The Best California King Comforters

By Amanda Lasater

We all know how important mattress quality is when it comes to achieving the most restful night’s sleep, however, bedding accessories can also play a pretty significant role in your sleep quality. Of all the bedding accessories out there, a quality comforter is one that can quickly and easily improve your sleeping experience each night.

If you are looking to add an unparalleled level of comfort and coziness to your California king bed, then finding a quality comforter set is exactly what you need to do. To find the best California king comforter for your preferences, read through our list of favorites that are available today.

Our Picks for the Best California King Comforters

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utopia bedding comforter

Best Overall

Utopia Bedding Comforter Duvet Insert

The Utopia Bedding Comforter Duvet Insert will provide you with a heavenly sleeping experience. The comforter is filled with a plush, siliconized fiberfill down alternative that will ensure you receive a blissful night’s sleep.

It features a high, box-stitched design with strong piped edges that create walls between the top and bottom layers of this comforter and prevents the polyester filling from clumping and shifting. Thanks to the box-stitch design of the Utopia comforter, you do not have to worry about the filling becoming clumped in one section. Instead, the filling remains evenly distributed and you can receive the perfect night’s sleep. The comforter also utilizes a duvet-like design, which means it can easily be used with a duvet cover to quickly change the look of your bedroom.

wake in cloud comforter

Best for Decor

Wake In Cloud – Marble Comforter Set, Gray Grey Black and White Pattern Printed, Soft Microfiber Bedding

 The Wake In Cloud Marble Comforter Set is a seriously good looking comforter. Most comforters out there do not come in attractive patterns – instead, they usually just come in white. And, while the added marble design really makes this comforter an attractive addition to any bed, the makers did not skimp on comfort.

This attractive California king comforter utilizes a soft, 100% microfiber filling that is extremely durable, hypoallergenic, wrinkle-resistant, and fade-resistant. Another huge bonus with this comforter set is that it is machine washable, so you won’t have to worry about the hassle of taking it into the dry cleaners. Also, this is a three-piece set, so it comes with a California king comforter as well as two marble pillowcases for an added bonus. Finally, the comforter even comes with a 30-night trial, so if you don’t love it you can send it back.

nestle bedding duvet cover comforter

Best Duvet Cover

Nestl Bedding Duvet Cover 3 Piece Set

Nestl Bedding has become a well-known name in the world of bedding accessories – and their duvet cover set will show you exactly why they have developed into such a popular choice for the bedroom. The cover and two pillow shams are made from a high-quality microfiber material that has been double brushed on both sides for the ultimate feeling of softness and comfort.

The cover is breathable, lightweight, and cool to the touch, creating a superior sleeping experience that will leave you feeling refreshed upon wakeup. The cover is machine-washable, hypoallergenic, as well as fade, stain, shrink, and wrinkle resistant. Finally, Nestl Bedding offers their duvet cover in over 40 different vibrant and beautiful colors which will allow you to keep your bedroom neutral or throw in a pop of color.

cali king comfoter down alternative

Most Luxurious

Luxurious King/California King (Cal King) Hard-to-FIND 90 Oz Fill Weight Goose Down Alternative Comforter

If you are looking for a truly luxurious sleeping experience, then Egyptian Bedding’s Down Alternative Comforter is the perfect option for you. The comforter uses a down alternative filling to provide sleepers with medium warmth all year long.

It features box-stitching to help avoid any shifting in the filling and ensure that your comforter’s filling remains evenly dispersed throughout the night. The comforter also features a 600 thread count Egyptian cotton cover for a seriously soft feel as well as a 750 fill power and a 90 oz. fill weight. Overall, sleeping under this comforter will make you forget all of your troubles and quickly drift away to sleep. 

What to Look For In Your Next California King Comforter

There are a few things that you want to consider when purchasing a quality California king comforter. Make sure to check out the following qualities of a comforter before purchasing:

  • Ease of cleaning: You may not think about it at first, but with the amount of time spent in bed, it is important that you are able to keep your comforter clean. Check the label to find out whether the comforter is machine-washable or if it will need to be dry-cleaned. 
  • The fill power: The fill power refers to the amount of space an ounce of down filling takes up. Typically, the fill power can be found listed on the packaging or in the comforter’s product description. The higher the fill power, the warmer a comforter will be because it means that more air gets trapped by the down feathers. We suggest a fill power of at least 600 to stay nice and cozy at night.
  • The construction: A better construction will mean that a comforter will last longer. We recommend a sewn-threw construction to ensure that the filling stays evenly distributed throughout the comforter.  
  • The thread count: The thread count of a comforter is similar to that of a bed sheet as it indicated the number of yarns within an inch of the fabric. A higher thread means finer yarns and a softer touch. More importantly, a higher thread count ensures that the fill will remain evenly inside the comforter and will not leak out through large gaps between yarns. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between down and alternative down?

Down comforters are filled with the downy feathers that lie closest to the skin of either ducks or geese. These are small feathers that provide the birds with exceptional warmth during the winter. On the other hand, a down alternative is a filling that is designed to mimic the warmth and fluff of down. Down alternative typically consists of cotton fibers, cotton-polyester blend fibers, or gel fibers. 

Are down comforters better?

This all depends on your preferences. Down comforters are lighter-weight and provide better insulation than down alternative comforters. However, down alternative is far less expensive and these comforters are easier to clean and friendlier for allergy sufferers. If you decide to go with down, we suggest that you try to find ethically sourced down.


The quality of sleep we receive each night directly correlates to our health and happiness, so it is vital that we think of our sleeping experience as a priority. Purchasing an ultra-plush comforter for your California king bed is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you can improve your quality of sleep without breaking the bank. Make sure to use our picks for the best California king comforters on the market today and start receiving your best night’s sleep. 

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