Best cat toys

By Katie Dyal

Cats tend to not be as interactive or interested in engaging with humans as other pets. But that doesn’t mean you can’t draw them into play or even that don’t like to play solo. Finding engaging, fun toys for your cat can help them become more interactive and can also give them much needed exercise.

The sad, tired balls of yarn and tinfoil that used to be key toys for cats have been replaced. Now there are electronic, multifunctional and upgraded tradition type toys from which to choose. Keep the type of cat you are buying for in mind and consider our list of best cat toys below as you start your search for the perfect toy or toys for your pet. Here are the best cat toys.

The best cat toys

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Youngever Cat Toy Assortment

Best variety

Something for every cat 

The cat you’re buying for can never get bored with this 24-count assortment of cat toys. Specifically designed to engage both cats and kits, this packet has toys so small you can tuck them in your handbag and take them with you. But the brilliant thing about this bundle is that there are also larger items like a two-way tunnel that will literally inspire your cat to get some exercise. Whether you’re playing with them or giving them entertainment while you’re away, there is something in this assortment for any occasion.

Why we love it:

  • Numerous sizes
  • Cat or kitten friendly
  • Variety
Petstages Cat Tracks Cat Toys

Best multilevel, interactive play

Comfortable and supportive

The more levels of play you can provide, the longer your cat will want to stay engaged.

This interactive, multi-tiered cat toy is ideal for solo play or more than one cat. You can spin the tower, throw the balls, and engage with the cat. You can also leave the tiered track on the floor for the cat to hunt and bat at the balls by himself. The top is closed, and the bottom is non-slip to keep the toy in place. Built-in a sturdy, stacked design, this toy is made to accommodate aggressive, high energy play for cats or kittens.  

Why we love it: 

  • Sturdy construction
  • Multi-tiered
  • Solo or multi-pet play
Ralthy Interactive Robotic Cat Toys

Best robotic interactive

Automatic and self-rotating

Why would a cat love a robot? Because that robot is a toy that can tantalize the cat much like a human. 

This toy is battery operated, rotates 360 degrees, has two motors and large tires to dangle and shake attached toys in front of the cat. This option runs on carpets and hard surfaces recharge with a convenient USB port in two hours and will work for up to four hours. With an irregular roll pattern and LED color changing lamp, you can attach any number of magnetic feathers or rings to entertain your pet for hours.

Why we love it: 

  • Battery operated
  • Rechargeable
  • Durable 
Upsky Cat Toy Roller

Best mental exercise 

Challenging and exercising

A bored cat can be a destructive or overweight cat.

Engage your curious cats or kittens with this four-level, durable, stacked ball track. It’s made of ultra-strong, tear-resistant PP with a non-slip bottom for rowdy play. The tiers remove for easy cleaning and the toy is designed to engage just a single cat or multiple cats. It’s designed to exercise their mental sense of hunting and trapping without stimulating their desire to destroy furniture or even your decorative throw pillows.

Why we love it:

  • Smart design
  • Durable
  • Multi-play
BlackHole Litter Mat Swimming Fish Toy

Best water play

Hunting and playing

Not all cats are opposed to water and most cats love to catch fish. So, why not make that the focus of your pet’s play?

This unique fish toy will keep your cat or kitten entertained for hours as he tries to catch one of the four electronic, swimming fish. Stimulate the hunter instinct safely as your cat bats at the LED-lit, moving fish, in any durable bowl you fill with water. This set comes with LR44 batteries for each fish and 8 extras, plus an installation tool. Tuck the fish back in the easy carrying box and slip them into your travel luggage for fun on the go.  

Why we love it:

  • Battery operated
  • LED-lit
  • Portable
GO! Pet Training Chaser Tool

Best training toy

Rechargeable and training

Nothing engages a cat or kitten quite like the lure of bouncing laser light.

Try this three in one designed laser pointer that features red dot, UV, and mini-flashlight lighting. It comes with a rechargeable USB cord that charges in under two hours and can last up to a week, depending on usage. Use the switch to keep the light on without continual on pressure so you can engage longer without your thumb getting tired. And if all those features are not enough, this toy comes in a two-pack!

Why we love it:

  • LED-lit
  • Rechargeable
  • Two-pack

How to find the best cat toys

There are so many reasons that toy engagement is good for your pet. Just like you need exercise, your cat or kitten may need exercise, mental stimulation, re-direction from destructive behavior or even distraction while you’re away. Just be sure to consider the toy’s activity, durability, portability and interactive benefits when purchasing for your pet.

Activity: Like people, cats can be selective about their favorite activities. If your cats like noise, then the toys should feature noises. If your kitten hates water, maybe you avoid the fishing type of toys. But if the light is what really engages your pet, look for toys featuring LED lighting. 

Durability: Cats are agile but high energy players. Check material composition to make sure it will withstand the kind of play your specific pet exhibits. 

Portability: If you want to be able to take the toy or toys with you on trips or when your pet is being boarded, consider how easily this toy can be packed in the overnight pet bag. 

Interaction: Ask yourself if you need to engage with your pet to activate this toy? If you won’t be around to shake, throw or tug the toy, you need to purchase a fully automated toy that functions without human interaction. 


Now that you know the new types of toys that are on the market for your feline pet, you’ll be able to create a fun, energetic play environment for your furry friend. We hope you’ve found a variety of options to stimulate, engage and interact with your family pet.

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