Best Bunk Bed Mattresses on Amazon

By Katie Dyal

Bunk beds are a great way to save space. For many kiddos, these stacked beds serve as their first real beds. When selecting a mattress, you’ll want one that’s of the highest quality and utmost safety.

Bunk beds aren’t like traditional beds and this is reflected in their mattresses. Mattress thickness is a factor, which is why our top picks stay in the six to eight-inch range. If you use a regular size, it can keep the guard rails from doing their job or set its sleeper too close to the ceiling. Different rules apply here, so read your frame’s requirements carefully. We’ve chosen some great options that fit the bill. Read on to find our top picks for the best bunk bed mattresses on Amazon and what to consider when shopping for your own. 

Our Top Picks for the Best Bunk Bed Mattresses on Amazon

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Best Budget


You’re sure to love Zinus’s Green Tea Mattress; it checks all of the boxes but stays within an affordable price.

A six-inch thickness features a combination of memory foam and high-density base support foam, making this one of the more firm options on our list. This material is CertiPUR-US, ensuring the highest level of safety and durability. Memory foam is excellent at conforming and will relieve pressure, as well as provide support to whoever is sleeping on it. This option uniquely features an infusion of green tea extract and castor natural seed oil. These all-natural elements will keep odor away and protect your mattress from bacteria. This choice is super easy to care for and includes a removable poly-jacquard cover that you can throw in the wash. 


Best Luxury


The Twin Mattress Memory Foam Mattress by Inofia is enough to make you bid other mattresses adieu.

This option combines three types of foam to create a unique blend of comfort and support. Eco memory foam, smart comfort foam, and ergonomic support foam all offer excellent breathability and airflow so that you can sleep comfortably throughout the night. These are also very durable materials, ensuring that your mattress is built to last. This option is a six-inch mattress, which is the perfect thickness. It provides an ample amount of height to prevent from sinking, but it won’t reach over your bunk bed’s guard rails. The back of this mattress is unique in that it has a non-slip surface. You’ll never have to worry about this product slipping or shifting while you sleep. When it’s time for a cleaning, simply remove the knitted fabric cover. 

Classic Brands

Best Value

Classic Brands

With all of its positives, it’s hard not to be a fan of the Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress by Classic Brands. 

First off, it’s a total steal in price. This option is made of high-quality gel memory foam that is fantastic at relieving pressure by conforming to your body. This process of conforming also prevents each person from tossing and turning, making for a more peaceful sleep. A medium-firm feel is the perfect happy medium for all kinds of sleepers. This option makes health a top priority. Gel foam is known for being spectacular at regulating temperature of your body when you aren’t. This type of foam is also hypoallergenic and will keep unwanted insects and bacteria far, far away. With a CertiPUR-US certification, durability and safety should be of no concern. Sitting at six inches, you’ll find that this mattress is the perfect fit for all kinds of bunk beds.


Also Great


You’ll be impressed by the comfort, support, and build of the Innerspring Hybrid Mattress by Linenspa.

This unique choice actually combines spring technology and memory foam to create a sleeping surface that is the best of both worlds. Individually encased coils and gel infusions work together to create a medium-feel density that feels just right. Memory foam cradles, while coils provide the traditional bounce of an innerspring mattress. Just make sure that this option is compatible with your bunk bed frame; this twin mattress made for bunk beds is thicker than most. If it can, this eight-inch thick mattress will provide you extra support and can work wonders on people who have back problems.

What to Look For in Bunk Bed Mattresses on Amazon

When searching for the right mattress to outfit a bunk bed, some new rules can come into play. We’re here to fill you in on this information before buying. Mattress type, thickness, and density are all factors that will lead you to the mattress that best suits your bunk.

Mattress Type: Innerspring mattress or foam? Although the former is not seen as often these days, it’s still a solid option that might work best in your situation. Some people like a little spring and firm support. If you’re opting for foam, keep in mind that there are many different types out there and they can be quite different from one another. Gel memory foam will fit you like a glove, while a base foam solely helps with density and support. 

Thickness: This factor is the most important of them all. You’ll need to make sure that the ratio between the height of your bunk bed’s guard rails, the thickness of your mattress, and the space from the ceiling is balanced. If the thickness is overlooked, injuries may prevail. 

Density: Considering firmness is about considering what’s most comfortable for you. A softer density will give you a cushy sleep; whereas, a firmer option will provide you with a strong base of support.


Bunk bed mattresses are a different ball game. With that said, the same priorities still apply; comfort, safety, and durability should all be non-negotiable. By reading this list, we hope you’ve gotten a little closer to understanding which bunk bed mattress fits your frame best.

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