The Best Coffee Mugs on Amazon

By Katie Dyal

If you didn’t get the ideal amount of sleep, you may start to feel some cravings for caffeine. When consumed well in advance of your bedtime to avoid any disrupted sleep, coffee and other caffeine products can help keep those yawns at bay throughout the day. 

Whether you’re an iced coffee gal or a hot, dark roast gentlemen, the temperature of your coffee determines your overall satisfaction. From the first sip to the final drop, your mug should keep your chosen beverage at the perfect temperature the entire time. 

Read along to find out our top picks for the best coffee mugs on Amazon and how to choose the best coffee mug for you.

Our Picks for the Best Coffee Mugs on Amazon

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contigo coffee mug

Best Overall

Contigo AUTOSEAL West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mug

For the person on the go, you need something that’s reliable, easy, and of course, effective. The Contigo Mug is up for the challenge. Designed with an auto-seal technology, there’s no such thing as a messy morning.

Press, sip, and seal- it’s as simple as that! The thermalock vacuum can keep your beverage of choice hot for up to five hours and cold for 12. It’s available in a variety of colors and offered in three different sizes: 16 ounces, 20 ounces, or 24 ounces. It fits in most cup holders and is super easy to clean. 

yeti rambler

Best for Outdoors

YETI Rambler 14 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Mug with Lid

It’s hard to beat the well-known outdoor drinkware, YETI Rambler. This stainless steel mug holds 14 ounces and is engineered to keep your drink at the perfect temperature throughout any outdoor adventure.

Designed with a full-loop, triple grip handle, you can enjoy the traditional feel of an at-home coffee mug while hiking up a mountain! Each YETI is made with duracoat color which prevents scratching, peeling, and fading from ever occurring. With a double-wall vacuum insulation, your cup of coffee is sure to be served just the way you like it.


ember coffee mug

Best Technology

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Hello, Ember. It’s nice to meet you! The Ember Smart Mug is designed with temperature control so you can receive the best taste sip after sip.

You can control the temperature by connecting to the Ember app, which will notify you when it’s reached your customized level of comfort. It comes in a white or black style with a battery life of one hour per charge. 

avito coffee mug

Best Value

Stainless Steel Coffee Mugs with Lids by Avito

For the price of one, why not receive two?! That’s Avito’s motto when it comes to their stainless steel coffee mugs.

Designed to hold 14 ounces of coffee and crafted with a welded handle, you can sit comfortably with the right amount of coffee in hand. This mug is constructed with a double-walled design that seals air tightly inside to keep drinks warm or cold. This dynamic duo is easy to clean and comes in several color styles. 

How to choose the best coffee mug

You may think it doesn’t require much thought to pick out a coffee mug, but once you discover your favorite mug, you’ll never want to use another mug again. Here are some things to consider so you can be confident in your mug collection. 


What do you drink more regularly? Iced coffee or hot coffee? This will have a big impact on which mug will work best for you. Stainless steel options are an excellent choice for cold brew drinkers, considering your ice will stay in perfect formation. As for hot coffee drinkers, it may trap in too much heat to where it’s never quite the right temperature to drink without taking the lid off and having to wait to cool down. Consider how you consume your coffee every day and that will determine which type of mug you’ll best! 


Do you drink coffee on the go or at home with breakfast? If you tend to drink your morning cup as you’re heading out the door, you’ll need to look for a mug that seals tightly and holds temperature. 


Lastly, not every mug will fit within your car’s cup holder. Consider the size, as well as the functionality. If you prefer the feel of a traditional mug, you may want to purchase a travel mug that has a handle to give you that at-home feel. If you drink on the road, you’ll need something that fits within the parameters that your vehicle provides! 


You deserve to enjoy your coffee from start to finish. With the ideal coffee mug for your morning routine, you can start your day off right and enjoy every sip along the way. 

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