Best Bluetooth Alarm Clocks

By Amanda Lasater

Whether you’ve finally become fed-up with running late thanks to your smartphone’s alarm or you are simply ready for an upgrade to your old-school alarm clock, a Bluetooth alarm clock is an excellent option to consider. Modern-day Bluetooth alarm clocks have taken the old, boring alarm clock and added a whole host of extra features that make these smart devices multitasking powerhouses. All Bluetooth alarm clocks double as Bluetooth speakers and FM radios, but many also act as night lights, speakerphones, phone chargers, or white noise machines. Also, many of these clocks wake you up in ways that are scientifically proven to gently ease you out of your slumber leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

With the hundreds of Bluetooth alarm clocks available today, searching to find one that best fits your needs and preferences can be a daunting task. Thankfully, we’ve compiled our top picks as well as some buying tips and tricks to help you find the perfect Bluetooth alarm clock on the market.

The Best Bluetooth Alarm Clocks

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Emerson Radio

Best Budget

Emerson Radio

The SmartSet Bluetooth alarm clock offers the features everyone needs in a Bluetooth alarm clock – plus, a small price tag. 

The clock radio has a large, 1.4” LED display readout that is highly visible and comes in either blue or red. The FM radio also features digital tuning and 20 stations presets. The clock utilizes Emerson’s patented smart time setting system, so when you turn the SmartSet on for the first time, or after a power interruption, it automatically sets itself to the correct day, date, and time. In addition, the alarm clock has a USB charging port built-in which allows you to charge your mobile devices over night.  

Bluetooth alarm clock from I-Box

Best Features


A ton of convenient functions have been packed into this compact and modern Bluetooth alarm clock from I-Box. One of our favorite features of this clock is the built-in Qi wireless charging pad located on the top of the clock. 

The Qi charging pad allows you to charge your Qi-enabled phone without any wires by simply laying the phone on top of the alarm clock. In addition to the Qi wireless charging pad, the alarm clock also features a USB port so that you can charge a second device. I-Box designed this clock with a 5-level light dimmer which allows you to control how bright the LED display is during the night. It features a dual alarm function that lets you set two different wake-up times and ensure you are never accidentally oversleep again. When it comes to sound quality, this little clock packs a big punch thanks to its 6W stereo speakers and passive subwoofer. Finally, this Bluetooth alarm clock also comes in your choice of three trendy colors – grey, pink, and purple.


Best for Kids


This Bluetooth alarm clock made by Uplayteck is the perfect addition to any child’s room. The unique design of this clock offers numerous features that work perfectly for kids, such as the vibration-activated, dimmable light. 

If the clock feels any substantial vibrations, like a drawer opening or a knock, then the light automatically turns on to act as a nightlight. The color of your alarm clock’s dazzling lights can be adjusted to match your mood and the light’s brightness can be adjusted through four brightness levels. The clock offers a sunrise wake up, which means that when it is time to get up, the light turns on at the dimmest level and then slowly gets brighter and brighter. The clock also comes equipped with sleep-inducing sounds that can help gently soothe you or your little one to sleep. Also, it features a 2000 mAh rechargeable battery, so you don’t have to bother with cords and outlets, nor will you have to worry about power outages.


Best for Music Playing


iHome has been a powerhouse in the world of smart technology for years and they have really hit it out of the park with the iHome iBTW38 Wireless Charging Bluetooth Alarm Clock. 

This alarm clock is equipped with two Reson8 speakers that are specifically designed to deliver astounding clarity, depth, and power. The dual alarms can be set to wake you up with your own audio streamed via Bluetooth or with one of four built-in alarm tones. The top of the iHome iBTW38 features a Qi wireless fast charging pad that will charge all Qi-enabled devices wire-free and in record time. In addition, iHome has included an extra USB port to charge a second device or power bank. The Bluetooth alarm clock comes with a backup battery to prevent power interruptions.   Finally, it can be used as an advanced speakerphone with your cell phone and, if your phone is running on iOS 10 or later, the caller ID will appear on the clock’s LED display.

What is a Bluetooth Alarm Clock?

While any working alarm clock can prevent you from oversleeping, Bluetooth alarm clocks are far more versatile and come loaded with convenient features. Aside from simply telling time and buzzing until you awake, Bluetooth alarm clocks double as an FM radio and Bluetooth speaker. These clocks give you the option of waking up to your favorite song or other audio files that is stored on your Bluetooth-enabled device (i.e. your cell phone). In addition, they can be used as a Bluetooth speaker to stream your favorite music to your room. 

Some of the other features you will often see in a Bluetooth alarm clock include:

  • Dimmable LED display
  • Lights designed to mimic a sunrise or a sunset
  • Color changing lights
  • Built-in soothing sounds to help you fall asleep at night
  • USB charging ports
  • Wireless charging pads
  • Backup battery

A Bluetooth alarm clock will help you get a better, more restful night’s sleep for numerous reasons. Most of us are using our smartphones as an alarm clock and while setting your phone’s alarm is easy, resisting the urge to check your texts, emails, and social media accounts is not so easy. Setting or checking your smartphone’s alarm often leads to using your smartphone in bed and, therefore, cuts into valuable sleep time. In addition, the blue light waves emitted by devices such as your cell phone interfere with the sleep hormone melatonin, which makes it even harder to fall asleep once you have finally put your phone down. 

Pros and Cons of Bluetooth Alarm Clocks


  • Using a Bluetooth alarm clock can help you get a more restful night’s sleep
  • Many Bluetooth alarm clocks wake you up in a way that feels more natural than a jarring “beep” 
  • Bluetooth alarm clocks are far more versatile than alarm clocks


  • Individuals who are not tech-savvy may have a hard time learning all the features
  • Some may find the LED display too bright

How to Find the Best Bluetooth Alarm Clocks

To find the best Bluetooth alarm clock, there are a few considerations you should look into:

  • Speaker quality: If you plan on using your alarm clock to double as a Bluetooth speaker, then you will obviously want a high-quality speaker. Aside from testing them out yourself, the best way to determine whether an alarm clock’s speakers will provide you with superior sound quality is to read the user reviews.
  • Alarm settings: Dual alarms are the perfect option for anyone who has a sleeping partner with a different wakeup time than them. Or, maybe you just know yourself well enough to know that one alarm and a snooze button simply does not cut it. Either way, finding a clock with dual alarms is always the safest bet. 
  • Outlet vs. battery power: This choice comes down to personal preference. The outlet-powered models are the most popular choice for an everyday alarm clock. If you are going to leave the clock in the same place, or you are worried that you will forget to recharge the batteries, then a Bluetooth clock that plugs into the wall is a good option. If portability is important to you, then you will want to go with a battery-powered clock.


Overall, following our tips and tricks will help you to find the best Bluetooth alarm clock available today. When shopping for one of these smart alarm clocks, keep in mind the quality of the speaker, the alarm options, and the battery power to ensure you found your best pick. 

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