Best body positioners

By Katie Dyal

We understand it’s hard to get the best sleep when you are battling back pain, leg pain, or specific ailments. 

If you are having trouble getting the best sleep due to GERD, sciatica, sleep apnea, and more, we have just the solution for you. We have hand-picked the best body positioners that will support your body where it needs and provide therapeutic relief—so you can wake up feeling fresh and pain-free in the morning.

The best body positioners

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Top choice

Lifting and improves circulation

Sleep better knowing you are improving your circulation while you get your beauty rest.

This body positioner pillow is orthopedically designed to elevate your legs and draw your blood towards your heart and brain. It also provides support and takes the pressure off your spine, so you won’t toss and turn while you sleep. You can also use this pillow underneath your back for additional therapeutic support. This pillow is made from squishy foam that holds its shape and provides long-lasting comfort throughout the night. You can even remove the cover for easy machine washing. 

Why we love it:

  • Orthopedic
  • Designed to elevate your legs or support your back
  • Takes pressure off the spine
  • Triangular design
  • Made with therapeutic foam

Best bamboo

Hypoallergenic and breathable

If you need an extra therapeutic hug at night, choose this cozy pillow as your companion.

This body positioner pillow is made with a mixture of cooling memory foam and bamboo that keeps you supported all night long. You will love how this pillow keeps you fresh and features moisture-wicking material that won’t lock in dampness. It is 54 inches long and ideal for those who like to sleep on their sides or stomachs. The pillow will help support your neck, back, and hips from growing achy or fatigued when you wake up in the morning.

Why we love it:

  • Chemical-free 
  • Made with memory foam and bamboo
  • 54 inches in length
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Supportive 

Best for acid reflux

Calming and cushioned

Is acid reflux getting you down at night?

We’ve got the perfect solution to help tame your gut with this wedge pillow. This pillow is designed in a triangular shape to support your back and raise your head for better sleeping. Enjoy the soft memory foam materials and silky cover that won’t sink while you lay on it. You can rest with your back on the pillow or prop your legs up to an ideal 30-degree slant. This slant will help improve circulation within your body and alleviate pain from acid reflux and spinal pain. If you want to take this pillow outside the bedroom, you can comfortably set this pillow on the couch to lounge in front of the television or read a book. 

Why we love it:

  • Ergonomic
  • Triangular design
  • 30-degree therapeutic slant
  • Alleviates acid reflux and the nervous system 
  • Ideal for sleeping or lounging

Best for pregnancy

Oversized and supportive

Pregnancy brings about lots of changes.

Some changes, like restless sleep, are not exactly welcomed by many women. If you are having trouble sleeping during pregnancy, this oversized body pillow will help you get back to sleep. Use this pillow in bed or on the couch for instant support and extra relief from the aches and pains of carrying a child. You will love the soft fiber filled jersey cover that soothes the skin and cools you during your pregnancy hot flashes. You can sit and lay in this pillow in multiple positions, such as lying on your side, on your back, and even sitting up.

Why we love it:

  • Supports pregnant women
  • Versatile positioning
  • Soft jersey cover
  • Oversized
  • Supports restless sleep

Best for legs

Reduces swelling and comforts legs

Whether you are recovering from surgery or need extra support for your hips and knees, this pillow does it all.

Rest your legs upon this ergonomic body positioner block that lifts your legs and provides alignment support for your hips, back, and legs. When you use this pillow, you will notice instant pain relief and reduced swelling in your limbs. This block is made with high-density foam and a hypoallergenic cover that wards off dust and allergens when allergy season hits. Use this pillow in multiple positions on your bed, on the couch, or with your feet propped up on your patio. 

Why we love it:

  • Ergonomic 
  • Directs blood to the heart and brain
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Muli-position use
  • Lifts the legs or supports the back

Best gel memory foam

Curved and inclined

If you struggle with breathing problems or GERD symptoms, this pillow is here to relieve these issues. 

Wake up feeling rejuvenated again with this unique body positioner. This pillow allows you to sleep at a 16-degree angle and helps support proper breathing. It is made with two inches of gel memory foam topper that gently contours to your body and holds you snug all night. The pillow features a curved design that makes sleeping and lounging extra comfortable. You won’t experience any harsh pressure from the corners of this pillow. This pillow is available in three small, medium, and large sizes, which you can choose based on your weight and body type. 

Why we love it:

  • Bamboo cover
  • 16-degree incline
  • Relieves many ailments
  • Curved
  • Features two inches of gel memory foam topping

How to find the best body positioners 

If you are looking for the most comfortable body positioner, but don’t know how to choose one, we are here to help. Here’s what you should look for before purchasing.

Support: Look for a body positioner that provides ample support for your legs, back, and hips. Look for body positioners that contain hollow fibers, memory foam, and angles that will add both comfort and therapeutic support for your aching body. 

Hypoallergenic covers: Don’t let your body positioner give you the sniffles. Choose one that includes either a hypoallergenic microfiber cover or a cotton cover. These two materials are the best for moisture-wicking purposes and ward of pesky allergens while relaxing or sleeping. 

Cooling memory foam: If you are prone to the night sweats, look for a body positioner that contains cooling gel memory foam. Most pillows will come with one to two inches of memory foam that helps to dissipate heat and keep you fresh through the night. 


Now that you know how to choose the best body positioners, let your chosen pillow comfort you tonight. Whether you have back pain, stomach issues, or breathing problems, we are confident your new body positioner will help you get the rest you deserve.  

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