Best Bedwetting Pads

By Amanda Lasater

Nocturnal enuresis, also known as bedwetting, is a sleep disorder characterized by involuntary urination during the night. Although it is most commonly seen in children 10 years and younger, it is common in adults as well – especially in the elderly and individuals who have recently undergone a medical procedure. 

While there are numerous causes of nocturnal enuresis that can affect people of any age, consistent bedwetting can end up becoming a serious sleep disruptor. Many people who suffer from bedwetting are unable to get a full night’s rest because they wake up and have to deal with cleaning both themselves up as well as their bedding. Thankfully, there are numerous products available to help address nocturnal enuresis and ensure that you or your loved one receives a full night’s sleep. And, one of the most common products used to help reduce the discomfort that comes with bedwetting includes bedwetting pads.

Our Top Picks for the Best Bedwetting Pads

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Best for Kids


GoodNites is one of the most trusted and well-known names in overnight protection from bedwetting. These disposable bed mats feature four easy-to-remove adhesive strips to ensure the mats are easy to apply and that they will stay in place throughout the night.

Thanks to GoodNites’ signature Micro-Pocket Technology, these bed mats have superior odor and fluid absorption to help keep sheets dry during the night. In fact, these sheets absorb as much fluid as a large to extra large pair of GoodNites Underwear. These mats measure 30” long and 36” high to fit across a twin-size bed.


  • Soft material is ultra quiet
  • Strong adhesive strips keep the mats in place
  • Built-in barrier to prevent leaks


  • Only fits up to a twin-size bed

Best on a Budget


If you want to have maximum protection throughout the night, but don’t want to continuously spend money on bedwetting pads, then the Priva waterproof mattress pads are the best option.

Boasting a low price tag but a high level of absorbency, the Priva mattress pads are perfect for any budget. The pads absorb between six to eight cups of liquid, depending on the size of the mattress pad, so your bedding is guaranteed to stay dry throughout the night. They are designed with four absorbent and protective layers: a soft quilted cotton-polyester top surface that provides an ultra-plush sleeping surface, a polyester fiberfill layer, a super absorbent, high-density inner layer, and a waterproof vinyl non-slip barrier. In addition, these pads offer an industry-leading 300 wash cycles, so you won’t have to worry about purchasing replacements for many years. 


  • Comes in 8 different sizes
  • Free of lead, cadmium, mercury, and all phthalates
  • Machine-washable and dryer friendly for 300 wash cycles
  • Top layer of super soft cotton


  • No adhesive to secure the pad to your sheet
medline (1)

Best Disposable Pads


Medline’s Underpads are some of the most popular bedwetting pads on the market today thanks to their high absorbency rate and superior odor eliminating abilities. The disposable pad’s efficiency is due to the use of an odor controlling polymer and an absorbent fluff core.

The pads feature a polypropylene backing which helps keep the pads in place through the night and prevent any leakage.  The pads also feature a soft, diamond quilted top sheet that is gentle on sensitive skin and helps to wick away excess moisture. Plus, the large 36” by 36” size means that these pads can be used on surfaces other than just the bed, such as the couch or the floor. 


  • Large size
  • Pre-folded and convenient for on-the-go use
  • Heavy absorbency 


  • Easily torn
medline pad

Best Reusable Pads


Another great bedwetting pad made by Medline is their Softnit 300 Underpads. These machine-washable pads are made with a waterproof, vinyl kint barrier that is both comfortable and highly durable.

The surface of the Softnit 300 Underpads is made from a soft, quilted cotton-polyester twill blend that helps to protect against stains and leaks while offering a comfortable sleep surface. The pads measure 34” by 36”, so you can get a good deal of coverage when using them. And, since these pads are machine-washable, they are more cost effective and less wasteful than disposable pads. 


  • Come in a resealable bag
  • Highly durable


  • Wrinkles form after first wash and prevent a smooth surface

Things to Consider When Purchasing Your Next Bedwetting Pad

When you are choosing the best bedwetting pads, you must take into consideration your own needs. Think about the following factors next time you go shopping:

Reusable vs. Disposable

There is no doubt that disposable bedwetting pads are going to be far easier to care for because all you do is pull them off and throw them away. For this reason, these single-use pads can be very appealing, especially when traveling. However, if you are looking for bedwetting sheets to use at your home, you should consider purchasing reusable pads. The reusable pad will remain on the bed until an accident happens, then you simply throw it in the wash and replace it with one of the backup reusable pads. In the long run, reusable pads save you a great deal of money because you are not forced to continuously buy new pads; and, they are far less wasteful than disposable pads. Ultimately, whether you choose reusable or disposable will come down to your preferences and needs.

Style of the sleeper

Some people, especially young children, toss and turn during their sleep – and, if you’ve ever shared the bed with your 6 year old, you know how true that really is. Whether you plan on putting the bedwetting pad on top of the fitted sheet or underneath of it, you will need to consider how much the person sleeping on the pad moves during the night. If they move a lot, you should find a pad that has some sort of adhesive on it that will secure the pad to the bed. 

Size and absorption

The size of a bedwetting pad is very important. If the pad is too small for your bed, then it will not provide you with adequate coverage or absorption. For twin beds, a pad size of 30” by 34” is recommended, while anything larger than a twin will need a larger sized pad. Read the recommended mattress size in the bedwetting pad’s description to determine if the size is adequate. In addition, the amount of liquid a bedwetting pad can hold should be noted before purchase. For adults, purchase a pad that offers at least 5 cups of liquid absorption; for children, purchase a pad that has at least 3 cups of liquid absorption.



Bedwetting pads are a great resource for anyone dealing with nocturnal enuresis. Adding a bedwetting pad to you or your child’s bed will help to keep their mattress and bedding dry throughout the night and allow for a more restful sleep. For an added level of protection, we suggest pairing your bedwetting pad with a bedwetting alarm

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