubeicals Organizer by ClosetMaid will help you keep all of your bedroom accessories in order.

By adding this shelf to your decor, you’ll undoubtedly subtract clutter. A stacked cube design comes in seven different shades that will surely add a little fun to your room. Made from manufactured wood, this single unit can be displayed either vertically or horizontally. This option measures in at 47 inches in height with a total of eight 11-inch by 11-inch cubes. 

What To Look For When Shopping For Bedroom Bookcases

What kind of space are you working with and how much storage space do you need? Are you purely looking for functionality or do you want a new way to light up your room? Compare factors of material, size, and compartments to find the best option for you.

Material: The material used to construct a shelf will tell you a few things. Durability, maintenance, and style all come down to this one factor. Consider all of these subfactors when selecting which material you want to go with.

Size: Shelving is all about convenience. If you choose one that doesn’t fit seamlessly or overwhelms your place, you’ll be wishing you considered this first. Take measurements and make a plan of where you’ll put it prior to purchasing.

Compartments: Your unit’s compartment situation will tell you what you can and can’t do in terms of organization and display. If you have a lot of stuff that needs organizing, the more compartments the better. If you’re using your shelves as a way to display, fewer and larger compartments are your best bet.


A variety of these organizers exist, all of them bringing something a little different to your bedroom. Whichever you choose, we’re confident that you won’t regret investing in this kind of piece. Bedroom shelves are an affordable way to make your life easier and offer a deeper look into your interior style.

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