Best Cooling Blankets

By Alesandra Woolley

May 20th, 2022

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Cooling blankets are the coolest thing on the market right now. Their popularity is rising, as they are the perfect solution to feeling cozy without overheating. With these coverings, you won’t ever have to sacrifice snuggling up to your bed’s blankets.

NASA has been developing these temperature-regulating blankets since the 1980s and has found several ways to provide cooling effects through advanced technology, special materials, and moisture-wicking fabrics. You’ll be surprised at how these smart blankets work after just one use, so beat the heat and find our top picks for the best cooling blankets below and what to look for when shopping for your own.

Our Top Picks for the Best Cooling Blankets 


Best Budget


The Air Conditioning Cooling Blanket by DANGTOP will bring you sweet dreams with every use. 

It’s made of bamboo microfiber that’s so luxuriously soft and smooth, you’ll want to cuddle it year-round. It’s a thinner blanket, which allows heat to dissipate more effectively. The breathability of this product is incredible; it ventilates impressively. This option is comfortable and cool to the touch right off the bat. It keeps you cool and dry by absorbing and dispersing unnecessary body heat. This blanket will take good care of you; just make sure that you’re caring properly for it. DANGTOP recommends that you hand-wash and air-dry this product. Bamboo fiber has a tendency to shrink.


Best Luxury


The Revolutionary Cooling Blanket by Elegear is our top pick for cooling down in luxury. This bedding product has your back in a variety of different scenarios. 

One side sports a combination of cooling fibers through a blend of mica nylon and PE cool fabric. These fibers do a fantastic job of absorbing body heat. The other side is a natural 100-percent cotton that’s classically breathable and comfy. Use whichever side suits you in the given moment. This blanket is a 59-inch by 79-inch size, meaning that it can be used outside of your bedroom as well. Hang out with it in your living room or even take it on a camping trip for your best sleep under the stars. This product is fully machine-washable, so you won’t have to worry about getting it dirty.


Best Value

Weighted Idea

Weighted Idea’s Cool Weighted Blanket is a great idea if you’re trying to stay cool and comfortable. 

This is a dual-purpose option that combines the benefits of both weighted and cooling blankets. Made of 100-percent natural cotton, this product provides exceptional breathability and ventilation. You’ll be able to enjoy the breeze while tucked in with this comfy option. This weighted blanket also provides a comforting compression that conforms to your body. It comes in a 15-pound weight, making it most suitable for people around the 150-pound mark. This product measures in at 48 inches by 78 inches, making it the perfect size for several occasions. You’ll find that it makes for a great companion anywhere you choose to lounge. Just make sure you throw a duvet cover on your new favorite blanket for easier cleaning.


Best Variety


Syrinx’s Cooling Weighted Blanket will instantly upgrade how you sleep. This is another two-in-one option, providing many benefits in one blanket. 

It weighs 15 pounds, which means it works best for people who weigh around 150 pounds. By gently applying pressure and conforming to your body, this blanket feels like a nice hug. You’ll also stay as cool as can be with this option’s advanced quilting technology. The stitching ensures that the glass beads making up the inside of the blanket are distributed evenly. These glass beads take the heat off your hands, allowing you to enjoy the breathability of this intelligent blanket. You can take this blanket anywhere with you, and you probably will once you get used to its outstanding comfort. Coming in eight pleasing colors, you’ll want one for every room.

What To Look For In Your Next Cooling Blanket

When shopping for a cooling blanket, you might be overwhelmed by all of the different options. You also may be misled by some of the labels that marketers are advertising as “cool.” Instead of losing your cool during your search, consider material, size, and function to lead you to the right choice.

Material: We recommend that you compare and contrast both internal and external materials. When doing so, think about comfort, maintenance, and level of technology. Ultimately, the material you choose will determine whether it sleeps hot or cool. Organic materials like cotton and bamboo are known to feel breathable naturally. 

Size: Choose your size based on how you want to use your blanket. If you’re looking for an option that fits your king bed perfectly, you’ll want to make sure those measurements match. If you’re just looking for something to nap or lounge with, a smaller size might work best. Also, consider whether you’ll be snuggling up with your significant other. 

Function: Some cooling blankets also function as weighted blankets. If you like the feeling of both kinds of blankets, this might be appealing to you. If not, stick to the traditional variety. Weight blankets are known for reducing anxiety and increase calmness. If you’re looking for something that’ll keep you cool and calm, then a weighted blanket may be the best choice for you.


You’ll want to have one of these amazing products on hand before hot weather finds you first. Whether you enjoy a chillier sleep or are just trying to regulate your temperature, these blankets can provide you with the cover you need while still keeping you cool. By paying attention to the material, size, and function of your dream cooling blanket, you’re sure to find the right one on your search.