Best Cosleeper Bassinets

By Katie Dyal

The first months spent with your newborn baby are a precious period of time that you’ll remember forever. Through these treasured moments, you and your baby are getting to know each other. Your bond will consistently develop throughout all hours of the day.

Co-sleeping has been proven to strengthen the bond between parents and baby; however, it is often advised against due to dangerous situations that might occur. Cosleeper bassinets solve this problem. They securely attach to your bed while keeping you and your baby from rolling over into unsafe territory. Also, you’ll be able to conveniently tend to your crying baby in the middle of the night. You’ll sleep soundly knowing that your infant is safely next to you in their cosleeper bassinet. Keep reading to learn about our top picks for best cosleeper bassinets and what to look for when shopping for your own.

Our Top Picks for the Best Cosleeper Bassinets

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Mika Micky

Best Budget

Mika Micky

The Bedside Sleeper by Mika Micky is high-quality, safe, and less expensive than most cosleeper bassinets.

This is also a very modifiable item. You can adjust to seven height positions, making sure that it lines up just right with your bed. It comes with a fitted waterproof sheet that makes cleaning a breeze and a mattress that is comfy enough to have your newborn sleep through the night. This sleep station is protected by a durable wall of two-sided mesh that creates a fortress while still offering excellent breathability. In this bassinet, you’ll also find that its legs and base are incredibly sturdy. Attached wheels make for effortless transportation. 


Best Luxury


You’ll find a stylish and secure cosleeper bassinet in the Kidsclub’s Baby Bedside Sleeper.

Its frame and bearings are made of high-strength aluminum, guaranteeing that this product is incredibly safe and sturdy. Light grey quilted upholstery and two cozy sheets soften the look of this option and create a dreamy environment for your baby. This particular option can adjust to as many as nine different heights, so you’ll be able to use it in many different situations. It’s also a two-in-one product and can be used as a stand-alone bassinet as well. It’s lightweight, very durable, stylish, and functional; what more could you want?


Most Versatile


The Four-in-One Baby Bassinet by KoolerThings is a bang for your buck because of all it can do.

In this option, you get a stand-alone bassinet, a crib, a bedside sleeper, and a playpen. Use it as a crib by fully zipping the sides and locking in its legs at one of the five heights of your choosing. For the bedside sleeper option, you can roll down one of its walls and attach it to the bed with its included adjustable straps. The floor of the bassinet magically expands down to create a spacious playpen as well. It comes with a cute carrying case and is super lightweight, making this bassinet the best option for the parent on-the-go. Modification is the name of the game with this versatile and safe sleeper.

The Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet by Baby Delight

Also Great

Baby Delight

The Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet by Baby Delight has all of your crib needs covered. This bassinet is light enough to move around and stable enough to stay firmly in place.

This item can adjust to six convenient heights, allowing you to customize it to pair with your sleep situation perfectly. Included is a fiber-fill mattress that comes with a removable waterproof fitted sheet, making it easy to clean but still comfortable for your baby. This option is so easy to set up; simply secure the safety straps to your bed for a snug attachment. Surrounded by protective guard rails and breathable mesh, your baby will sleep safely and soundly. 

Why Do You Need a Cosleeper Bassinet?

We’re deeming cosleeper bassinets as the sleep guide for exhausted parents. When you have an infant, staying close is a priority. Sleeping next to each other in the first few months will strengthen your bond and allow your baby to feel safe. A cosleeper bassinet is like a crib extension for your bed. These bassinets safely attach to your bed with adjustable straps. With this product, you’ll reap all the benefits of sleeping in the same bed as your baby without having to worry about the dangers of doing so. 

These products are very modifiable and often morph into other aids. The bassinet of your choosing may also be a crib or even a playpen depending on the scenario. Dual-functionality means less stuff, which means more space and less money spent.

When Do You Need One?

Cosleeper bassinets are recommended for use when your baby is in the age range of newborn to six months. During this formative time of their development, you and your baby will want to create as much closeness as possible.

How to Choose a Cosleeper Bassinet

Choosing your child’s first sleep zone is a decision you don’t take lightly. We’ve done the research on what factors you need to look out for. By looking at this list before buying, you’ll land on your perfect choice with peace of mind.

Material: Material is important for two reasons. One, make sure that the material making up the frame is proven to be very durable. Two, the inner fabric of your bassinet should be oh-so-soft for your little one. 

Weight Capacity: It doesn’t matter how strong a bassinet is if your baby is over its weight limit. Most of these options can support up to 25 pounds safely. Read the fine print so that you’re not putting your baby in danger. 

Additional Features: It may be in your best interest to buy a bassinet that’s more than just that. Dual-purpose options are handy and can save you time, space, and money. 


Cosleeper bassinets vary in a lot of ways which will affect issues of performance, comfort, and durability. Hopefully, by reading this list you can identify which of these factors are most important to you and find an option that accommodates them.

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