The Best Cooling Mattress Pads

Learn how adding an extra layer of cool padding to a mattress can benefit sleep and see our top picks for mattress pads that keep you cool

By Alesandra Woolley

Aug 25th, 2022

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A cooling mattress pad (or cooling mattress topper) can be a thick (or thin) top layer material that is placed on the surface of your mattress. Most mattress pads and toppers are designed for additional comfort, durability, or extra protection for the bed entirely. However, mattress pads can also serve as an energy-efficient cooling mechanism that can grant you a better night’s sleep, for those that tend to sleep hot.

If you suffer from night sweats that turn into muggy mornings, you might find clarity and comfort in purchasing a mattress pad/topper.

Take a look at our favorite cooling mattress pads, and then continue reading to learn how they can help you achieve a refreshing sleeping experience.

By clicking on the product links in this article, Mattress Advisor may receive a commission fee at no cost to you, the reader. Read full disclosure statement.

Our Favorite Cooling Mattress Pads

zenbamboo mattress pad

Zen Bamboo Mattress Pad

Infusing mattress pads with bamboo fibers is what offers the cooling effect all hot sleepers long for. Typically, bamboo mattress pads are more expensive than other cooling mattress pads on the market, but thanks to Zen Bamboo, anyone can afford the luxurious feeling of bamboo.

The Zen Bamboo Mattress Pad is 40% bamboo, and 60% brushed microfiber, giving your mattress the durability and sweat-absorbing feature it needs to keep you fresh and comfortable all night long. Not to mention, the Zen Bamboo pad is constructed of a honeycomb baffle pattern design which allows the circulation of airflow to disperse evenly while sleeping.

It’s machine-washable, making it easy to clean, and an elastic band is sewn along the edges, ensuring the pad’s stability all night long for the toss-and-turn-type sleepers.

With a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, pads ranging from twin to king size, and a price range no higher than $45, the Zen Bamboo pad is our budget pick for the best cooling mattress pads on the current market.

  • Price: $44.99 (King size)
  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King
  • Rating: 4.4 / 5 stars with 199 reviews
exceptionalsheets mattress cover

ExceptionalSheets Rayon from Bamboo

ExceptionalSheets did an exceptional job at creating a high-quality, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, tested and certified cooling mattress pad. It works wonders at providing comfort and support, while keeping you refreshed throughout your entire night’s rest.

With a silky rayon from bamboo covering, this mattress pad gives a soothing and soft touch like no other. Beyond the surface, the down alternative is designed with RevoLoft Cluster Fiber that improves temperature regulation, preventing hot flashes and trapped heat from ever getting the chance to occur.

Constructed with baffle-box stitching and a high-quality elastic skirt, this pad will be secured in place and evenly distribute to each sleeper throughout the entire night. Revoloft is a hypoallergenic fiber filling that feels similar to goose or duck down, making it the perfect padding for any mattress. ExceptionalSheets offers a 30-day money back guarantee with every purchase and is ranked as one of Amazon’s Choice for best mattress pads.

  • Price: $119.99 (King size)
  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, Olympic Queen, King, California King
  • Rating: 4.3 / 5 stars with 5,458 reviews
eluxury supply mattress pad

eLuxurySupply Extra Thick Mattress Pad

This bamboo, extra thick, cooling mattress pad by eLuxurySupply has a heftier price tag for a reason. With state-of-the-art fiberfill and extra thick bamboo padding, this cooling technology is what makes this the most luxurious pick out of our top cooling mattress pads.

Each pad is designed with Revoloft fiber which pairs perfectly with any type of mattress including innerspring, gel-infused memory foam, latex, or other foam mattresses. This Revoloft fiber embodies the same plush, soothing feeling as goose or duck down, but without the feathers. This featherless pad helps people who suffer from allergies while still giving them the comfort they would get from genuine feather down.

This fiber technology is 100% hypoallergenic and protects against dust mites and other allergens from getting close to your mattress. It’s constructed with double-needle baffle-box stitching and has a thread count of 160 to ensure durability and placement throughout years of rest.

This pad is completely noise-free and comes with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee.

  • Price: $137.99 (King Size)
  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • Rating: 4.5 / 5 stars with 633 reviews

Who Needs a Cooling Mattress Pad?

As most know, rest is a fundamental part of maintaining good health. Numerous reasons impact our ability to achieve quality sleep, but one of the most significant is body temperature. When your body temperature is too high or too low, it’s harder to fall asleep or remain asleep. What causes your body temperature to rise? Here are the few most common reasons for body temperature to rise while sleeping.

People Who Suffer from Night Sweats

If you find yourself suffering from hot flashes or night sweats, a cooling mattress and mattress pad may be just the thing you need to regulate your temperature. After all, they are proven to be an effective solution for this epidemic. Not only will it regain your body temperature to a healthy state, but it’ll also cut down your electric costs! Cranking the AC every night can get costly, as well as running all the fans on high speed. Cooling mattress pads are energy-efficient and trusted to make a difference, according to previous customers.


In a recent study assessed by OnePoll, 2,000 people were asked questions about their sleeping experience with their partner. Shockingly, a staggering 46% admitted wishing they could sleep alone more often than with their partner. Serviced through Slumber Cloud, half of the couples who admitted to wanting a solo nights sleep said it’s due to their partner snoring too loud, or the discomfort of heat radiating from their partner lying next to them.

When you have two bodies’s radiating a different temperature, it can cause discomfort for one or the other. In hopes to create a healthy balance for you and your partner, a cooling mattress pad can give the breathability that’s needed, while still keeping it warm enough for both.

Blanket Lovers

Some of us enjoy sleeping with sheets, the comforter, and a fluffy blanket on top. There’s nothing wrong with this if you are still receiving airflow through your mattress. Instead of paying extra on your electric bill for turning up the air every night, you may want to invest in a cooling mattress topper. It will allow you to sleep the way you want, while still regulating your bed temperature by releasing excess or trapped heat.

Young Children

It’s common for children to wake up sweaty. For peace of mind, parents should invest in a cooling topper to ensure that their children have circulated air all night long. This can also help young children by preventing fevers. Fevers most commonly break out when a child is napping or sleeping because they are covered in blankets. To break the heat or ultimately, prevent it from happening, a cooling mattress pad can help regulate temperatures.

Benefits of a Cooling Mattress Pad

Seasonal Wear

A cooling mattress pad can be worn all year long and helps you sleep through any season. Most cooling pads know how to regulate temperature based on the external air, so even during the cold months, you’ll remain comfortable.

Extra Comfort

When you realize what’s it’s like to experience regulated temperatures in bed; you’ll be so much better off. Not only that, but mattress pads are made with plush materials such as duck or goose down, alternative down, or memory foam to provide added comfort to your mattress overall!


Some cooling mattress pads can be on the pricey side, but if you’re able to cut your electric costs, wouldn’t you say it’s a smart investment? Cooling mattress pads can do a lot of good for your sleeping experience with a one-time investment. Most mattress pads come with some warranty, too. If you’re not impressed or don’t see a big difference, get your money back and try another well-respected brand.