Best Cotton Duvet Covers

By Laura Mohammad

May 24th, 2022

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In order to keep your comforter clean and cozy, a duvet cover is a must. With the use of a duvet cover, you can extend the life of your comforter astronomically. They also give you an opportunity to show your personality, livening up your decor through choice of color and pattern. Cotton is easily the most popular choice in material when it comes to these bed accessories. The benefits of this material are endless, including breathability, affordability, comfort, and easy care. 

There are a plethora of options to choose from when shopping for a cotton duvet cover; therein lies the problem. In a sea of cotton duvet covers, how do you find your perfect match? Consult the list below to find the best cotton duvet cover for your bed and what to look for when shopping for your own!

The Best Cotton Duvet Covers

  • Best Cheap Cotton Duvet Cover  – Bedsure
  • Best Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover – Kotton Culture
  • Best Soft Cotton Duvet Cover – Pizuna
  • Best Rated Cotton Duvet Cover – ATsense


Best Cheap Cotton Duvet Cover

You can be sure you made a great choice with the Duvet Cover Set from Bedsure. Made of 100-percent washed microfiber, this cotton fabric offers a softness that is hard to come by. This cover locks in your duvet with both a zipper closure and concealed corner ties. The most unique feature about this set is its relaxed wrinkled look. Wave stitches and a textured fabric lend to an artistic look that requires minimal care.

This hypoallergenic option also offers supreme durability with 110 gsm. This cover is available in black, white, pink, grey, teal, offwhite, grayish blue, and grayish purple. It comes in sizes: twin (68×90), full/queen (90×90, 86×96), king (104×90), and king (104×96). A one month return and replacement service policy is offered along with life-time free customer service.


  • Cozy, vintage style offering a lived-in look.
  • Can be used as a quilt cover or comforter cover.


  • No ties in place to keep the comforter inside.
  • Fabric stains easily.

Kotton Culture

Best Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover

Kotton Culture’s Premium Duvet Cover is the perfect pick if you’re looking for the créme de la créme of covers. By using 100-percent Egyptian cotton at a 600-thread count, this definitely isn’t your ordinary cotton case. Zipper closure and corner ties give your comforter the utmost protection from damage.

High-strength stitching is integrated throughout this item, ensuring a great level of durability and easy care. By pulling the trigger on this product, you’ll get a duvet cover that stands the test of time, offering excellent comfort along the way. See more of the best Egyptian cotton duvet covers.


  • Comes in many colors.
  • Large variety of sizes and set offerings.
  • Hidden zipper closure and corner ties for easy maintenance.


  • May wrinkle easily.


Best Soft Cotton Duvet Cover 

Find luxury and functionality in The Cotton Duvet Cover Set by Pizuna. With an unbelievable choice of 31 solid colors to choose from, this option is by far the best of the bunch in terms of variety. From neutral to vibrant, you’ll find a swatch that matches your style. 

Style isn’t the only factor that makes this pick a top contender. Material is another selling point worth mentioning; made of 100-percent, long-staple cotton at a 400 thread count, the sateen weave offers silky smoothness that is meant to last. The cover has aesthetic appeal with hidden button closure. It comes in the following sizes: twin, twin xl, full, queen-full, queen, king, king-caulking, california king, and split king. Pizuna makes safety a priority by testing their products for harmful substances through OEKO-TEX standards. Purchase comes with a satisfaction guarantee, where you can return the product for a refund.


  • Eco friendly and chemical free.
  • Classic, minimalistic style with your choice of color.


  • Sheets are thick but not necessarily soft – does not feel like Sateen.
  • Color can fade with washing.


Best Rated Cotton Duvet Cover

The Duvet Cover Set by ATsense offers a no-nonsense option that will surely fit all of your criteria. This item is basic in the best way and is designed to have a classic look and strong construction. Made of 100-percent washed cotton, it is also hypoallergenic, machine washable, shrink-resistant, and fade-resistant.

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A hidden zipper with four corner ties seamlessly keeps your comforter secure. Premium stitching guarantees that your product won’t tear, pull or unravel. What more could you want? Even better, this duvet cover comes in eight attractive patterns and eight solid colors. The sizes are the following: twin, full, queen, king, and California king.


  • Good for sensitive skin.
  • Both high quality and lightweight.


  • Thread count undisclosed – does not feel very soft.
  • Color may look slightly different than on the webpage.

How to Find the Best Cotton Duvet Cover

Believe it or not, cotton duvet covers are not all cut from the same cloth. Each individual option brings something a little different to the table- or rather, your bed. Consider material, closure, care, and weave when you’re looking at cotton duvet covers.


