Best Box Fans for Your Bedroom

By Amanda Lasater

Running your air conditioning can be an expensive endeavor, especially during the warmer months. Using a box fan will help you offset the cost of running your air conditioner without sacrificing your comfort.

When it comes to selecting a new box fan, there are a large number of brands and models out there. To help you select the perfect box fan, we’ve compiled a list of the best box fans available today. 

Our Picks for the Best Box Fans

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lasko box fan

Best Weather-Resistant

Lasko 20″ Weather-Shield Performance Box Fan

The Lasko 20” box fan utilizes a powerful yet quiet motor to produce a cooling breeze throughout your room.

The innovative wind ring system was designed to increase air velocity without increasing power consumption. The motor is weather-resistant, so you do not need to worry about the fan staying in the window when it rains outside.

The fan offers three speeds with top-mounted controls, so it is easy to change the airflow setting. Also, Lasko designed this fan with a simple, tool-free assembly – just pop it out of the box and you are ready to go. 

ac infinity box fan

Best Mini Fan

AC Infinity AXIAL 1238, Muffin Fan

The AC Infinity AXIAL packs a powerful punch into a small package.

The dimensions of this fan are just under 5” by 5”, so it is the perfect fan to use for a project or to have sitting on your desk. Although it is a super small fan, the airflow still measures a whopping 110 CFMs, ensuring that you will not be disappointed by the air circulation caused by this fan. And, the fan is very quiet, with a noise level of 47 dBAs, so you won’t be kept awake at night by a loud motor.

Finally, the fan is made out of die-cast aluminum and features dual-ball motors that allow the fan to be mounted flat or upright.

holmes box fan

Most Budget

Holmes HBF2010AWM 20″ White 3 Speed Box Fan

The Holmes 20” box fan is an ideal fan for medium sized rooms. The fan offers three speed-settings which give you complete control over the airflow.

The front grid is removable making the blades easy to clean and the attachable feet add extra stability. The design is also extremely energy efficient, costing less than 2 cents per hour to operate. Plus, the whisper-quiet design will ensure that you are able to fall asleep in a cool and quiet room.

hurricane box fan

Most Lightweight

Hurricane Box Fan – 20 Inch

The Hurricane box fan is known for its ability to produce extremely powerful winds and cool a room quickly.

The fan is extremely lightweight, weighing only 7 pounds and including a built-in handle for easy portability. It even has a space for the power cord to be stored, so you don’t have to worry about any annoying cords dragging while you move the fan from room to room.

And, this classic floor fan comes with three speed settings that allow for optimal power saving.

Benefits of Box Fans

No one enjoys living in a furnace. In fact, an overly hot home can actually end up creating health issues. For example, attempting to get a good night’s sleep in a hot house can be pretty impossible – you end up tossing and turning all night, covered in sweat, unable to simply stay asleep.

This problem is especially bothersome for those of us who normally sleep hot or are using a mattress that does not circulate our body heat. Sleep is a critical determinant in our mental and physical health, so anything restricting it is an issue that needs to be addressed. Living in a home that is uncomfortably hot can also lead to a great deal of stress and anxiety, another factor that can be harmful to our health. Box fans also act to circulate the air throughout your home, which is important for your air quality and air purification.

Thankfully, when it’s hot outside, box fans are an easy way to bring your home to a comfortable temperature, circulate indoor air, and ensure that you’ll never feel overheated. 

How to Choose the Best Box Fan for Your Bedroom

When you’re shopping for the best box fan, pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Size. Where do you plan on putting the fan? If it is in a window, a 20” fan should do.
  • Noise. How important is the level of noise that the fan will make?
  • Aesthetics. Is there a certain look or color you want?
  • Airflow controls. Is it important that you can change the airflow?
  • Features. Do you need a remote? Are there any special features you need?
  • Price. What is your price range?


Being stuck inside a hot house is miserable, but in the current economy, running the air conditioning all day can be impractical. A good box fan can be the perfect way to save money and stay cool this summer. Make sure you pick the perfect box fan for your needs and get a jump on beating the heat before it’s too late. 

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