Best Box Springs You Can Buy on Amazon

By Amanda Lasater

Jun 6th, 2022

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A box spring is a type of bed base that is typically constructed of springs or metal rods that works to support your mattress. Not only do box springs support your mattress, they also raise the height of your bed, making it easier and more practical to get in and out of. 

A box spring may be the best base for your mattress. We share our top picks for the best box springs found on Amazon, as well as weigh the pros and cons of them and why you may need one for your bedroom. 

Our Picks for the Best Box Springs

zinus armita box spring

Best Overall

Zinus Armita 9 Inch High Profile Smart Box Spring

The Zinus High-Profile Smart Box Spring offers a nine-inch height to your mattress and remains sturdy and supportive for years to come. Designed with a steel frame structure and fabric cover, this box spring serves as a great foundation for your bedding.

In five easy steps, you can have your bed base assembled and ready to support any standard sized mattress. This box spring is available in a variety of sizes including twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and california king. 

classic brands box spring

Best Luxury

Classic Brands Hercules Instant Folding Mattress Foundation High Profile 7.5-Inch Box-Spring Replacement

Unlike a traditional box spring, the Hercules Box Spring Replacement is considered more of a folding mattress foundation. Once you’ve received your delivery, all you have to do is slide it out of the package, unfold, and it’s already assembled. It’s as simple as that.

Since it’s a folding foundation, it can fit most bed frames and mattresses with ease. It’s designed with powder-coated steel and includes a zip-off cover. You can purchase your very own in several sizes including twin, twin XL, full, full LX, queen, king, and california king; as well as pick your profile height. 

amazonbasics mattress foundation

Best Assembly

AmazonBasics Mattress Foundation / Smart Box Spring

AmazonBasics does it again with designing a product that is super practical, yet stays reliable. This Smart Box Spring is made of a durable steel frame and includes a two-piece removable fabric top and bottom cover that zips securely for full coverage.

With evenly spaced horizontal slats, you can rest assured that you are being supported to the fullest extent. This mattress foundation is available in the following sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and california king. You can choose between five or nine-inch deep springs. With clear instructions and no tool required, you can have your mattress foundation set up in minutes. 

zinus walter box spring

Best Customize

Zinus Walter 4 Inch Low Profile Metal Box Spring with Wood Slats

The options are endless with the Zinus Walter Box Spring Collection. You can ensure you get the size you need for your mattress and the profile height you’d like as well! Whether you need a low profile, high, or right in-between- this collection has it.

This box spring is designed with a strong steel structure and includes wood slat support. It comes with all the tools necessary to assemble included. Not to mention, within the steel frame, there is foam-padded tape to prevent squeaks. Lastly, a non-slip tape is added on the wooden slats to prevent your mattress from ever moving. 

Do I need a box spring? 

You may be wondering if you really need a box spring or not for your mattress. It really depends on the type of mattress you have, as well as your style and personal preference. We’ve listed the advantages as well as disadvantages with having a box spring to help you determine if it’s the right base for your bed set. 


  • Extra support to uphold your mattress
  • Additional height makes it easier getting in and out of bed
  • Takes pressure off your mattress which, in turn, extends mattress lifespan 
  • Prevents your mattress from sagging
  • Can enhance the overall style of your bedroom decor 


  • Lose support over time and tend to squeak as they age 
  • Little to no storage space underneath the bed
  • Can be heavy
  • Not always best for latex or memory foam mattresses 

How to choose the best box spring

There are a few things to consider when choosing the best box spring for your mattress. Here’s what you need to ask yourself before making your purchase.  

Bed Height 

Box springs come in a variety of heights. Most commonly, the height profile on a box spring will range from four inches to nine inches. Four inches is considered low-profile; whereas, nine inches is considered high-profile. Consider which style you like best before purchasing. 

Surface Feel

Would you prefer a soft or firm surface to sleep on? Your box springs can surprisingly have an impact on the overall feel of your mattress. Box springs are supposed to level out your body weight so your mattress doesn’t sag. With a steel construction, you may experience more firmness; whereas, a wooden construction may offer more bounce.

Mattress Type 

Your mattress will ultimately dictate whether a box spring is the right fit for you. Box springs are not suggested for memory foam or latex mattresses. Box springs offer the most support for an innerspring mattress. You may be better off with a mattress foundation rather than a box spring.


Your mattress needs to be supported by some type of foundation. Depending on your style preferences and what type of mattress you have will dictate if a box spring base is right for you.