Yes, all of these options use cotton; however, cotton can be constructed in different ways that influence the overall texture of your duvet cover dramatically. Do you like a slightly fuzzy microfiber or is the luxurious smoothness of Egyptian cotton more of your thing?

Figure out what kind of softness you like to snuggle up to the most. Know the similarities and differences between the three main types of cotton used for sheets: American Upland, Pima, and Egyptian. 

American Upland Cotton

  • Most widely used – nearly 90% of world’s supply
  • Short to long staple fiber
  • Is usually the type when the label says “100% cotton”

Pima Cotton

  • Fine, long staple cotton 
  • Yields a soft weave.
  • Grown in the United States
  • Resistant to fraying, tearing, pilling, wrinkling, and fading

Egyptian Cotton

  • Finest, longest staple of them all.
  • Grown in the Nile River Valley
  • Yields a very soft and supple weave 
  • Resistant to fraying, tearing, pilling, wrinkling, and fading

You must understand how each type of fiber translates into quality and feel of the sheet. How the fabric is woven and the thread count are also factors.


Words like Oxford, percale, and sateen refer to how the fabric is woven, and various weaves take on different characteristics.

  • Percale has a plain-weave. The threads are tightly woven, resulting in a fine texture and finish. Percale gets more comfortable with every wash.
  • Oxford has double the threads running lengthwise as widthwise, where it feels soft, heavy, and crisp. Oxford is known for use in mens shirts and for pillowcases.
  • Sateen sheets have a luxurious, silky feel resulting from a satin weave. It makes for durability and this weave retains heat, good for the winter climate.

Closure Method

If you’re making the shift into buying a new duvet cover, make sure it’s one that won’t let your comforter shift. A zipper, tie closure, or both are your most common options.

Keep in mind that this element can also affect maintenance, as well as the ease in which it encases your comforter. Keeping a comforter in place inside a duvet cover can be challenging, so inner concealed corner ties are offered with some duvet covers. They can be helpful to keep your comforter in line.


Most cotton bed products are very easy to care for; however, there are factors that might affect the maintenance process. Type of closure, use of dyes, and risk of shrinking can change from one cover to the next.

  • Closure: The type of closure is typically a zipper or hidden buttons on the bottom or top of the cover, and the closure is used both to insert the comforter and also to keep the comforter inside the duvet. Duvet covers with hidden buttons are better as zippers get jammed after being washed too many times. 
  • Dyes: Cotton tends to hold on to excess dye, where improper care leads to bleeding in the wash. Some bleeding is inevitable though – even the best quality natural-fiber sheets bleed at least a little during the first wash. Test a small corner of your sheets by wetting it with a paper towel, where if it’s going to bleed, excess dye will show on the paper towel. If excess dye shows up, consider a dye fixative before the first wash.
  • Shrinkage: Cotton shrinks as well. Cotton sheets can shrink up to 7% after the first wash. Look for pre-shrunk sheets that are more likely to shrink only 1-2% when you wash them. You should always expect some degree of shrinking though.


You want to buy the right size duvet cover for your comforter to make sure you don’t wake up in the morning, only to find your duvet/comforter all bunched up at the bottom of your duvet. Bedding sizes vary around the world, so what can you do to ensure that the duvet cover you buy fits your duvet correctly?

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Sometimes dimensions aren’t listed, so make sure and contact customer service to find out this information. Generally it is a good idea to buy a duvet cover that is about two inches longer and wider in dimension than your duvet or comforter. Also remember that your cotton duvet cover will shrink, so take that into account when figuring out what size duvet cover you need.

Color and Design

Expect with duvet covers to see mostly neutral colors offered; however a number of bold hues are now also available. Search for duvet covers with floral, gingham, or striped patterns to add to your room decor.  You can use your duvet cover color and design to accentuate a room or fit into an existing color scheme.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which thread count is best for duvet covers? 

Duvet covers are made out of the same material as bed sheets, and many are cotton. For duvet covers, a 250-500 thread count will do, even cotton sheets can have a much higher thread count.

Are cotton duvet covers breathable? 

Cotton material is known for its breathability.

Which type of cotton is best for duvet covers? 

A sateen weave of long-staple cotton will provide luxury to your sleep experience, or you can simply look for a high thread count.


As a reminder, here’s a quick recap of the best cotton duvet covers: 

Cotton Duvet Cover Best for  Rating
Bedsure Cheap Price  4.4/5
Kotton Culture Egyptian Cotton  4.3/5
Pizuna Soft Feel 4.4/5
ATsense Best Ratings 4.5/5

With plenty of options out there, you won’t have trouble shopping for a cotton duvet cover; however, finding the perfect one for you may be a different story. By referencing this list, you’ll be able to efficiently unveil an option that fits nice and cozy with your bedding.