Best Bedtime Teas on Amazon

By Katie Dyal

Bedtime tea is not part of everyone’s nighttime routine, but it should be. Taking this extra step will save you time by eliminating tossing and turning. Tea can be a very powerful natural remedy. With the help of the right herbs, you’ll enjoy a deeper, more satisfying sleep. 

With all of the benefits of drinking this kind of elixir before bed, you’ll wake up prepped for your day ahead. You’ve probably started your day with a cup of tea or have enjoyed sipping it at its designated “tea time,” but have you tried drinking tea before bedtime? Calm evenings are just a cup away. Add this comforting practice to your routine and it will quickly become a part of your night that you look forward to. Read along to hear our top picks for best bedtime teas and what to look for when shopping for your own.

Our Top Picks for the Best Bedtime Teas on Amazon

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Bigelow Tea

Best Budget

Bigelow Tea

This six-pack of Sweet Dreams Herbal Tea by Bigelow Tea will give you sweet dreams for 120 nights. 

This one uses chamomile rose blossoms and mint as the main herbs. Both of these have been proven to ensure a calming effect. They also create a delicious flavor in tandem with each other. Each tea bag is individually wrapped. Their foil pouches ensure that the flavor, smell, and freshness stays exactly the same. Non-GMO verified, gluten-free and calorie-free, you’ll be free of worrying what’s in your tea. Bigelow is a widely known company that has been producing quality herbal teas as far back as 1945. “Constant Comment” is their signature flavor, but all of their options are fabulous.

Traditional Medicinals

Best Luxury

Traditional Medicinals

We guarantee you’ll be saying “good night” after every cup of Organic Nighty Night Valerian Relaxation Tea by Traditional Medicinals.

This premium option may have a higher price tag, but it’s a very reasonable investment considering its potency. Valerian root is an impressive herb that has been used since ancient times as a natural sedative. The ancient Greeks especially sang Valerian’s praises and for good reason. This herb is blended with passionflower, lemon balm, and peppermint- herbs that are all known for their calming properties. After giving this option a try, you may be opening your eyes to how powerful natural medicine can really be.

Celestial Seasonings

Best Blend

Celestial Seasonings

Sleepytime Tea by Celestial Seasonings is a classically popular bedtime tea and you’re about to find out why. 

The herb blend of this option is expansive. Chamomile, spearmint, lemongrass, tilia flowers, blackberry leaves, orange blossoms, hawthorn, and rosebuds all work together in one tiny tea bag to put you to sleep. This unique blend does a brilliant job of making you feel calm and users rave about its comforting aroma. No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives are added – it’s perfect just the way it is. It’s affordable too – with this purchase you’ll receive a six-pack of 20-count boxes.


Most Unique 


Yogi’s Soothing Caramel Bedtime Tea is the treat you’ll look forward to when getting ready for bed. 

Caramel isn’t a flavor you see too often in teas, but it’s a lovely compliment to many sleep-inducing herbs. The main herbs of chamomile and rooibos are combined with caramel and vanilla flavors to create a tea that is soothing and tasty. This tea also includes a variety of other herbs, including skullcap and L-Theanine, which also induces relaxation. Yogi is a well-respected company known for their use of only high-quality and organic ingredients. Their tea bags are also compostable and they keep artificial-anything far away from their products.

What to Look For in Your Next Bedtime Tea

You’re looking for a tea that will put you to sleep, so we’re guessing you don’t want to be hassled with a hard decision. We’ll help you find one you love without having to wade through a sea of options. By guiding you through factors like caffeine level, added herbs, and use, we’ll get you to the best sleepy solution. 

Caffeine level: When looking over the label of a bedtime tea, two words matter the most; “CAFFEINE-FREE.” Every other factor will go out the window if you accidentally pick up a tea that guarantees to keep you up. 

Added herbs: Teas are marketed by their main herbs, but most of them are made up of a complex blend. One of these supporting players may stand out as what you like or dislike the most about an option. Also, if you know that some herbs don’t agree with you, it’s especially important to double-check the label. 

Use: All of the above options are tea bags; however, tea is often packaged loosely. Both options work great, but you will need special gadgets to succeed with the latter. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does bedtime tea work?

Bedtime teas use a blend of herbs that have been proven to create a calming effect. In a way, sipping on these specialized teas is like taking a pill or supplement that will help you sleep.

What are the benefits of bedtime tea?

The benefits of bedtime tea depend on the herbs used. They all make falling asleep easier, in turn, allowing for a more peaceful rest. In terms of other benefits, you’ll have to consult the label to learn more about your specific tea.

When should I drink it?

Nighttime is the best time to drink this kind of tea, especially when you’re about to turn in. You’ll be fine if you decide to drink it during the day, but be aware that it might make you drowsy. An hour or 30 minutes prior to bed, sip your tea and feel the calming effects ring in.


Herbs are the original way of dealing with insomnia. Whether you’re an insomniac or you’re just trying to relax, you’ll find that you can steep your way to sleep with an assortment of bedtime teas. 

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