Best Bedside Charging Stations

By Katie Dyal

Sometimes a nightstand is not enough space to house all of your bedtime belongings in an organized manner. That’s where bedside caddies come in; they exist to make your life easier. Beds are mostly for sleeping, but most of us would admit that a lot of our phone usage comes when laying down, and we always feel comforted knowing our devices are close to our sleep space. Whether you are using one to store safely, charge devices, or use as a stand, caddies can make bedtime a little less complicated. 

Bedside caddies are not one size fits all and their size and function will vary from one to the next. With that said, they all share a common goal of ease and accessibility. Keep reading to find out about our top picks for best bedside caddies and what to look for when shopping for your own.

Our Top Picks for the Best Bedside Charging Stations

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Best Budget


The USB Charging Stand by erwubala will serve as the perfect accompaniment to your bedside table.

The high-quality and aesthetically pleasing stand is made out of durable bamboo wood. This option has places to charge both your apple watch and iPhone, as well as three USB ports total. It reserves bragging rights for its extensive compatibility and works with all Apple watches and smartphones. There’s also a little slot in which you can store notes, photos, or business cards. This caddy is ready to use right out of the box, no assembly required.

Pezin & Huli

Best Luxury

Pezin & Huli

You’ll sleep better knowing that the Bamboo Charging Station by Pexin & Hulin is nearby.

This is our pick for “best luxury” due to its incredible capabilities. Made of eco-friendly bamboo, this stand can hold as many as six devices in a neatly organized manner. This one is larger than most of its competitors, providing ample storage. The ideal consumer for this product is someone who relies heavily on a variety of devices for their work or just in daily life. It comes with five mini charging cables, the stand/organizer, and a built-in Apple watch stand. Take charge of all of your devices by adding the Bamboo Charging Station to your bedroom.


Best Power Strip


TESSAN’s Multi-Plug Extender is not a caddy, but it similarly performs the same function.

This USB power hub includes three USB charging ports and three outlets in a tiny four-inch by four-inch design. Charge your phone, laptop, iWatch, and more with a gadget that fits in the palm of your hand. Its five-foot-long cord and lightweight further lends to the practicality of this no-nonsense product. This option is perfect for the consumer who needs all the juice they can get but can’t spare any room for a caddy. This powerful little extender is easy to travel with and will work great in hotel rooms, dorm rooms, or any place where space and outlets are sparse. 

Four-in-One Wireless Charger by SODYSNAY

Most Versatile


The Four-in-One Wireless Charger by SODYSNAY lets you worry less while you rest.

In one stand, you’ll get FOUR wireless charging ports; one for your Airpods, one for any iWatch, and two spots compatible with smartphones. All of this is offered in a minimalist design measuring up to a mere nine inches. This option might be the most technologically advanced of them all; it keeps your devices from overcharging and provides overvoltage protection. It’s made of silicone, providing a sleek look and a safe surface that won’t damage your belongings.

What To Look For When Shopping For Your Bedside Charging Station

Are you trying to charge your devices while you sleep? Do you want an accessible place to keep your technology? Does being organized make you feel zen? Figure out your priorities and then follow these guidelines to find your dream bedside caddy.

Function: As you can see, caddies and bedside docks can really range in function. Some are more geared towards charging, others are built to provide storage and there are also options that do both. 

Size: Bedside caddies are supposed to make your life easier. Your space will feel crowded and more disorganized if you choose one that overpowers your nightstand. We recommend going for a larger version only if you have the space for it and the devices to fill it. 

Compatibility: It is so important that you check compatibility before buying. Although most of these include chargers that are across-the-board compatible with all devices, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


You’ll find yourself in a better headspace when everything in your bedroom has its own right designated place. With a bedside charging station, you can keep all of your most valued items at an arm’s length away from your bed and nix the clutter. We hope that through this varied list you’ve found your perfect station in one of our top picks.

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