Best Cooling Pillowcases

By Amanda Lasater

Feb 18th, 2022

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When those warmer nights arrive, there will be nothing better than laying down on a refreshingly cool pillowcase at the end of the day. However, if you suffer from night sweats, find yourself overheating easily, or you just don’t have air conditioning in the bedroom, you may not be so optimistic about those upcoming summer nights. Waking up to sticky, sweaty sheets will prevent you from getting the quality sleep you need, but that doesn’t have to be the case – cooling pillowcases are specially designed to prevent night sweats and overheating and allow you to sleep soundly (and moisture-free) throughout the night. 

Whether you are thinking about purchasing a cooling pillowcase for you or for someone else, you are going to want the best one out there. To help you find what you are looking for, we have put together a list of the best cooling pillowcases available, along with some shopping tips and tricks, and the most frequently asked questions we’ve run into. Continue reading to find the perfect pillowcase to keep you cool while you sleep. And, if you want an even more comfortable sleep, make sure to pair your new cooling pillowcase with a cooling mattress and cooling sheets.

Our Top Picks for the Best Cooling Pillowcases


Best Cooling Technology


LUXEAR utilizes a unique blend of fabrics to create the next level of cooling pillowcases. The reversible pillowcase features a double-sided design that is perfect for all seasons. The cooling side of this pillowcase is made from Japanese Q-Max 0.4 Cooling Fibers, a unique blend of materials that, when combined, offer superior heat reducing powers. The opposite side of this pillowcase is made from 100% cotton fabric, which makes it a highly breathable and soft sleep surface that is perfect for the cooler seasons.  


  • Hand and machine-washable
  • Double-sided design
  • Skin-friendly


  • Heavy chemical smell
  • Only one color choice

Best Bamboo Pillowcase


We are in love with the bamboo-derived rayon used in these Bedsure cooling pillowcases. These pillowcases possess incredible breathability that allows air to circulate through the pillow during the night and prevents night sweats. Aside from its high level of breathability, the bamboo fabric found in this pillowcase is naturally moisture and odor resistant. These pillowcases are silky-smooth to the touch and will benefit your skin and hair as well as your quality of sleep. As for design, the pillowcases feature an envelope closure and a 7” attached hem finishes that prevent the pillow from sneaking out during the night.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Good for skin and hair
  • Durable


  • Very thin material

Best For Beauty


Another favorite cooling pillowcase of ours from Bedsure is their ultra-soft satin pillowcase. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase offers the same beauty benefits as sleeping on silk, but, unlike silk, satin pillowcases don’t come with the hefty price tag. Satin pillowcases minimize the amount of hair breakage and loss that occurs while you are sleeping and they help maintain moisture levels of your hair and skin. In addition, satin is cool to the touch, breathable, and allows for an optimal amount of airflow during your sleep, so it is an excellent choice for a cooling pillowcase.


  • Great for hair and skin
  • Cool to the touch
  • Luxurious feel


  • Complaints over poor stitching quality

Best Value

Cosy House Collection

The Cosy House cooling pillowcase is made from a blend of bamboo and microfiber that is extremely breathable and comfortable. These pillowcases have a silky feel and the bamboo-microfiber fabric is both softer and stronger than cotton – plus it is hypoallergenic. They are machine-washable but they’re also resistant to stains, wrinkles, and odors, so upkeep is nominal for these pillowcases.


  • 100-percent satisfaction guarantee over the pillowcase’s lifetime
  • Cooler than cotton


  • Thin material
  • Prone to static

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Cooling Pillowcase

The biggest factor to consider when purchasing a cooling pillowcase is how well it does its job. There are many pillowcases out there that are called “cooling,” but just because it is labeled as cooling doesn’t mean it’s very effective at cooling. So, how do we know which cooling pillowcase is a winner? We look at the materials used.

The following lists the most common, and effective, fabrics that you will find in a quality cooling pillowcase:

  • Silk 
  • Satin
  • Linen
  • Bamboo
  • Microfiber
  • Percale Cotton

In addition, you can look for pillowcases with cooling technology like Outlast or 37.5. These cooling technologies store and release body heat throughout the night, so your body maintains a stable temperature while you sleep.

Who Should Use a Cooling Pillowcase?

If you have ever found yourself waking up in the middle of the night hot and sweaty, flipping the pillow over to find a cool spot, then you could definitely benefit from a cooling pillowcase. The cooling effect of these pillowcases provides hot sleepers with increased airflow, a cool sleep surface, and, ultimately, an uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Whether you live in a humid climate or you’re expecting an extra hot summer, a cooling pillowcase will make a huge difference in your sleep quality. In addition, the cool sleep surface these pillows provide may also benefit individuals with insomnia. The American Academy of Sleep has found that people with insomnia benefit from cooling down the part of the brain that lays just behind the forehead, the prefrontal cortex. Therefore, if you suffer from insomnia, a cooling pillowcase could be extremely beneficial when trying to fall asleep.


No matter the season, a cooling pillowcase will combat night sweats and help you get the quality night’s sleep that your body needs. Use this buying guide to determine which cooling pillowcase is the best for your needs and will make night sweats a thing of the past. Once you’ve found the perfect cooling pillowcase, pair it with cooling bed sheets and a cooling comforter to make your sleep experience even more comfortable.