Best Cooling Eye Masks

By Katie Dyal

With all the stress and responsibilities that come with the day, you may find yourself and your eyes feeling worn out by the end of it. Our eyes and face experience a lot of tension, pain, and exhaustion that we often don’t pay attention to. When you start to feel the benefits of a cooling eye mask, you’ll learn just how important it is to care of this part of your body. 

Self-care isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. You deserve a moment to relieve tension and rest easy. Here are our top picks for the best cooling eye masks and what to look for when shopping for your own.

Our Top Picks for the Best Cooling Eye Masks

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Best Budget


The Gel Eye Mask from Kimkoo will bring you relief whenever you seek it. Use this product during the day or at night to relieve eye fatigue and pressure. 

This eye mask goes through CPSC-certified testing, meaning that safety won’t be a concern while you wear it. For this option to work effectively, you’ll need to pop it in the freezer for at least two hours. It takes under ten minutes to provide the results you want and the comfort you need. This option is perfect for the multi-taskers out there. This versatile option won’t cover your eyes, meaning you can carry on with life’s activities as you de-puff. Wear this mask while watching TV, cleaning your room or during other around-the-house activities. Kimkoo makes self-care as easy and affordable as possible.


Best Luxury


The IMAK Compression Pain Relief Mask and Eye Pillow by Brownmed will quickly become one of your most-used items. Let this mask chill in the freezer for an hour or two before using it. If you forget to chill it or don’t have time to, don’t fret! 

This mask still offers many benefits at room temperature. It’s filled with IMAK ergoBeads, which are little plastic beads with a smooth coating that provide a massaging effect. These beads also do a great job of distributing evenly and retaining a cold temperature. This mask serves as a weighted compression pack, adding just the right amount of pressure to alleviate pain and puffiness. This is our top pick for those who suffer from serious medical issues like chronic migraines or parasomnias. It completely blocks out all light, creating an environment for your deepest sleep possible. It also stays put all night and is outfitted in a cozy cotton that will feel comfortable on your skin for hours on end.


Best Value


NEWGO’s Cooling Eye Mask is a versatile option that provides comfort in a variety of ways. This product is durable, light-blocking, affordable, and comes in three pretty pastel colors. 

The cool thing about this cooling eye mask is its dual functionality. One side is a gel bead pouch lined with PVC that retains cold temperature and conforms to your face. You can freeze this mask to get serious tension relief when you feel you need it. On the other side is a soft fabric that you can use as a warm compress. Simply soak the mask in hot water for a different kind of relief. It’s the best of both worlds if you ask us. 

Ice Eye Mask by FOMI

Also Great


Every day feels like a spa day with the Ice Eye Mask by FOMI. This product is great for treating eye pain, sinus pain, and minimizing puffy dark circles. For the best sleep ever, wear this mask during a pre-bedtime hot bath.

Made of soft fabric, gel beads, and protective vinyl, this mask can be used in several ways. Use it as an ice pack, warm compress, or room-temperature sleeping mask. No matter how you use it, this mask conforms to your face and adds a comforting pressure. You can also use it on other parts of the body in a pinch. Because of its flexibility, it can be used as a wrap for your wrists or ankles. The Ice Eye Mask is a great item to add to your personal spa even if you’re not trying to cure what ails you. We suggest throwing on this mask during meditation, yoga, or lounging as a way to create calmness and help with anxiety.

What To Look For In Your Next Cooling Eye Mask

It’s hard to know what to look for in a cooling eye mask, especially since there are so many different kinds on the market. By comparing material, size, and temperature, you’ll be able to find an option that helps you relax and feel lighter.

Material: Consider material when shopping for a cooling eye mask. Choose one that you know will feel comfortable on your skin for extended periods of time. Also, compare internal materials; all eye masks provide relief, but the kind of relief comes down to what it’s made of. You should always be extra careful at what you put on your skin, but especially when it’s your face. 

Size: It seems rudimentary, but you won’t be able to get comfortable if the size of your eye mask doesn’t fit properly. Make sure that you can wear it comfortably. 

Temperature: Some masks provide warming and cooling capabilities. On the other hand, others specifically work as weighted compressions and can only be chilled. Weigh out what’s most important to you so you can determine the temperature capabilities that you desire.


Cooling eye masks provide relief to your eyes and face in a matter of moments. They are affordable, comfortable, and easy to use wherever you are. If you’re looking for something practical and fully functional, a cooling eye mask may be just the thing you need. Especially for individuals that travel or work long hours on the computer, a cooling eye mask can do wonders on how you feel each and every morning. We hope that our list of recommendations has inspired you to find your very own.

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