Best Bedroom Mirrors

By Katie Dyal

Bedroom mirrors may not be the first thing you think of when outfitting a bedroom, but they’re undoubtedly an essential part. These are pieces that we rely on every day without paying much mind to them. There are tons of basic mirrors out there that do an okay job, but don’t you want an option that you can treasure for years to come? 

These days, mirrors come in all kinds of styles, shapes, and sizes. Some of them even offer additional features that help you save space and stay organized. We’ll help you find an option that you’ll love looking at and into. Continue below to discover our top picks for the best bedroom mirrors and what to look for when shopping for your own.

Our Top Picks for the Best Bedroom Mirrors

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Best Budget

Roundhill Furniture

The Queen Anna Style Floor Cheval Mirror by Roundhill Furniture can brighten up the bedrooms of kids and adults alike.

This cheval-style mirror is an elongated oval shape that sits in a wooden frame. It’s attached stand features unique detailing and allows this mirror to tilt with ease. This option is unlike the more modern mirrors you’ll mostly find these days. It will add a romantic vintage feel to your bedroom. This mirror comes in a total of seven colors, with varied options of metallic, colorful, and wood stain finishes. This functional piece will pique interest with its stunning appearance.

Hans & Alice’s Full-Length Mirror

Best Luxury

Hans & Alice

Hans & Alice’s Full-Length Mirror will mirror your list of criteria; it’s extra-large, incredibly sturdy, and embraces a classic design.

This option wins our top spot because it’s truly built to last; safety is guaranteed with the feature of a shatter-proof membrane. This mirror measures in at 65 inches by 24 inches, providing a generous amount of reflection. Because of its size, it can easily lean up against the wall; however, it also includes a built-in stand and options for wall hanging. It’s simple yet stylish look ensures that you’ll adore this mirror for years to come, no matter how many times you change up your bedroom.


Best Dual-Purpose


The Lockable Jewelry Cabinet with Mirror by LANGRIA will fulfill your needs in a mirror and then some.

This dual-purpose option is both a full-length mirror and an extensive jewelry organizer. The mirror-cabinet hybrid is held up by a stand that allows a nice range of tilting. When the organizer is not being used, it is seamlessly concealed by its mirror door. This option is perfect if you’re trying to make the most out of the allotted space in your bedroom. Also, it will keep your jewelry neat, accessible, and on display. You’ll never have to fret about keeping your belongings safe again; this cabinet locks up your jewelry so that you can rest easy.


Also Great


Your bedroom will find a new favorite fixture in the Modern Bedroom Floor Mirror by PexFix.

This large piece sports an epic length of 65 inches, making it a statement piece that will open up your bedroom. It’s rounded corners are a subtle choice in style that adds just enough interest to this minimalist piece. A sturdy bracket allows this mirror to free-stand seamlessly with barely any installation. Another plus of this above average option is it’s scattered prevention lens, which protects from breakage and creates a sleeker reflection.

What To Look For In Your Next Bedroom Mirror 

Mirrors vary just as much as your next bedroom set. Reflect on the factors of protection, size, and added features to reveal your top pick.

Protection: Although it will add to the cost, it’s always a good investment to splurge on one that prevents breakage. Many feature a top lens or membrane that will keep your mirror from shattering. Look for the words “shatter protection” or “shatter-proof” to save time on your search.

Size: When it comes to floor mirrors, the rule is the bigger the better. This especially applies if you have a small space; mirrors create the illusion of more depth. Mirrors that feature a stand or offer movement are a different ballgame. You’ll want to go for a choice that’s big enough to work effectively without looking awkward in your room.

Added Features: You’d be surprised by the creative twists on mirrors that are currently on the market. Some offer incredibly handy storage options, while others can tilt, pivot, and rotate. If these features sound appealing to you, do a little exploring before you buy.


Mirror, mirror, on the wall; which is the best one of them all? Mirrors are incredibly functional pieces that we use every day. They can also lend to the decor of a room in a big way. By reviewing the choices that we love, we hope that you can find a bedroom mirror that will win your heart.

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