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By Katie Dyal

Maybe you’re a “weekend in bed, TV binge-watcher” or an “I need a little white noise-sleeper” or perhaps the bedroom is just your favorite place to relax and escape. Whichever it may be, watching your newest TV obsession on the perfect bedroom TV can have the most positive affect on your mood. And why not get the most from your bedroom space by choosing a TV that is particularly perfect for that room?

Go for size versatility, smart electronics capabilities, lifelike pictures or even a model that lets you control it from your phone. Excited yet? Well, with so many options to choose from, finding what’s right for you could be a challenge, but look no further than our list below to make your online shopping oh-so-much easier.

The best bedroom TV

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Best simplified technology

Simple and fully functioning

TCL delivers a quality technology option made simple, so your bedtime sanctuary remains zen and worry-free. 

The 4K Ultra HD TV delivers a 50 inch LED display, in a light, 23 pound unit that boasts three HDMI ports and full Wi-Fi connectivity. With a refresh rate of 120 times per second (120 hertz), the picture quality on action-packed programs stays crisp and clear. But maybe the most striking feature of the TCL is its versatile usage features. You choose from the minimalist, easy-to-use remote that features only 20 buttons for easy navigation or the App feature that turns your personal mobile device into a fully functioning Roku remote with voice control, browsing and headphone connectivity. And, with standby power consumption at less than 0.5 watts, energy usage for this large TV is at an all-time low.


Best live-air and streaming combo

Feature-packed and high-quality picture

Why choose from live TV options or streaming content when you can have both right there in your bedroom with a smart TV from Toshiba.

Featuring a built-in Fire TV experience that includes a Voice Remote with Alexa, there’s no need to take your phone or tablet to your bedroom for entertainment. With 720p HD picture quality, your picture is vibrant, lifelike and remarkably clear. Powered by a-quad-core CPU/Multi-core GPU, the Toshiba is built to deliver speed with instant search results and swift, fluid responsiveness. Just connect the dual-band Wi-Fi, using any of the three HDMI inputs or multiple input/output options available. And with over-the-air software updates, your Toshiba smart TV stays current with no reminders from you.


Best size offerings in a slimline

Sleek, slimline structure

Accessorizing your bedroom décor with the perfect TV is effortless with the Samsung TV that is available in six size options, with or without a Soundbar.

Conveniently constructed in a sleek, slimline structure, the Samsung lets you pick the dimensions that uniquely work in your space. Boasting a 4K UHD Processor that optimizes performance for superior display quality, delivering both HDR and Purcolor technology for the most vibrant, life-like picture and offering an easy, on-screen universal guide that makes finding streaming content and live TV shows stress-free, Samsung brings the versatility. What’s more, the Samsung simplifies all this technology with a single remote for all compatible devices, and smart-speaker expandability with both Alexa and Google Assistant. 


Best compact option

Smaller in size, still high-definition

Even though the LG TV is one of the smaller options it offers a Triple XD Engine, full HDMI and LED backlighting that is perfect for tucking away in a small bedroom cabinet.

In addition, with an image that refreshes at 60 times per second (60Hz) it delivers a full, high-definition picture even with fast-paced action programs. It’s not a surprise that we like the LG as a high-quality but discrete option for buyers who want the luxury of a TV in the bedroom but are not looking to make it a focal point of the décor. While the LG is not smart-system enabled, it does feature 1080p Full HD resolution and has direct-lit LED, giving it a life-like picture quality. You won’t be compromising picture quality for the compact size.

How to pick the best TV for your bedroom 

Choosing to have a television in your bedroom is a uniquely personal decision that can bring you enjoyment for years to come. And as technology continues to improve, you can simplify that shopping experience so you can upgrade or switch out TV’s as your needs change. Just be sure to consider the following four variables when making your choice:

  1. Size – Bigger is not always better. Just because you currently envision a statement TV on the wall of your bedroom doesn’t mean that someday you won’t prefer to tuck it away in a cabinet or bookshelf. Consider a versatile TV size that might work for both. 
  2. Technology – Remember, the more “bells and whistles” an appliance has, the more there is to go wrong. Watch for technology that you know makes your life easier and more enjoyable, not just more complex. Select a model that delivers the options you use most frequently and add some new features gradually, each time you upgrade your television.
  3. Usability – Setup and troubleshooting your television could be a challenge if you are not tech-savvy. There are models on the market that are specifically engineered for simple hook-up and usability, even for the novice. So, know your skillset and choose a television that fits your level of expertise.
  4. Viewing Options – Take the time to consider how you watch TV. Are you a live-viewer, a streamer, someone who prefers to record, a hater of commercials…  not all viewing options are built-in or easily attached to every television. Take a quick snapshot of what you watch in a week and remember to note what you specifically would watch from your bedroom. Then choose a TV that affords you those viewing options without having to make modifications.


In the end, when you retire to your bedroom sanctuary with snacks and a favorite beverage, you want your television experience to be as intentional as your choice of bed linens or that smart bed you can’t live without. So, take a few moments to consider how you live, or better yet, how you watch, before buying. Then go through our quick list of tips for our best purchasing suggestions. Buying the right bedroom television is an investment that should fit seamlessly into your bedroom and your lifestyle.

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