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By Amanda Lasater

If you are wanting some extra storage space or you just don’t have enough space in your bedroom for a bedside table, a bedside shelf may be the best solution. Bedside shelves offer you the storage space of a bedside table, but they take up little to no space in your room. We’ve searched online to find the best bedside shelves available today so you don’t have to sift through the duds in your search for the perfect bedside shelf.

Our Top Picks for the Best Bedside Shelves

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Best for Dorm Rooms


The Sidekiix Bedside Shelf is the perfect alternative to nightstands and will be especially useful for anyone sleeping on the top bunk!

The large 11” by 17” tray hooks onto the rail of your bed frame providing you with a floating bedside table no matter how far up your bunk bed is. The tray uses a 3-clamp design to securely fit onto bed rails up to 1.5” thick without causing any damage. And, the tray is so large that you can fit a full size laptop on it and work from the side of your bed. Overall, this bedside shelf has become known as a must have for anyone with a bunk bed. 


  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Easy installation


  • Low weight capacity

Most Versatile


Emfogo’s Floating Shelves can be used as a floating shelf, a nightstand, or a bedside shelf, so it should come as no surprise that we voted these as the Most Versatile bedside shelves.

The shelves come two in a set and, when hung next to each other, they provide you with the perfect amount of space as a bedside shelf. They are made from solid wood and feature two holes in the backing for a quick and easy installation process. As for storage space, both shelves have drawers – one of the shelves features two small drawers and the other features one long drawer. The hidden drawers are perfect for storing little things that you may need during the night, like your reading glasses, journal or other bedtime sleep accessories. Each shelf measures 12.4” long, 5.1” wide, and 2.3” high. 


  • Unique floating design
  • Great amount of storage
  • Can hold up to 22 pounds


  • Narrow
modern innovations

Best Features

Modern Innovations

The Modern Innovations Shelf is another amazing bedside addition for anyone who wants to skip a nightstand and opt for something more modern and unique.

The tray is perfect for people in small spaces or people who are sleeping in a bunk bed and hate having to climb down just to get to their phone. And, this specific bedside tray has a long list of innovative features. The tray has a 60-second installation that requires no tools and just requires a little twisting on some screws. In addition, the tray was designed with a spill-proof cup holder and a cable cord insert to hold your phone or laptop cord in place. You can even attach the tray to the side of your office desk for added storage space. The bedside shelf measures 15” long by 9” wide and is great to provide you or your child with some much-needed extra space.


  • Built in cable slot
  • Built in cup holder
  • 60-second installation 


  • Not quite big enough for a full size laptop

Most Convenient


The unique design of this multifunctional bedside shelf allows you to pull the shelf directly over the side of your bed and right above your lap.

Simply slide the bedside shelf so that the base is underneath your bed and the rustic brown tray top hovers above your bed and you can work on your laptop or eat breakfast without ever having to leave your bed. The shelf pairs a sturdy iron frame with a mesh wire shelf at its base, all in all providing the piece with a slightly industrial yet modern aesthetic. In addition, it features a beautiful brown wooden top that will look great in any room. The bedside shelf measures 18.9” long, 13.8” wide, and 25.6” high.   


  • Unique, over-the-bed design
  • Sturdy iron frame
  • Easy to assemble


  • Heavy

Things to Consider When Purchasing Your Next Bedside Shelf

When you are looking for a new bedside shelf, the major factors to consider are the design and the durability.  


There are numerous different styles of bedside shelves that you will need to choose from. One of the most popular is the bedside tray, which gets connected to the railing of your bed and floats off of the side of the bed. This is the perfect option for anyone who sleeps on the top bunk of a bunk bed or  who doesn’t have the space for a stationary side table. Another popular bedside shelf comes in the form of a floating shelf. These floating shelves look beautiful and save floor space but require enough wall space for their installation. 


Think about what exactly you plan on putting on your bedside shelf. Are you just wanting it for your cell phone, maybe a book, and your reading glasses? Or, do you plan on putting heavier objects on it, such as a lamp? Determine how much support the shelf will need to provide and whether you will be storing heavier items on the shelf – this will help you pick out a bedside shelf that fits your needs. 


If you are looking for a quick and easy way to get extra storage space around your bed, then make sure you use our list of the four best bedside shelves available today.

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