Best closet organizers

By Katie Dyal

Keeping your space tidy and neat goes beyond matters of cleanliness. According to the art of Feng Shui, the spatial arrangement of your environment will affect how you feel in it. In layman’s terms, less clutter in your bedroom equals more peace of mind. This philosophy especially applies to your sleep, and can even affect your dreams. If you feel serene when falling asleep, you’ll stay serene while slumbering. 

Closets are often the messiest spaces in a bedroom. With that said, living with a lack of organization ironically leads to more hassle and time spent tidying up. With the addition of a closet organizer, your storage space will go from hectic and high-maintenance to functional and welcoming. Here are our favorite closet organizers. 

The best closet organizers

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Best design

Sophisticated and functional

The Rubbermaid custom closet is a closet organizer that looks sophisticated and functions smartly.

This four-foot by eight-foot option will take your whole closet by storm, instantly upgrading the way you configure your storage space. We especially like this organizer for its compartments’ various shapes and sizes. By including a variety of compartments, this product provides a suitable space to hang each item of clothing and accessories.


Best freestanding

Heavy-duty and effortless

Whitmor’s freestanding double rod closet is basically a closet within itself.

This freestanding option is fully supported by its own frame. This is a fabulous product for someone who doesn’t have closet space, or wants to create an additional closet space. Made out of heavy-duty steel, you can be sure this product will stay put and handle the pressure of supporting all of your hanging clothes, shoes and other belongings. The simple design of this option features five smaller cube shelves and two larger units, all featuring double rods for effortless use.

Simple Houseware

Best small-scale

Small and portable

Simple Houseware’s underwear organizer drawer divider set is a great way to keep your closet organizer organized.

These foldable items serve as smaller, portable drawers that can turn any flat surface into an upgraded storage spot. Coming in a pack of four, each drawer divider features a different division pattern to specifically suit various items. These may be simple in design and quite compact; however, they’ll make a world of difference in the upkeep of your closet.

The ShelfTrack Adjustable Closet Organizer Kit by ClosetMaid

Best adjustable

Large and organized

The adjustable closet organizer kit by ClosetMaid will give your closet a make-over without a lot of effort.

This option is a five-foot by eight-foot size at its largest; however, it can be adjusted to meet your standards of neatness. If you’re someone who delights in organizing, you’ll love the option to play around with the grid set-up of this closet organizer. The end result will be a strategically planned shelving that’s personalized to you and your needs. 

How to find the best closet organizer

Are you ready to make moves to makeover your closet? If so, purchasing a closet organizer is a no-brainer. Choosing one is where it gets difficult – these products can range in design, assembly required, and how they’re used. By explaining these three guidelines, we’ll point you towards the closet organizer that best suits your closet space. 

Design: From free-standing designs to stackable options and everything in between, closet organizers can look completely different from one to the next. Choose a design based on how it works with your space, as well as with the organizational methods you’re currently using.

Assembly: If you’re going for a heavy-duty organizer, know that some difficult assembly may be required. We encourage you to research what you’re getting into before buying. 

Use: What are you using your closet organizer for? Go big if you want your closet to look completely redone. If you’re only trying to implement a little more organization, smaller units will do. 


Closet organizers can turn a storage space nightmare into a visually pleasing display. To add, they’re easy to set up, cost-effective, and completely worth it. With one of these handy structures, you’ll be able to clean your closet, clear its entryway, and keep it that way. We hope you’ve found your perfect closet organizer within this list. 

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