Best Biotin Supplements to Take Before Bed

By Katie Dyal

If you’ve never taken biotin before, your internal and external health is about to change in powerful ways. Essentially, biotin helps aid the conversion of food into energy. By taking this supplement, you will greatly improve your metabolism. It also does wonders for your eyesight, liver function, and nervous system. Biotin is known as “the beauty vitamin” because of the proven impact it has on hair, skin, and nails. Lustrous locks, longer nails, and glowing skin can all be attained through this one powerful supplement. Incredible transformation stories abound; do a little research online to see what we’re talking about. 

With all the benefits that biotin provides, taking a supplement at bedtime is a no-brainer. Keep reading to find out about our top picks for the best biotin supplements to take before bed.

Our Top Picks for the Best Biotin Supplements to Take Before Bed

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Best Budget


Biotin Beauty Tablets by Natrol are a beauty aid that will quickly become part of your regimen.

This inexpensive option takes the form of a quick dissolve tablet, allowing for faster absorption and on-the-go use. Their yummy strawberry flavor and small size makes them easy to consume without food or water present. With this product, you’ll start seeing positive effects in no time. No animal products are used to create these fast-acting tablets and they are 100-percent vegetarian.

PURE RESEARCH’s Extra Strength 10000mcg Biotin Liquid Drops

Best Luxury


PURE RESEARCH’s Extra Strength 10000mcg Biotin Liquid Drops are the perfect pick for the consumer who wants to see dramatic results as quickly as possible.

This highly-concentrated option is a larger dosage and absorbs faster than its competitors. PURE RESEARCH uses only the highest grade biotin in their supplements. One bottle will give you 60 servings, making this product a great value as well. As potent as it is, it goes down easy. Its mixed berry flavor tastes great and is completely vegan. 

Nature's Bounty

Best Value

Nature’s Bounty

You’ll find surprisingly great results in the Biotin Supplement by Nature’s Bounty.

For a limited time only, this choice is a steal at a heavily discounted price. With this product, you’ll receive an incredible 120 soft gels that contain a high dose of 10,000 mcg of biotin each. This water-soluble vitamin can be taken easily before bed and starts working in a matter of days. Nature’s Bounty is easy to trust; they’ve been around for 50 years and have a great reputation for making safe, affordable supplements that really work. 

Sports Research

Also Great

Sports Research

Your research can stop here; the Biotin Supplement with Organic Coconut Oil by Sports Research is our pick that’s last but definitely not least.

An amount of 10,000 mcg per soft gel creates a potent supplement that is non-GMO verified and 100-percent vegetarian. This supplement is unique in the fact that it uses organic coconut oil, which in itself offers incredible benefits. Coconut oil includes three main fatty acids that prevent illness, improve gut health, and protect your liver. These two powerful ingredients work together to make you look and feel beautiful inside and out.

What to Look For in A Biotin Supplement to Take Before Bed

It’s no secret that biotin supplements are an incredibly easy, affordable, and effective way to improve your health. The hard part is knowing what dosage and usage are right for you. Read our notes on dosage, usage, and more so that you can feel confident in making your decision.

Dosage: Biotin supplements traditionally come in 1,000 mcg, 5,000 mcg, and 10,000 mcg options. The dosage of micrograms you choose will determine how quickly your chosen product will work. 10,000 mcg obviously works faster and stronger than the rest; however, you’ll see results with a 1,000 mcg option as well.

Usage: What usage you go for depends solely on preference. If you have a hard time taking pills, go for dissolving tablets or liquid drops. If softgels or pills don’t bother you, using this method will likely cost you less. 

Instructions: Before taking any supplement or pill, it’s important to read the instructions first. Only take the amount that’s recommended for your age and weight group. 

Additional Features: Some biotin supplements are flavored, which help them go down easier. Others are combined with other vitamins, creating a two-in-one or even three-in-one option that saves you money and provides even more benefits.


Now that you’ve reached the end of this article, you can see why everyone’s ranting and raving about biotin. We encourage you to add this versatile vitamin into your routine along with your multivitamins; you won’t regret it. Consider our top picks to find the right supplement for you.

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